happy new year headcanons

All was quite around the 8th year common room. Most people had collapsed where they were after the celebrations, too filled with firewhiskey to move anymore.

Draco opened his eyes, slowly, painfully. He took in the scene around him: empty bottles, streamers, cups laying around, and of course, something soft and warm behind him. He froze, then, slowly, tried to slip off the couch, but was caught by a strong arm.

“Hmmm don’t go.”

Draco, against his better judgment (and he’ll blame the pounding in his head for drowning out everything else) slipped back against the body. The arms wrapped around him, he felt a soft breath on the back of his neck. Draco froze again.


He shut his eyes, because now he was sure he was dreaming. It couldn’t possibly be. No.

“You can look at me you know,” the person said with a soft laugh.

Draco squeezed open one eye, then another, and yes, it was definitely a dream, because two green eyes, beautiful green eyes, were looking back at him. We’re smiling back at him. There was scruffy black hair, and a scar that Draco hadn’t realised he was running his fingers over till it was too late to stop himself.

“That’s me,” Harry answered, amused. Harry bent forward his lips moving softly over Draco’s. He pulled back, frowning.

“You don’t remember, do you?” The hurt edged it’s was through Harry’s voice. Draco shook his head, which was not a good move because now the pounding was second to none.

He shut his eyes again, “maybe… you could remind me?” He didn’t mean to say it. He meant to tell Potter to shove off, because Draco wouldn’t be caught with the boy wonder in his wildest dreams. But that wasn’t true, was it. Because Harry featured quite a lot in Draco’s dreams, wild or not. And so maybe he did mean to say it.

When Draco opened his eyes again, there was a sly smile on Harry’s face. “I can do that,” he said before leaning forward and kissing him again.

New Years with the Crows

- They all stay up way past midnight, of course 

- Nina insists they have fondue 

- Kaz manages to get drunk off of champagne

-Everyone learns that Wylan is indeed a very cuddly drunk

- Jesper fills his guns with bullets full of confetti and the noise causes the neighbors to almost call the cops

- Matthias gets covered in glitter. He is not happy about it

- Only Inej and Matthias manage to come up with real new years resolutions

- Kaz comes up with a resolution if you count plotting to kill someone a resolution

- Everyone is sharing their favorite memories of the year

- Everyone is varied levels of drunk

- They all count down to midnight with different degrees of excitement

- Jesper and Wylan make out when the countdown reaches zero 

New Year’s Eve with the Island Boys

(I’m only 16 days late shut up)

- ralph organizes all the “big kid” games, which usually involve a game of “would you rather” that gets oddly inappropriate and “never have I ever”

- piggy makes snacks and gets flustered and embarrassed by nearly every question in wyr and nhie

- jack says “I’ll chug this WHOLE bottle of scotch whiskey fucking watch me” takes one sip and chokes

- simon says he’s sticking with water the whole night but he’s actually drinking entire glasses of vodka to cope with the fuckers around him

- samneric team up for games that don’t even require teams and are the ones that go outside at midnight screaming at the top of their lungs “HAPPY NEW YEAR” with party poppers

- roger claims he’s been drinking whiskey the whole night but it’s actually apple juice because he has a reputation to keep but he’s not starting the new year with a hangover

- maurice: “can harambe please fucking die with 2016″


#look I’m not sayin what you think I’m sayin abt Fitz #but also I am 


  • James: this year, i'll stop losing points for gryffindor and i'll ask lily out. in a regular, decent way this time
  • James: you? any new year resolution?
  • Remus: i've got a few, most of them include practicing relaxation when sirius pisses me off
  • James: sirius?
  • Sirius: piss off remus a little more, i've been gentle this year
  • Remus: *fumes*
  • James: pete?
  • Peter: er..? my resolution is to have resolutions next year

Green leaves the gym leader new year’s eve party early and Brock asks him why since Green is always the last one to leave any party and Green apologetically tells him that he has some important family business to tend to.  Green nearly kills himself trekking up Mt. Silver with a bottle of champagne in his hand, but he spends the entire night watching the fireworks on top of the world with Red by his side

Year of the Toma—I mean, Sith

Another year has come and gone folks.

Some ups, a lot some downs, and plenty o’ tomatoes. x3c

Now I’m not sure how or when I spiraled down into this tomato-y hellscape.
But alas, here I am and here I’ll be.

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So to celebrate the upcoming new year, here’s all the posts you’ve already (probably, maybe?) seen.
I’m gonna list them here because I can’t come up with anything better in time. ^^;


Sith Biology, aka my current “magnum opus”, if you will.

Sith Society, one of my earliest!! posts. It’s horrendously outdated. Will rewrite and revamp at some point. >,<

Sith Noms, :U

Sith Culture, plus edit! Oh god… this also needs a revamp. Dx

The Mother Goddess. ;-; Still in awe of artist~ Bless.

Gate Guardians, Sith lions man. Meow. :3

Tomato Faces :D

Those are the Tomato-specific ones.
As always, there are other things.

Onward to 2017!

Let’s see what kind of tomato-ness I can conjure up!

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The first time Steve kisses Jonathan is on New Year’s Eve. He’s a lot less drunk than he’s pretending to be, but he’s embarrassed. He and Nancy had a plan - there were going to be words, and questions, and honest confessions - and Steve goes and panics and fucks it all up.

They’re all sitting in Steve’s living room, watching the New Year’s special on television, and Steve is stalling. Nance keeps glancing over at him, eyes wide and eyebrows up to her hairline, and it’s clear that she’s not about to breach the subject for them. But Steve’s not good with words, and he’s even worse with handling rejection, so he just keeps handing Jonathan more beers and arguing with him over which Bowie song is the best.

Until suddenly it’s almost midnight, and they’re counting down together, and it’s all wrong, because Steve was going to ask first, but then it’s too late, Nancy is screaming Happy New Year! and then Steve’s got Jonathan’s head in both his hands.

The kiss itself is about as long as it is chaste - that’s to say, it’s real short and dirty. Once his lips are mashed against Jonathan’s, Steve figures this will be the last time he’ll ever be allowed to get this close. So he sucks a deep breath in through his nostrils, smashes his eyes closed, and pushes his tongue past Jonathan’s gasp-parted lips. But then Steve feels Jonathan Byers’ tongue slide against his, and he’s panicking, and he pushes Jonathan away by his cheeks, like he’s the one who should be scandalized or something.

Steve can see Nancy staring at him when he jumps back, mouth agape and hands stretched out, palms-up. What the hell was that? she’s saying-but-not-saying, and oh god, Steve has no idea what the hell that was. He can’t even look Jonathan in the eyes. So instead, he snatches up Nancy’s beer and takes a swig, throwing an arm around the other boy’s shoulders and pretending to trip a little as he does so.

Happy New Year, Byers, Steve says with a laugh, like it’ll make the whole thing seem like a joke. But then a strong, willowy arm is wrapping around his waist, and a hand grips his hip, steadies him. It feels pretty okay.

Happy New Year, Steve.


robert managed to tear himself away from the noisy pub and take a minute to call diane and wish her a happy new year. he found himself in his room, his and aaron’s and his eyes fell on a letter addressed to him, laid out on his side of the bed and written in aaron’s scrawny handwriting. he picked it up and smiled before beginning to read:

dear robert,

i know midnight will come and i’ll not be able to get the words out because you’ll probably snog me and i’ll get carried away and forget we’re in my mum’s pub, so i thought i’d write this instead.

i suppose this is a thank you, actually yeah it is a thank you. it’s a massive one actually because no matter what you say about me being strong and able to get through anything, it might all be true but i know i’m stronger when you’re by my side. i know that i would have ended up dead if it wasn’t for you, all alone in that scrap yard just trying to escape and run away from everything and everyone. trying to run away from you too.

i didn’t want you to save me that day or all the days after that when you didn’t even know you did. when you’d show up at the pub and buy me a pint and stop me from thinking about him or the trial or anything else that made me want to run away again. but you did, and you stayed and it took a while for me to get my head around that. you staying. you wanting me again after everything i’d told you, after every time i’d pushed you away and lied to you when i said i didn’t want you near me. i’m glad i let you back in though because robert, i never stopped loving you. i know that might be hard to believe, i know that i was pretty good at hating you for months but honestly i never stopped loving you and i just want to say thank you for still loving me too. even after everything you know, everything you put up with when it comes to me.

this year has been the worst year of my life because of him. but also my happiest, because of liv. and you of course you i’m only messing (not) somehow you made me smile and have a reason to look forward to the future even when it wasn’t looking anywhere near bright enough. you dealt with me pushing you further away when i wanted you even closer to me and for that i’m sorry. really sorry because you probably thought that i didn’t care or that i didn’t think of you in all of it, but i did. i did and i just wasn’t able to tell you (i’m shit with feelings robert - we both know that)

anyways, you sorta proposed to me this year too and i crashed the car in response. says a lot doesn’t it? so then i had to propose to you to make up for it and now … engaged. me and you. i think that’s the happiest i’ve ever been, in that hospital room, just me and you, no one else around us. you don’t know how long i’ve wanted just that, just you and me. you’ve given me the happiest day of my life and then you gave me the happiest christmas too (don’t tell me you didn’t like the snowballs because i heard you ask lis for the recipe)

i have a new year’s resolution, it’s to tell you i love you more and make sure you really know. this one i promise i’ll keep, i promise to make sure you know it even though i’m awful at letting you know sometimes.

you’ve made mistakes, and then i’ve made some and then you’ve made more but that’s us i think and i’m sure we’ll stay like this when 2017 rolls around. but then again we’ll be husbands soon won’t we? husbands. and we’ll have the mill to decorate and colours to choose for bedroom walls and i’ll plan many ways to kill you whilst you tell me black can’t be the colour of our bedroom and the furniture has to be oak. but i’ll still love you, like i always will because somehow i can’t help myself. maybe next year i won’t have to write this down, maybe i could be as soft as you and just tell you to your face but then again i know you’re soppy and you’ll probably treasure this like some sap so maybe not.

all my love, your husband to be (i like the way that sounds)

robert had tears in his eyes as he finished it, wiping them with his sleeve before turning and seeing aaron sheepishly standing there.

“you read it?” aaron ducked his head and then blushed before feeling robert crash into his arms and kiss him hard on the lips.
“happy new year aaron,” robert whispered before seeing aaron smile.
“happy new year rob,” aaron whispered back, kissing robert and still smiling.

I cannot stop thinking about what might happen if Sam and Dean kicked ass and escaped from prison on December 31st, though? 

They’d knock out a couple guys and trade clothes and leave the unconscious guards face down in their (locked) cells, and then Dean would raid the armory and find a grenade launcher while Sam would find the staff fridge and grab a few beers and a mostly-full bag of beef jerky.

They’d climb the stairs to the exit (no use getting trapped in an elevator), and the compound would be out in the middle of nowhere with trees all around and a flawless navy sky impossibly bright with stars. Sam would talk excitedly about how perfect it all looked and Dean would just listen, and they’d breathe in the sharp cold of free air for the first time in over a month and grin like children because they’re out.

They’d crack open a couple of beers and munch beef jerky and look at the stars, and then a couple of minutes before midnight, Dean would get the idea to fire the rocket launcher to ring in the new year and Sam would count down from ten and it would be adorable and things would explode. The end.

wolfstar and the new year's eve [muggle au]

• Sirius loves parties like this one, crowded club and a lot of alcohol
• it’s new year’s eve and he’s here with his friends
• it’s not even 11pm but most of them are drunk as fuck
• Sirius is usually the one who’s wasted as fuck and barely stands on his own legs but not today
• cause today he’s busy looking at that guy
• adorable curls around his face, tight jeans and glittering tshirt oh god what an angel!!!! and the lights make him look even more fantastic
• he drinks only that colourful shit and he looks like he’s bored when he’s leaning on a wall
• Sirius just observes him and he catches himself that he’s not paying attention to his friends but whatever they’re already drunk
• okay whatever he’ll just get drunk as his friends did
• a few beers later he has to go to a toilet
• on the dancefloor drunK AS FUCK!!
• dancing like a fucking star, all those wild moves oh god pure perfection
• forget the toilet
• Sirius’s now dancing with him, thank god he drank cause he wouldn’t have courage to do it without alcohol
• and now it’s midnight so they’re going outside to see fireworks
• it’d be great but suddenly that angel, named Remus as Sirius found out, is like ‘oops I think I’m gonna throw up’
• Sirius catches a taxi for him and he writes his number on Remus’ forearm
• oh god what if he won’t call???!!!
• the next day he gets a text ‘hey it’s Remus, thanks for your help and sorry for…THAT. I usually don’t drink that much. let me take you out for a dinner as an apology’
• Sirius is not mad of course, he usually ends up like Remus the previous night BUT dinner sounds good so why not, he can act like Remus has to apologise

Mystic Messenger High School AU

A/N: Happy New Year everyone! Here’s something to start off your 2017! I’m working on a story for this but I’m not yet sure if I’ll actually publish it on here or not. Actually the boarding schools I did research on to develop Mystic Ridge Academy, had a dog walking club and I’m jealous because I would totally join that club lolol. Anyway, I hope everyone’s 2017 goes smoothly and I will be getting your requests done soon! Sorry for the delay, 2016 was a shitty year but I’m back on track now! Seven, Saeran, and Yoosung are under the cut so this doesn’t clog up your dash as this got really long!

Jumin Han: 4th year Student (17 years old, soon to be 18)

  • Jumin is one of the richest and most popular guys at Mystic Ridge Academy.
  • Jumin’s father is the Chairman of C&R International; the Chairman is one of MRA’s biggest contributors.
  • Student Council president
  • Overly obsessed with his cat, Elizabeth the 3rd, constantly tries to bring her into his classes.
  • Because his father is the biggest benefactor, Jumin is the only student allowed to keep a pet in his dorm room where he lives by himself.  
  • Since the school has a dog walker’s club, Jumin started his very cat club. Although there are quite a few students who have joined, (mostly women who want to get close to Jumin) the club isn’t as successful as the dog walker’s club.
  • Always wears the full school uniform on campus and even in casual settings on or off campus, he’s wearing a nice suit or is dressed in dressy casual wear
  • Also a part of the Entrepreneurs Club and the Investment Club as per his father’s requests.
  • Best friends with V since kindergarten
  • Let’s be real, his backpack probably cost like $1,000. Fucking rich boy. If he even carries his backpack that is, he probably makes his bodyguards carry it since he has like 4 around him at all times.  
  • Sometimes when his father gets a new gold digging girlfriend, he’ll lash out by throwing a huge party or taking his yacht out for a ride when he’s not supposed to.
  • His parents don’t pay that much attention to him anyways, considering his father is either working or off vacationing with women and his mother is off traveling around the world, but around the holidays, they’ll fight over him just to try and one up each other by being a better “caring and loving” parent. Jumin HATES it.
  • Because of his father’s constant womanizing, Jumin doesn’t date which causes a rumor (by Seven) to float around school that he’s gay.
  • Plays golf for a sport but doesn’t participate in gym
  • Diligent student so he can live up to his father’s expectations

Jihyun “V” Kim: 4th year Student (18 years old)

  • Also one of the richest and most popular guys in school mostly because of his mysteriousness.
  • Photography hoe
  • He’s that kid whose house would be perfect party central since his parents are gone basically 24/7 and they just don’t care but V isn’t a party guy. He prefers to either keep to himself or just a small group of friends that he trusts
  • Photographer for yearbook club and head of the photography club
  • Always carries his camera case around and if he can’t he has a safe in his room for it and his other expensive and important objects.
  • Had been in a relationship with his girlfriend Rika since 1st year up until she committed suicide a few months ago
  • Dad Friend™
  • Always tries to make everyone happy and feels so guilty when he can’t
  • His dorm is filled with cacti and succulents
  • Works at an art exhibition where he submits his photographs.
  • If it’s nice enough out, you’ll see him sitting outside on campus under a weeping willow smoking his pipe and reading.
  • His schedule is mostly filled with courses relating to art and literature
  • Since his parents are always off traveling, his photography teacher has become somewhat of a surrogate mother to him.
  • Quite close to his sister even though she’s abroad at college, they always phone each other once a week.
  • Not quite sure if he wants to go to college or if he wants to follow is his family’s footsteps and travel abroad while taking photos.
  • If you can’t find him, check the photography club’s darkroom. He likes spending time in there because it relaxes him when he’s stressed out about certain things/people (specifically a certain person if you know whom I’m talking about *wink wonk*)

Jaehee Kang: 4th year Student (17 years old, soon to be 18)

  • What club and extracurricular activity is this girl not in?
  • Vice-president of the student council (she really hates working under Jumin Han and basically being his assistant ¾ths of the time), she’s also a part of the Women’s Leadership club, Martial Arts club (specifically in Judo), Meditation club, Coffee club, and the (unofficial) president of Zen’s fan-club.
  • Constantly is telling Jumin that her job is Student Council VP and not Elizabeth’s or his babysitter
  • Attends every production that Zen is in no matter what
  • Straight A student with 4.0 GPA
  • Interested in being valedictorian
  • Her mom died in a horrible car accident her 1st year of high school and her dad died of cancer when she was super young.
  • Is friends with most of the staff at MRA
  • Actually helps out her favorite teacher during her free period (this makes her a teacher’s pet)
  • Overworks herself so she can prove to her terrible aunt that she can do well in life without depending on her aunt and uncle.
  • Works part time the Javawocky Books & Café as a barista
  • Is at MRA on a scholarship
  • People call her a robot because of her constantly serious attitude
  • Prefers to have a single room so she can have peace and quiet and keep it the way she wants

Hyun “Zen” Ryu: 3rd year Student (17 years old)

  • Easily the hottest and most popular guy in school
  • His fan club is bigger than Jumin’s and he takes A LOT of pride in that because he and Mr. Trust Fund Kid have had this stupid rivalry going on with each other ever since they came into contact
  • Hates school so much.
  • Troubled family life especially from his mother who’s emotionally (and physically?) abusive
  • Secretly is in the theater club and acts in all the major productions under his codename Zen so his parents don’t find out. (His dad knows since he is a teacher at MRA but doesn’t mention this to his mother because he quietly supports his son)
  • Glad that MRA requires a Fine Arts elective so his mother doesn’t really have a say in making him quit unless she doesn’t want him to graduate
  • Wants to become an actor someday
  • The theater director has become his biggest supporter and is willing to back him up on his dream
  • Only gets decent grades so his mom doesn’t get suspicious of what he’s spending his free time doing instead of studying
  • Smokes/drinks when he’s stressed
  • He’s that kid who brings booze to the parties because he basically charms his way into getting alcohol
  • Also can charm himself out of any situation
  • Has a motorcycle
  • Not religious but thanks God every day that he doesn’t have to live at home anymore
  • Wishes he was a 4th year already so he can graduate
  • Comes off as your typical flirty “and then what happens ;)” fuckboy but he actually is a gentleman and has a heart of gold
  • Bad boy but treats women right
  • (I wanted Zen to have at least one supportive parent even if his dad only supports him in secret. We don’t hear much about his dad so I headcanon his dad as as quiet submissive guy to Zen’s mom’s controlling and dominant personality therefore his dad doesn’t speak up as much)

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Then can I request headcanons of Ponyboy dating a musician? Also happy new year(if you celebrate it)!!

hah thank you :)

  • he would attend like every school concrt / gig you had
  • buy you a new instrument for christmas 
  • You would play him songs 
    • some you wrote yourself
  • you guys would do little covers of old songs 
    • and he would sing while you played your instrument 
  • he would clean your instrument for you 
  • he later would learn how to play the same instrument 
    • It was his new years resolution 
    • and he kinda failed 
    • but eventually, with your help he learned
  • You guys would write down little snippets and play them together