happy of fairy tail

  • Erza: Hey guys! I bought cake for us!
  • Lucy: Ohhhh I am up for some cake.
  • Erza: Here is a piece for Lucy, Gray, Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla.
  • Carla: Ehm Erza, I don't want to be rude since you bought to cake but...why you getting the entire other 50% of it?
  • Erza: 50%? No, you must be seeing things, it is only 25%
  • Carla: No it is no- *Erza bites a big chunk away* now it is yes...
. Between the Lines. 196

Scowling at the fact that he, Gray, and Jellal were all stuffed together into the foyer of a house that belonged to a single woman who’d been more than willing to let them borrow her bathrooms, Natsu tugged at the red tie he wore. Gray was having issues beside him, constantly tugging at his own tie to try and strip, making the woman laugh as she watched them from the kitchen.

Jellal chuckled, looking at them with amusement. “Gray, stop stripping. Erza won’t be pleased with you if you do.”

Gray shuddered at the thought.

Natsu fumbled with a cuff at his wrist. “Can we get going then? Luce will be there before we are at this rate, guys.” He shifted impatiently and from his place on Natsu’s head, Happy laughed.

“She’s not going anywhere, Natsu,” Gray sighed, rolling his eyes. “She doesn’t need you there every five seconds.” He frowned at him, suddenly looking honestly concerned. “Did you sleep at all last night? You’ve got these huge shadows beneath your eyes.”

Natsu lifted a hand and touched them with a hand, grimacing. “No. Nightmares.” He said nothing more on the matter and turned away, only to jump when the woman’s hand rested on his arm.

“Here,” she offered, holding up some concealer. “Our skin tones are pretty close. I can hide it for you if you want.”

He blinked. “Thanks.” She was near Levy in height, so he carefully bent over. She smeared the makeup on his face, careful not to get it in his eyes. When she was done, she smiled gently.

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