happy one year to us

a fan asked changkyun how do you wish to appear in my memories 10 years later, he answered “that i gave you happiness”  if this isn’t the most realistic answer then idk what is and it hits you hard at how true this is ;’(

One Year Since Tattoo Roulette:

Aka Niall’s National Nightmare & Harry Is A Cocky Bastard

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I haven’t been in the fandom for quite a year yet, but this show has made quite an impact on me. I have fallen in love with the characters and have been drawn in by its mystery and humor. This show will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you, Alex, for inviting us along on the adventure. Happy one year anniversary, Gravity Falls!

This Day in 1D History - June 3


  • Narriam get in some golf at the Medinah Country Club outside Chicago
  • …while Louis and Eleanor opt for mini golf (and shopping :))
  • Liam Payne, human dictionary (lmao)


  • the boys announce their ticket competition with Coles!


  • Where We Are Tour concert – Edinburgh, UK 


  • ‘Reunited with an old friend !’ (via Louis’ Insta)
  • *ok emoji* *100 emoji* *flame emoji* *sunglass emoji*


  • Nouis take on Day 3 of training!!
  • and get suited up by Reiss (bless)
  • “Missed this lad !” on Louis’ Insta (*LOUD SNIFFLING*)

Blue Yoongi for @kimjongdaely!

“He craves a love so deep, that the ocean is jealous.”

the Ishidas wish you a Happy New Year - 2017!

meep morp.


Margaret and Mary Tudor, princesses and later Dowager Queens, the daughters of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the sisters of Henry VIII. Born nearly a decade apart, the two knew little of each other after Margaret departed to Scotland, yet shared the same passionate and self-possessed nature, choosing their own mates to the scandal and scorn of others.

for the lovely @margarettudor

inktober #1: senpai noticed her (yes axton’s turrets are sentient and deserve some love too dammit)


Aromantic/Asexual/Alternative valentine cards!
I think maybe I’m gonna make this a tradition

For all those out there who feel left out when you see pretty and creative valentine cards, and wish there were some for you - even if you’d prefer to be alone, or just with a friend - I hope these help! They’re a bit wonky because I’m not programmed to make valentine cards, really, but people were so happy last year I made some new ones anyway.

if you actually wanna use them, feel free to do so in any way you want! whee

Waging Wars (Happy x Reader)

Well this came out of nowhere. Definitely didn’t plan for this to happen but here’s a continuation of After the Storm

Word Count: 3,470

Playlist: Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

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All heads turned as the shiny black Mercedes G-Class truck pulled into the compound. It wasn’t every day that a car this expensive rolled in. I scanned the area, pausing to take in all the faces sitting outside the clubhouse. There was a blond that I would bet my life was Teller, but I couldn’t know for sure unless he looked up. Everyone else was someone I didn’t recognize from my days as an Old Lady. I guess things had changed. More than I had originally though.

I advanced forward, turning my gaze to the shop. A tall kid, with thick glasses and a blank cut pushed off his stool and began making his way towards me. Turning off the radio, I rolled down my window. I waited until he approached and he greeted me with a welcoming smile. It was jarring. You wouldn’t expect a kid, wearing a cut no less, to seem this friendly.

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