happy new year and so on!

Happy for a friend. ^_^

So Seán just finished a live stream. I wasn’t there for all of it because I was busy taking screenshots of his final Outlast 2 video and didn’t realize he was streaming because I wasn’t actively checking Twitter or Tumblr. But I managed to get there for a few moments but mostly for like the last 20 minutes of the stream. xD But he was sitting there talking about how he has a few opportunities coming up later this year and listening to him talk about that for a little bit gave me this kind of cheesy emotional thought but I just want to say it anyway and get how I feel out there.
Honestly you guys I am so incredibly proud and extremely happy for Seán, that he’s taking more opportunities and doing more things for himself. I think the changes he’s been making these last few months and the ones he’ll make in the future are good ones for him. He’s getting to a new chapter of his life and honestly for me it’s nice to see him try to do more things. Coming from someone who because of their environment and struggles with their own mental health I can’t really explore things for myself right now. I’m not really able to fully follow my heart towards anything at the moment because I’m so held back by so many different things. My life is kind of in a hole right now that’s extremely hard to get myself out of and it can be super frustrating to be constantly struggling. :/ Seán’s very lucky to be able to explore things for himself and being able to explore his potential more and possibly discover brand new things about himself. I’m just so incredibly happy that he’s able to actually possibly do all that for himself because not that many people because of their circumstances can. I’m just proud of how far he’s come in these years that I’ve “known” or watched him. I always feel it whenever I see him that he has so much potential inside him just waiting to come out. He has so much to offer the world just by being who he genuinely is and he doesn’t even realize what kind of light he has inside himself. So again, it makes me so happy to see him possibly try to explore that more in the future. I’m so proud and happy for Seán, for my friend. I believe in him and I believe he can do anything that he sets his mind and heart to. :)
It gives me a lot of hope that one day I will be able to explore the potential and light that’s inside me too.

I know that saying all that is probably super cheesy and sappy and kind of stupid but it’s how I feel and I just wanted to get that out there. xD
I hope you have a nice rest of the night everyone. ^_^


I wasn’t happy with where my studyblr went, so for the new school year, I’m going to be changing things up a bit and starting over.

My name is Yuuki and I’m a tenth grader studying in the Philippines. I’m half-Japanese and half-Filipina. I want to take HUMMS as my senior high strand and take up law when I go to college, preferably at the University of Santo Tomas or the University of the Philippines.

I like making jasmine tea twice a day with the company of a really good book. I like to visit museums, libraries, and local cafes. 

Here are some studyblrs that have inspired me to make my own:

@studykouffee @kailligraphy @studyplants @studypetals @college-cafe @briellestudies @studyign @studywithinspo @studyrelief @ohlookimstudying @soymilkstudies @sushi-studies @ceestudies @aesthudent @tbhstudying @mochistudies @lianxise @elkstudies @lycheestudy @brbimstudying

And as I continue my journey in this community, I have found more accounts who motivate me to do better each day! I hope I can also become that person for other people who are just getting started in the community.

From this time on I will be tracking the tag #ymkstudies

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I kind of feel you, back in ny first year of high school my two close best friends were ditching me for, well, boyfriend and new friends and got so damn mad and sad I cut all contacts with them, like straight forward stop talking, and after a couple weeks I felt so good, I was feeling light and happy even if I didnt really make new friends in high school, I was at least feeling good with myself, didnt feel like the third weel with sending text and not receiving any answer, it was good, really

Hm, I see the point your making. It really has something liberating to cut contacts with people who don’t care about you anymore. My heart feels a bit more at ease now that I’m more or less “free”… Still, it’s very lonely and being a rather insecure person, I feel left out and rejected. I’m glad that I still have online friends and people like you guys here on tumblr supporting me :,D

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Here, have some ‘dramatic’ selfies of my new hair color, #6 of the year so far. This is Joico metallics in mauve quartz, if anyone cares. The metallic collection is probably my favorite.

Also, I know pastel/fantasy hair is a huge trend right now but I’ve been bleaching and dyeing my hair for years now. If any of you ever have questions about the process of want product recs, etc, feel free to ask me. I’d be happy to chat about that stuff.

flower cloak.


I have a headcanon that Dazai didn’t burn his mafia coat like he told Mori, he gave it to Chuuya instead on the night that he left. Chuuya burned it the next morning out of spite and grief. 

Inspired by Kibasix’s fic Find Something Worth Dying For (And Learn How to Live), it’s one of the best SKK fics out there.
Please go read it if you haven’t already! 


this could be the start of something new.
♥ happy anniversary, troy and gabriella!

  • Remus: Okay you need to kiss him like right now
  • Everyone: 3!
  • Remus: Don't be like last year. You accidentally kissed James. That was horrible
  • Everyone: 2!
  • Remus: Oh god I can't do it. Sirius is probably going to kiss some hot chick and I'll kiss my hand or something
  • Everyone: 1!
  • Remus: Nope no kissing Sirius now. I'm going to live alone in a cardboard box.
  • Everyone: Happy New Year!
  • Sirius: [kisses Remus] You dork, you realize you said everything out loud?