happy october 9th

Happy Hetalia Reminder for October 9th

Japan reminds you that getting a bad mark on a test or failing a class is not the end of the world. No one will say it isn’t disappointing and upsetting, but it doesn’t mean your entire future is forfeit. 


Happy Birthday, John. 

In the United States, it’s still October 8th, but in Iceland and the UK it’s already the 9th so I can’t wait any longer. You are the best person in the world to me. Your voice is always being heard. I see it everyday, I bet you can too. I would do anything to skip school and be in Iceland (ha) but I’ll be there in spirit and I will definitely be thinking about it all day and about how your work has influenced the world. Thank you for being here with us. We miss you and listen to you and your ideas will grow with ours to make a better world. Everybody should know you haven’t left us, but you’re working with us in a different energetic form.I love you so much. You’re my hero. Happy Birthday.


October 8th/9th, 2014