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mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL


Dark colors specially for @danisnotonfire 

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Another drawing of the trash boy from Long Exposure. He was too tall for my sketch book. Character belongs to @smokeplanet.

Shirt reads “My mom said I could be anything, so I became an asshole.”


I’ve read quite a few horror tales in my time, and I’ve got a certain fondness for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson. 

There’s something about man seeking to become his best self, only to unleash his inner demons and desires, that truly fascinates me.

I also like to think that Jekyll is not so innocent. He uses the identity of Hyde as an excuse for his immoral behaviours so not to feel any consequential guilt.

“If it wasn’t me in control, it’s not my fault.”

Jekyll is a truly evil character, and his potion is just a ploy to satiate his needs for violence and chaos.

Understanding Elizabeth Midford

So. I don’t usually involve myself in petty fandom feuds but HOLY. SHIT. This is pissing me off. We’ve gone through 100+ chapters and people STILL don’t understand Lizzy’s character? They manage to rationalize Kuroshitsuji enough that they give Sebastian feelings even though he’s a hungry demon who made a pact with a 10 year old boy because he sensed his soul was broken, desperate, and malleable to more further corruption. They manage to do all this for a DEMON but can’t find it in their hearts to apply that analytical mindset to a darling 14 year old girl whose human emotions drive her every decision?

“She’s selfish! She only wants to make Ciel smile so things can go back to the way they were!”

“She doesn’t understand him! She’s always trying to change him, that bitch!”

“She’s so ANNOYING. Like, her voice!”

“Oh my god, did you see her standing there in the third panel? Like who does that! RUDE.”

So in an attempt to bring some basic level of cognition into these…“arguments” I’m going to go through them one by one and you can disagree if you like. But please refrain from using derogatory terms, unsubstantiated arguments, and referrals to “proofs” that are nothing more than blog posts made from those who wish to paint Kuroshitsuji in terms more favorable to them and whatever else they ship. 

1. “She’s selfish! She only wants to make Ciel smile so things can go back to the way they were!”

Elizabeth Midford is, by far, the LEAST selfish person in the whole damn manga. This girl spent most of her childhood loathing the physical strength she possessed because the person she loved didn’t like it. She chose to shoulder her anguish by HERSELF because she didn’t want to burden Ciel (or her brother or her mother or her father) with her personal worries.

Lizzy is also incredibly aware that things can NEVER go back to the way they were. She expresses this concern to Sebastian when she admits that she wishes Ciel would talk to her more and that the only reason she overdoes her cuteness is because she wants to see Ciel smile. Why are comedians so outlandish and over-the-top? Because they want to see their audience laugh. Lizzy took that mindset and applied it to her goal of cheering Ciel up. Furthermore, the Easter egg chapter proved ONCE AND FOR ALL that Lizzy is perfectly aware of the change that’s occurred within Ciel—that he’s no longer the happy, smiling boy of years past.

Lizzy KNEW Ciel didn’t remember why the egg was nostalgic and if she was really selfish, she would’ve thrown a fit—had a full on temper tantrum then and there but instead, what does she do? She outwits the game master himself. Lizzy sets up an Easter egg hunt that she made up completely off the cuff, wears a happy smile throughout the entire event, and when Ciel hands her the egg what does Lizzy do? She laughs and wishes that the egg would bring CIEL lots of happiness. HOW IS SHE SELFISH? HOW. Selfish would be throwing a tantrum because Ciel didn’t remember the way things used to be. Selfish would be bringing up the past EVERY FRIGGIN SECOND. Selfish would be forcing Ciel to comply to the shared etiquette of their past.

Instead, Lizzy is SELFLESS. Instead of throwing a tantrum, Lizzy wishes Ciel happiness. Instead of bringing up the past, Lizzy tries to ignore it because she knows it makes Ciel uncomfortable—that’s why she’s never asked him about “that month” even though she desperately wants to know what’s happened to the boy she loves. And instead of forcing Ciel to behave the way he used to (sweet, sympathetic, loving), Lizzy is learning to accept him for who he is now—how many times has Ciel ignored her? How many times has Ciel left the country without telling her? How many times has Ciel purposely hidden things from Lizzy and then disregarded her concern with a wave of his hand? Lizzy is learning to accept this new Ciel—this closed off, distant Ciel because she KNOWS something terrible must have happened to him. Because instead of crying and whining like she did at the beginning of Black Butler when Ciel refused to take off his ring, Lizzy has learned to ACCEPT. And that, my dears, is called character development—something Ciel hasn’t undergone since the beginning of this manga.

2. “She doesn’t understand him! She’s always trying to change him, that bitch!”

There is NOTHING about Ciel that Lizzy is trying to change. If anything, it’s Sebastian who’s always prodding and provoking Ciel to become darker—more cruel, less empathetic, and more focused on getting his revenge. She threw a party for Ciel at the beginning of the manga because she thought that might make him smile—fun colors, fine music, seeing Bard and Finny crossdressing…heck, even Ciel took a page from Lizzy’s book when he dressed the F5! It probably took Lizzy HOURS to choose Ciel’s outfit, decorate the mansion, coordinate the whole event and it probably hurt like hell to see Ciel dismiss all her hard work so casually.

As a reader, it’s easy for us to say “HELLO. Doesn’t she know? He was abused and tortured by the cultists! He made a deal with the devil to escape that wretched place, how could this dumb broad think a simple party would cheer him up?!”

And the answer is…Lizzy has NO IDEA what happened to Ciel. (Hindsight is a gift, ain’t it?) She has no idea that he became so desperate to escape the cult that he sold his soul to a starving demon. Lizzy is does not know what Ciel went through and this boy is doing his damnedest to make sure Lizzy never knows. Because he wants to keep her pure, ignorant, and encased in light.

People always point to the party chapter as Lizzy trying to “change” Ciel but all she wanted was to put a smile on his face. She even admits that she overdoes it at times but everything she’s done comes from a good place. Everyone wants to see their loved ones happy and Ciel is the boy Lizzy loves best of all—of course she’s going to try everything under the sun to try and put a little smile on his face.

And Lizzy DOES understand Ciel, to the best of her ability. She’s never once asked Ciel (or Sebastian) about his time in the cult. She uses games to figure out Ciel’s secrets. (Ex: Easter egg hunt—this is where Lizzy knew Ciel was only pretending to remember their Easter tradition and where Lizzy’s suspicions were confirmed—something life changing and drastic DID happen to Ciel during “that month.”) She doesn’t force Ciel to take her to public events because, let’s face it—as the only daughter to a high ranking marquess that serves directly under the queen, Lizzy’s bound to be invited to dozens of soirees a week. And as a gentlewoman of the aristocracy, Lizzy’s going to need an escort. In Victorian times, it was typical that the fiancé escort his bride-to-be but here is Lizzy—sweet, traditional Lizzy—ignoring precedent because she KNOWS Ciel dislikes social events. (Keep in mind, this is information being pieced together by a 14 year old girl who’s been taught to be an “unknowing angel.”)

Elizabeth understands the change that’s come over Ciel, knows that he won’t be interested in the same things he was interested in before. But in spite of Ciel shutting her out, in spite of Sebastian’s constant presence, Lizzy is still working her hardest to try and bring some happiness to Ciel’s life because she loves him. She loves him so much that Bravat was able to take Lizzy’s desperation and devotion and use it against her.

Let’s not forget—the reason Lizzy continued seeing Bravat was because she thought he could help her make Ciel happy.

3. “She’s so ANNOYING. Like, her voice!”

I think this is the most common excuse people use to not like Lizzy. They critique her high levels of energy (even though Finny and Soma are equally vivacious), her love for beautiful things (even though Ciel is probably the vainest little boy in the whole of London, England), and the fact that she “doesn’t understand” Ciel (counterargument already presented above).

You know, in a lot of ways I see Lizzy as a Scarlett O’Hara figure—strong, determined, unflinching in the face of danger. But also very, very misunderstood. Lizzy only behaves with an exorbitant amount of energy because she wants to make Ciel happy —to bring some sunlight into his gloomy, pessimistic world. The end results are not always successful but the intention behind Lizzy’s every action is pure—as pure as Soma’s decision to help Ciel simply because he saw him as a friend. Lizzy puts on a vaudeville for Ciel in a misguided attempt to help him heal and move on from whatever is tormenting him.

4. “Oh my god, did you see her standing there in the third panel? Like who doesn’t that! RUDE.”

Black Butler is told from the perspectives of Ciel and Sebastian. We only get brief glimpses into Lizzy’s psyche so it’s impossible for us to codify her completely. What I do know is that some people out there will always hate on Lizzy—whether it’s because they dislike her voice (well that’s her VA’s fault, not Lizzy’s) or because Lizzy “gets in the way” of someone’s ship. I’m not here to reason with those who refuse to be reasoned with. This is me expressing my adoration for a flawed, misguided, but pure of heart character whose unconditional love for a changed, callous boy makes me admire her all the more.

Oddly enough, people seem to relate “understanding” a person to “knowing exactly what happened to them to make them this way.” And to me, this is really giving Lizzy an unfair shake. By this definition, Lizzy could never understand Ciel because she doesn’t know what happened to him in that one month that’s made him the way he is (reason: he flat out didn’t tell her and uses every opportunity to prevent her from finding out. Ciel is so concerned about protecting Elizabeth’s goodness/light/purity that on the Campania, when Sebastian was slaughtering all those Bizarre Dolls, Ciel shielded Lizzy from seeing the carnage because he wants her to remain innocent and unaware). To quote Albert Einstein, “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

I think Lizzy understands Ciel—she can sense the pain, the resignation, the drive towards something greater that Ciel is working towards. This is best exemplified in an early chapter (after Ciel’s fallen asleep and Sebastian is serving her tea) where Lizzy expresses sorrow that Ciel won’t tell her anything. Sebastian comforts Lizzy by telling her that while “It’s a difficult question for me as a butler…[I can tell you] one thing…He [Ciel] was able to spend a nice, free day with everyone.” To which Lizzy retorts that she wishes she could believe that. Elizabeth may not know what happened to Ciel during that month, but she understands.

This then brings me to my next and final point—people wanting Lizzy to “accept” the situation by stepping aside and leaving the manga. Well, to quote Michael J. Fox: “Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.” — And this is exactly what Lizzy’s doing. She’s fighting for a way to help Ciel, to help him move on, to do anything that might benefit it. Lizzy’s accepted the situation but she’s certainly not resigned for it—Lizzy’s a fighter, and she’ll continue fighting for the boy she loves until the very end.

Further discussion is encouraged. But, please remember: refrain from using derogatory terms, unsubstantiated arguments, and referrals to “proofs” that are nothing more than blog posts made from those who wish to paint Kuroshitsuji in terms more favorable to them and whatever else they ship. I am not disparaging other characters or ships—I merely ask that you don’t refer to those “did you know” blog posts that’s caused so much strife in the Black Butler fandom. Thank you.

Sorry for ugly watermark. I want to sell this one as sticker. Well. At least that was original plan? I had bit too much fun with textured brushes and now he looks more like postcard material (because stickers are too small for those textures to work)? Dunno.

I’m pretty happy with final result :) Especially his skirt turned coat thingie :D 

letters: a malec au in which magnus and alec study journalism at college and they have to write a letter to the first person they’ve ever kissed. (bonus: maia and alec are bffs) | words: 2,086.

Alec really didn’t enjoy college. He liked journalism as a concept, he liked telling stories and he’d always expressed himself better through writing; he liked the idea of, maybe, someday, changing the world with the things he’d write. (He’d always been a sort of utopian in that sense.) He just didn’t like studying all of that in college.

Oral expression was the class he hated the most. They were supposed to learn how to express themselves in television and radio, two areas Alec was sure he wasn’t going to come near to in his life. First of all, because he didn’t like the idea of exposing himself like that. Second of all? He just didn’t know how to come up with a sentence without making an incoherent mess of words and verbal tenses. It was frustrating, to say the least.

And if all of that weren’t enough, his classmates were terrible, too. They were all stupid twenty-year-olds that had ended up there because of a thread of coincidences that had nothing to do with passion. (Well, not all of them.)

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There’s a thing about Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship that I want to talk about, because I feel like a lot of people don’t notice it. The show places a lot of emphasis on the ways Chidi has helped and influenced Eleanor, but Eleanor has also done the same for Chidi in more subtle ways.

spoilers up through season 2, episode 2

Chidi becomes paralyzed with fear every time he has to make a decision that has any ethical or moral ambiguity, even when someone might suffer for it. Eleanor herself is aware of Chidi’s difficulty with decisiveness, and many times she has actively worked to help make things easier for him. In episode 5, she realizes that not only is Chidi fed up with teaching her, he also lacks the conviction to tell her this himself out of fear of disappointing her. She takes it upon herself to make him a “Fork off, Eleanor” sign that he can use in place of confrontation. Episode 7 has her give up her own secret and reveal that she doesn’t belong in the Good Place, all so that Chidi won’t have to face the agonizing choice to tell Michael that he killed Janet. By ep 11, Chidi feels comfortable enough to ask her for advice about his personal life, which Eleanor takes seriously and advises that he return Real Eleanor’s love because she believes those two are soulmates. He doesn’t end up taking her advice, but he seems give it serious consideration, and is later able to have a mature conversation with Real Eleanor about his feelings.

In ep 10, her confession of love ends with “Don’t say anything, I just needed to get that off my chest,” and then she starts to leave. (She only comes back because Tahani walks in at that moment and also confesses her love for Chidi.) Similar to Jake Peralta at the end of season 1 of Brooklyn 99, Eleanor’s love does not come with any strings attached; she isn’t asking him to return her feelings because she doesn’t want him to have to make another difficult decision. She simply wants him to know because he deserves the truth. (It’s worth noting that Tahani’s speech is less considerate of Chidi’s feelings; she pretty much tries to make the decision for him by telling Chidi that he loves her.) And in season 2, episode 2, Eleanor again tells Chidi she loves him (in a different reset, so she doesn’t even have her old memories of the previous confession) and again she says “You don’t need to respond cause I know you have trouble saying how you feel.” Eleanor is able to recognize when Chidi does not need to be pushed into making a decision, and remains conscious of this when presenting him with a difficult choice.

Eleanor’s actions wrt Chidi have the direct effect of helping Chidi become more assertive and confident. He is initially hesitant to teach Eleanor how to be good, yet he ultimately agrees, in a small but important moment from very early in the series. In episode 8, he marches into Michael’s office and insists that Eleanor does not belong in the Bad Place, and demands that Michael stop the train. Michael even lampshades this in ep 10: “I need the Chidi who stormed in here and told me to stop Eleanor’s train without thinking of consequences.” And in s2, ep2, Chidi is able to return Eleanor’s love because he feels comfortable and knows that it comes without strings or life-altering consequences. No matter how Michael resets the universe, Chidi always manages to grow into a person capable of giving help and love freely without fear because of Eleanor.

Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship might seem unequal at first, since the show’s very nature requires it to focus more on Eleanor’s growth because she’s the one who seemingly needs it the most. However, Chidi actually has a fair amount of character development, due in large part to Eleanor. When Eleanor is physically present, she tries to ease his struggle, gives him tools to help him, and/or pushes him to make choices that will make him happy. As a result, Chidi has been able to overcome his hangups and act assertively in times of difficulty, even when Eleanor is not there, because her influence has been very healthy for him.

TL;DR: Eleanor and Chidi both help each other to become better people.

Everyone that watches YoI think the skaters are amazing and we have only really seen Viktor and Yakov coaching, a little of Celestino so time to appreciate the coaches!

In episode 5 we had Kenjirou and his coach. No matter the result, look how happy they are over a personal record!

Episode 7 gave us more of Guanghong and his coach. Not sure if she is really nice but she calms him and carries his stuffed animals so she looks okay to me!

In episode 6 we got a little of Leo’s coach but this week gave us a bit more and show us how close they are.

Next, Phichit and Celestino. They fit well together, both very lively and cheerful people. I wonder who the woman is tho, is it Celestino’s wife or who is she?

Finally, Chris and his coach. I was surprised to see how nice of a guy it was. He looked like an ass but he is far nicer than Yakov.

Anyway, I love the subtle moments of showing the relations between coach and skater!

✰ ° › movie dates with peter parker would include...

AUTHOR’S NOTE — it’s been a couple days since i’ve posted an imagine, so i wanted to give y’all a little something to hold you over while i work on my requests. honestly there isn’t much for me to say here so with all of that out of the way, i hope you guys like this little blurb i drafted in between working on all the cute ideas you guys sent in and as always if you have any requests send them in !!

- so you and peter have been dating for awhile now and despite the fact that you’re well past the honeymoon stage of your relationship, he’s still adamant about taking you out every friday night.

- and you’ve tried to convince him that he really doesn’t have to do that, at least not as often as he does. but the boy literally adores you and you’re his first girlfriend so he wants to make sure that he’s doing everything right to keep you happy.

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The 4 of Us

Summary: It’s you and Bucky’s 5 year anniversary! Bucky decides to get you a puppy, but you have a surprise for him as well! | Bucky x Reader
Warnings: a lil swearing, pregnancy? lol
Word count: 2,3 k


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Bucky woke up that morning more excited than ever. Today was your 5 year anniversary and he had a special day planned. He looked over his shoulder where you were still sleeping, resting on your stomach, one leg dangling off the bed. He placed a tender kiss to your bare shoulder, remembering the activities of last night – something you two were definitely repeating tonight. Bucky strolled to the dresser to slip on a fresh pair of boxers and simple grey sweatpants.

As he searched the fridge for some eggs, he thought about his plans once more. Make breakfast, go to the grocery store, come back home, order some pizza, then cuddle on the couch while watching your favourite movies and then he would have to go out again to go get your present. Bucky knew you’d scold him about it, because you didn’t want any presents or fancy dinners, thus why for the 4th year now you always stayed at home and did cozy stuff, it’s just the way you liked it. But this year, Bucky couldn’t help himself. He saw the way you always longingly look at the pet shop when you pass it. You were a huge animal lover, dogs being your favourite. He didn’t know if you had a favourite breed, so when he stepped in the pet shop the other day to look at a potential new family member his eyes immediately fell to a tiny Pug puppy padding around. The pup was a little boy already named Charlie. His curled up tail and squashed face made his heart melt and Bucky knew he had found the one. So when he was frying eggs and bacon he couldn’t wait to go pick up the little pup later. Bucky smiled to himself as he felt your arms snake around his waist.

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Today in Brazil we celebrate Carnaval! I had to draw Lúcio because I love both him and this holiday.
I tried to mix the “sambista” image with his original design and I’m happy with the result tbh.

I also drew him wearing a frog costume but I didn’t have the time to finish it

Anyway…Bom Carnaval a todos 😉🎉✌️

→ close-up:

Lapis & Peridot’s Relationship and Respective Mental States, Post-Barn

Now that the DeMayo Family Barn is currently on its way out of the Milky Way Galaxy with Lapis in tow, and that Peridot has returned to living in Steven’s house, I think we can officially declare the “Barn Era” of their characters over. (“And there was much rejoicing”)

I was originally going to do a post solely on Lapis’s mental health, but after seeing Raising the Barn I found it intriguing to look back at Lapis & Peridot’s relationship as we knew it at the time and as we know it now.

At the time, there were criticisms that Lapis & Peridot’s friendship was just glossed over in between Hit the Diamond and Beta, as if there was some emotional bonding episode we never got to see that could only be realized by fan artists and fic writers.

At the same time, there was criticism that Peridot’s character was flanderized into Wacky Funtime Dorito instead of the slightly-jerky science nerd we came to love.

And for a time, I came to agree partially with those criticisms. I said that they should have made a Lapis & Peridot episode in between Hit the Diamond and Beta, and all the naysayers about Lapis’ stagnated development would have gone away for the most part.

But I see now that not showing us Peri & Lapis’ relationship grow from mild tolerance with an overcurrent of animosity to just watching CPH and making meep morps together was actually a clever way to hide the fact that their relationship, and Lapis’ initial decision to stay on Earth, was on rocky footing from the start.

Lapis never truly moved on from how she felt at the start of Same Old World. We know from Room For Ruby that she was still uncomfortable being on Earth, despite months going by in show-time. We didn’t get much Lapis development in that time because in-universe circumstances just got in the way.

Just like how Steven falling ass-backwards into his happy ending in Wanted resulted in him having a blasé attitude about arguably the biggest and most life-threatening event in his life, Lapis just being handed the opportunity to have a consequence-free stay on Earth literally hours after ending the traumatic conga-line that’s been her life for the past 5,000 years did not do anything to help her mental health, and arguably made it worse.

The barn enabled Lapis to ignore her problems wholesale. During her stay there, it seems she pretty much rejected dealing with her problems, and, as we now know for sure from Raising the Barn, Peridot helped her ignore those problems out of a desire not to upset her. And so they just simmered.

They occasionally made themselves known- In Gem Harvest with her “What if you locked the corn up in a mirror for thousands of years” remark, in The New Crystal Gems with her caricatures of the real CGs (showing that she doesn’t think all that highly of them), her outburst in Room For Ruby -but mostly she just buried them under a happy face and an overall “eh” attitude that hid the fire burning deep inside. (JUST LIKE STEVEN!)

So when Steven got back from space and told his whole adventure, she immediately panics. Lapis has been to Homeworld, had seen the destruction they can cause back during the war, and was forced to be an informant for the mission to Earth. She’s understandably freaked out by the very idea that Steven went up against the *Diamonds.*

The Rubies were just cannon fodder. Nothing for her to be concerned about. Peridot calling Yellow Diamond a clod wasn’t anything for her to be concerned about; One rogue Peridot is practically nothing to Homeworld.

But Steven? Like Lapis said, Steven is important. If they ever find out he’s alive and on Earth, it’s game over man.

Lapis’ response is to get out of Dodge. Leave. Go to the farthest corner of the Universe and sit-pretty there.

And you could argue she has a point: It’s only a matter of time until the Diamonds return to Earth (YD’s patience with the Cluster can only last so long), and when they do the Gems there are as good as dead as far as Lapis is concerned.

You could also argue that this attitude is partially Peridot’s fault: By fostering a living situation where Lapis could just stay happy forever and never address those humongous problems she had down inside her. It wasn’t going to last.

Jasper? Never mention the dreaded J-word ever.

The Crystal Gems? Make sure Lapis doesn’t have to interact with them unless indirectly through association with Steven.

The mirror? That meep-morp made of mirrors is totally not a subconscious manifestation of Lapis’ repressed trauma whatyoutalkinboutwillis.

Lapis was like a balloon bouncing around a room of pins and needles, with Peridot being the one desperately running around trying to stop it from hitting the floor. It was only a matter of time until she popped.

At the end of Raising the Barn, Lapis literally raises the barn and takes it with her into space, off to live in some uneventful corner of the galaxy that no Gem would POSSIBLY get near (which turn out to be incorrect if my theory for the next arc is true).

Some have asked, “Why would Lapis take the barn if the only reason she thought of taking it in the first place was because of Peridot?”

I think that’s because the Barn is a symbol of stagnated mental development. Initially, Lapis just wanted to take Peridot with her, because Peridot was the one true thing keeping her away from the unpleasantness. But when she can’t take Peri with her, Lapis takes the only other thing she’s known to keep her happy, the Barn.

Lapis wants to stay in Dandy Funtimes CPH Meep Morp Land for the rest of eternity. And there’s truth to that desire.

Addressing your own mental health problems is NOT fun. Everyone wants to just skip over the hard parts and get right to the part where everything’s fine (JUST LIKE STEVEN!!!)

So it’s no wonder Lapis latched onto the first happy place she could find, dug her feet into the dirt, and when the going got rough, she ran off and took the dirt with her.

But enough about Lapis’ issues. Let’s talk P-dot.

In fact, let’s compare the times since Barn Mates that we saw Peridot away from Lapis with the times we saw her with Lapis.

When she’s with Lapis (see: Beta, Gem Harvest, Room For Ruby), she’s LOL I’M WACKY HAPPY DOT NEVER A NON-HAPPY MOMENT IN THIS BARN NO-SIR-EE-BOB!

When she’s away from Lapis though? (see: Too Short to Ride, Earthlings, Kindergarten Kid) She shows her flaws. Her insecurity about her size. Her insensitivity and frustration with the corrupted gem. The second Peridot gets upset about leaving in Raising the Barn, Lapis angrily tells her to stop getting so emotional (possibly projecting her own repression onto Peri).

And while not a flaw of hers, I’m willing to bet Peridot refrained from any mention of her Crystal Gem-status while around Lapis, or at least didn’t make an effort to tout it around (explaining why she doesn’t have her star yet, coughcough)

Lapis and Peridot, regardless of your shipping preferences, was NOT a healthy relationship. It may have seemed like “oh you old married couple” at the time (heck, Zuke apparently even wrote them that way intentionally to give off that vibe), but now we can clearly see that their happiness together was just a facade.

I don’t doubt that they were genuinely happy, but happiness without emotional openness and lingering issues does not a long-lasting living arrangement make.

As we saw in Back to the Kindergarten, not having the Barn might not be pleasant for Peridot, but it’s very necessary for her to move forward.

And if I may speculate for a moment, Lapis being away from Earth won’t be as pleasant as she thinks. If I’m right about the planet she runs away to being the planet we see the ship crashing on at the end of the SDCC promo, then I think we’ll see that she’s ultimately not happy with taking her life and just moving it somewhere else.

She’ll probably still be trying to maintain the Nothing Is Wrong vibe (JUUUUST LIIIIKE STEEEVEEEEN) but without Peridot with her to keep it up, that’s gonna fall apart *fast.*

If she does end up being Steven and Connie’s only way off that planet, then I think that’s gonna be the thing that forces her back into the Homeworld conflict she’s been avoiding all this time.

If Lapis doesn’t want to confront her problems, then the Universe is going to make her.

It’s only a matter of time.


you say you know me, know me well
but these days i don’t even know myself 

Bts crying in their lovers’ arms

hello hello! this post was inspired by @narika-a‘s post (i loveee youuu) I tried keeping it as gender neutral as possible but please let me know if you want a specific gender next time! ♡ 


seokjin-  This day couldn’t have been worse; he constantly messed up the choreography, accidentally broke Yoongi’s headphones and he hadn’t eaten much. As soon as Seokjin arrived in your shared apartment, you ran up to greet him. However you didn’t even get the chance because Seokjin snapped when he saw you. 

“Aish you can’t leave me alone for one fucking minute?”

Taken back, you decided that you should leave him alone for awhile. But after around 2 hours you slowly approached the man.


When he turned around you felt your heart sink. A tear stained face looked back at you and without hesitating you held him in your arms as he quietly sobbed.

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yoongi-  The two of you were watching a movie when Yoongi got a call. Thinking nothing of it, you weren’t paying attention to him until you heard a stifled sob next to you. When you looked over you saw Yoongi crying in a way he hadn’t done before. 

“She’s in the hospital..” 

When he looked up to you he explained that his mother had fallen and that she injured herself. The rest of that day you spend listening to music and preparing for a trip to Daegu.

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namjoon- Stress. The only thing Namjoon could think of was finishing the album but he simply couldn’t. The past 3 weeks everyone was on his ass about how the album was supposed to be done by now, they didn’t even care about his mental heath. “those fucking assholes” he whispered to himself. Before he even realized what happened, there were tears rolling down his face.

 Right at that moment you walked in to give him his lunch, you worry about him a lot; knowing that he’s very stressed. Namjoon turned to you and hugged you, not showing his face.

“Let’s just stay like this, okay?”

he said as you felt warm tears on your shoulders.

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hoseok- There is no denying that Hoseok is an emotional man. He cries very often and he’s taken pride in it, telling everyone that he’s is just a thoughtful person. Today he was home alone and he decided that he wanted to watch a movie. While going through Netflix he saw that Inside Out was still available and thought that the movie looked very cheerful. HOWEVER in less then FIVE minutes the boy was crying. 

You walked in, back from lunch with your friends when you saw your boyfriend on the couch crying his heart out. When you looked at the screen you started laughing like a maniac, realizing that he was crying over a children’s movie. 

“Why are you laughing, this is sad!”  

he chuckled while wiping away his tears. 

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(lmao i know hoseok’s isn’t emo at all but i don’t want him to be sad so i went easy on him)

jimin- It was one of those days again, you saw it right away. Jimin greeted you with a smile but you saw right through him. You know how Jimin looks when he’s insecure.

“Hey, thanks for bringing my sweater, I really am a klutz aren’t I?”

he smiled but it wasn’t genuine.

“Tell me what’s wrong.”

you demanded, already knowing the answer. That’s when he snapped, he walked away quickly with his eyes already watering. “no no no, not now” he said to himself but then he felt their arms around his waist hushing him and telling him that all was good. He suddenly didn’t feel as ashamed to cry.

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taehyung-  Taehyung had just released his new cover, a love song dedicated to you, and he was so happy with the result. In his foolishness he decided to look at the comments and the first thing he saw was “That bitch doesn’t deserve him, how can someone so ugly have someone like him”. He simply couldn’t understand how anyone could be so mean for no reason and in anger he read a lot more negative comments. He didn’t even realize that he was crying, it was when you held him without saying anything that he realized that he doesn’t need anyone else besides you.

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jungkook- “Keep strong, Jungkook” he thought to himself as he kept practicing. This new dance routine was going to kill him, it was so tiring and he just couldn’t get it right. It wasn’t good enough, he wasn’t good enough. A single tear rolls down as he hears your voice. He turns around but when he looked at you he didn’t see your usual happy face, no in fact you were crying. Seeing his most beloved cry absolutely broke his heart and his single tear turned into a ocean of them.

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