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Percy never asked to be a demigod, and test his boundaries with power and loss and put his life in danger every summer in a literal battlefield. but he still did.

Something angsti for noni’s request. 
(Idk what is the thing in B4 and im glad noone asked for it o)-< )

Request: I was wondering if you requests are open? It’s my birthday tomorrow and I was wondering if I could get dad! Ubbe fic? Like really fluffy ? Pls?

Happy belated birthday, nony! 

Note: I’m not sure if this one is any good. It was kind of hard to write because I was struggling with a bad writers block. Plus, for some reason it was really hard for me to include Ivar in an imagine in which the reader is with Ubbe. I know, I’m a weirdo. 


You were standing at the dock, watching the ships grow bigger and bigger as they travelled down the fjord towards the town. Your feelings were torn between happiness and anxiety. It had been month since that army had left, and with them your husband. You were more than happy to see them come back home but you also knew that not all of them would be returning. Although you knew Ubbe was a skilled warrior and surely could take care of himself you couldn’t help but worry, especially when he was gone for so long. You had prayed to Odin and Tyr for his save return and hoped that they had heard you. The dock was crowded with people, all of them hoping for their loved ones to return to them but you knew that some of them would be disappointed today.

You felt a light tug on your dress and looked down with a warm smile.

“Is father on one of these ships?”

“I’m sure he is, love.” You said and ruffled your daughter’s hair. “It’s time for him to come home and meet your brother.” You added, more speaking to yourself than to the three years old.

You carefully brought the little bundle in your arms closer to your chest as you watched the first boats arrive at the docks. The men didn’t waist much time and jumped to the dock, immediately being surrounded by their lovers or families. You held your breath and watched, your eyes searching every landing boat for a glimpse at your husband. Your heart skipped a beat and you let out a relieved sigh when you finally saw him. Ubbe was standing at the front of one of the approaching boats, looking totally majestic with a white fur around his shoulders and his cloak floating in the breeze. You felt a huge smile grow on your face. Now it wouldn’t be long until you could finally wrap him in your arms again. A few minutes later the boat had landed and Ubbe stepped onto the dock.

You leaned down to your daughter. “Do you see who is here?”

You didn’t even get to end that sentence before she took off running.

“Father!” The little girl shrieked and Ubbe knelt down and opened his arms for her.

A genuine feeling of happiness spread though you as you watched him pick up his daughter and spin her around.

“Where’s your mother? Have you not brought her with you?”

The little girl giggled and pointed in your direction and Ubbe’s eyes met yours. He smiled at you and a tingly warmth spread through your body. He hurried over to you with long steps and wrapped one arm around you, pulling you to his chest.

“I have missed you so much.” He whispered.

You looked up to meet his eyes again. “You’ve been gone for much too long.”

“I know.” He said, setting your daughter down so he could wrap both his arms around you.

When he pulled you closer to him you put a hand to his chest, keeping him at distance. He gave you a confused look and you smiled at him, revealing the little bundle you had hidden under your cloak. His eyes grew wide.

“I think you should meet your son.” You announced with a grin.

“I… I didn’t know…” He stuttered. “Oh Y/N, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there.”

“Well, I didn’t know I was with child when you left, so how could you?” You gave him a wink. “I told you that you‘ve been gone for too long.”

“This is… I can’t… a son?” He still wasn’t able to form a complete sentence.

You nodded.

He looked at you for a long moment with glassy eyes before he pulled you into a tender kiss. You closed your eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his lips on yours, which you had missed for such a long time. When you broke the kiss, Ubbe’s hands travelled from your face down your sides and around your waist, he pulled you to him again, careful this time to leave enough room for your son. You rested your head against his shoulder and breathed in his scent, feeling more happy than you had in a long long time.

“Let’s go home.” You said after a while. “You must be tired. And I want to hear all about the raid.”

He smirked at you. “It was quite boring without you.”

Then he picked up your daughter and wrapped one arm around your shoulders as you walked towards your house.

Back home you made yourself comfortable in front of the fireplace. You handed your babyboy over to Ubbe and watched his eyes glow with pride as he held his son for the first time.

“Have you already given him a name?” He asked.

“His name is Sigurd.”

He looked at you, surprised at first, but then he nodded approvingly. “Thank you.” He whispered.

“Father, can you tell us a story about your journey?” Your daughter pleaded, looking up to her father with her big shining eyes, you knew he could never resist.

You were almost as eager to hear about what had happened during the raid as the little girl and leaned your head against Ubbe’s shoulder as he started to speak. But you weren’t granted much time alone with your little family. Not long after Ubbe had started to tell about his adventures the door flew open and Hvitserk stepped in, followed by Ivar.

“Here you are. We’ve been looking for you. We heard you have a son?” You could hear the excitement in Hvitserk’s voice.

Ubbe turned in his seat so that his brothers could see the baby sleeping in his arms. Hvitserk rushed to his brother’s side to get a better view on the newborn. So you went to greet Ivar first. As you bend down to him he embraced you in a strong hug.

“Always good to see you, Y/N.” He said. “I see you keep making gifts to my brother he doesn’t deserve.”

You just laughed. “It’s good to see you, too.”

“Can I hold him?” You heard Hvitserk ask behind you.

Ubbe turned to look at you and as you gave him a small nod, he handed his son over to his brother. You went to get some chairs for Hvitserk and Ivar and as you came back and placed them around the fireplace, Hvitserk looked at you with big eyes, as if he had just noticed you.

“Oh Y/N, sorry.” He said, hugging you with one arm.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. When it comes to attention, babies always win.”

You poured everyone a horn of mead and while the others were already settled around the fireplace.

“He has your eyes, brother.” Hvitserk announced, holding out his finger for the baby to wrap his tiny hand around.

“And I was hoping for his sake that he would turn out more like his mother.” Ivar teased and Ubbe grabbed a wooden spoon from the table behind him and threw it at his brother.

Ivar ducked under the spoon. “Hvitserk, you’ve had him long enough.” He decided. “Now give him to me.”

For a moment Hvitserk looked as if he wanted to argue but then he handed the baby over to Ivar. You would have sworn to see some concern flash through your husbands face but it was gone as fast as it had appeared. Ivar eyed your son curiously and then looked up at you.

“What is his name?”

Your blood froze in your veins. You hadn’t thought about that. How could you have been so stupid? You had meant it well, choosing the name of your husband’s dead brother, but you hadn’t thought about the trouble it might cause.

“His name is Sigurd.” Ubbe said in your place, sounding completely calm while looking his younger brother in the eyes.

Ivar stared back at him and you could see his jaw clench. You knew Ivar’s anger could release a thunderstorm and you were ready to jump up and fetch your son from his arms at any second. Hvitserk looked completely frozen as if by not moving at all he could somehow vanish. You felt like the temperature in the room had just dropped several degrees and couldn’t suppress a shiver. That moment little Sigurd started to wriggle in Ivar’s arms, drawing his attention to him. You were surprised to see Ivar’s tense features relaxe entirely as he tried to soothe his nephew and even more when he succeeded and the baby peacefully drifted back to sleep.

“I think it’s better if you take him back now.” Ivar said to you, seeming completely calm now.

The tension that had been building in the room just moments ago had vanished faster than you could have ever imagined and you could see Ubbe let out a relieved breath he seemingly had been holding the entire time.

After that the conversation got more pleasant, as the brothers started to tell you about the raid and about the treasures they had brought home. Your daughter had fallen asleep in Ubbe’s lap and he himself looked pretty tired as well. As Ivar and Hvitserk left a couple of hours later, all you wanted to do was curl up in bed with your husband and enjoy his warmth.


So many requests for fluffy family imagines! The next thing I’ll write will have to be bloody and violent, just for me to keep the balance.

                          h e l l o  m y  l o v e l y  f o l l o w e r s ~ ♡

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★★★ Happy 45th birthday, Winona Laura Horowitz! (October 29th, 1971) ★★★

“I wish I could unknow this, but there is a perception of me that I’m supersensitive and fragile. And I am supersensitive, and I don’t think that that’s a bad thing. To do what I do, I have to remain open.”

anonymous asked:

I need Louis to be happy.

He is, nony. He’s just dealing with a lot. But remember: he has a great family, loyal friends, devoted fans, and the love of his life with him. He’s going to be ok when this storm finally ends


Hehe~~ You are both very very nice, Nonies! I’m happy that you like what I am drawing <3 Thank you very much and have a great day too!! <33

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the way you call anons "nonie" makes me want to squeal from joy and cuteness! it's adorable *q*

Ehehehe~ I’m happy you like it, Nonie!

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