happy new year everyone!

bangtan’s chapters of 2016


I have a headcanon that Dazai didn’t burn his mafia coat like he told Mori, he gave it to Chuuya instead on the night that he left. Chuuya burned it the next morning out of spite and grief. 

Inspired by Kibasix’s fic Find Something Worth Dying For (And Learn How to Live), it’s one of the best SKK fics out there.
Please go read it if you haven’t already! 

  • Remus: Okay you need to kiss him like right now
  • Everyone: 3!
  • Remus: Don't be like last year. You accidentally kissed James. That was horrible
  • Everyone: 2!
  • Remus: Oh god I can't do it. Sirius is probably going to kiss some hot chick and I'll kiss my hand or something
  • Everyone: 1!
  • Remus: Nope no kissing Sirius now. I'm going to live alone in a cardboard box.
  • Everyone: Happy New Year!
  • Sirius: [kisses Remus] You dork, you realize you said everything out loud?

this could be the start of something new.
♥ happy anniversary, troy and gabriella!