happy oncer day

“True Love in Camelot” Crochet Series (1/3)

I’ve been wanting to crochet Emma’s Camelot Ball dress since the episode aired–it was SO beautiful and detailed with the flowers and lace. I never thought my obsession with her dress would lead to a whole series of mini amigurumi dolls! I couldn’t make Emma without Killian, naturally, so here we are! These are the first amis I’ve designed and crocheted entirely by myself and I’m so happy with how they turned out. 😊

Happy Valentine’s Day, Oncers!



Just like last season and every season before that, ALL POSTS (graphics, gifs, livetweets, etc) regarding the new episode will be tagged with “ouat spoilers” and/or “spoilers.” Blacklist if you’re gonna be crazy and be online tonight. Every post will be tagged for the first 24 hours only (until Monday - 9 PM PST) and after that, good luck if you haven’t watched.

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Happy premiere day, Oncers!