happy olive

Happy Thanksgiving!

(To all who celebrate), Happy Thanksgiving!

I know it’s tough for some of us in the community, with unaccepting family members, constantly being dead-named/ misgendered, and just a lot of people and stress, but relax and you’ll get through it. 

Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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*throws this on the doorstep of leah thomas’ personal home, disgracing her immediately* take this filth.

Olicity Week: Day Two

Day 2 (November 21) - Favorite Happy Moment(s)

Oliver and Felicity’s life in Ivy Town in “Green Arrow” (4x01).

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Because Ivy Town was everything that fanfic dreams are made of. Sweaty kisses in the kitchen. Failed omelettes. Morning sex. Farmer’s markets(?). Brunch with nosy neighbors. ALMOST PROPOSALS. 

Gosh it was so happy. Happy happy happy.