happy october 19th to all my followers!!!

TODAY on October 19th my blog celebrates its 3rd anniversary and I’m so happy to be part of THIS WONDERFUL ROYAL FANDOM.

I can’t believe it’s has been three years already and that I have +2.900 followers.
I really don’t know what to say to all the blogs and to all my followers who make me smile and happy everyday.

Thank you very much with all my heart to everyone for the follow, likes, reblogs, asks, messages, thank you to those who love me or hate me, I wouldn’t be nothing without you, so THANK YOU!

Here is a list of my favorite blogs: (If i miss someone I’m sorry, I love you all)

→  Maddy.


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Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last FF lol, so I decided Id make one for my birthday which is today, October 19th! I’m 14 now lol. *so young* Well yea I also hit 6.5k followers half way to 7k :D! Thanks so much for all the ask I appreciate them all even if I respond with the same response, it still means a lot that you took time out to say happy birthday to me ^^ - Sorry if I misspelled any URL’s ^^’ -