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Thank you. 

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So 2016 has come to an end and magically I have 2.1k followers. This is a number i never dreamed of having at the start of the year and i’m freaking out so much. Thank you all for following me even if I don’t post so regularly. I love you all!

I’m gonna tag some people that have been so active on the blog (and i’m still like “how tf did you stick around here that much?”) 

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Happy 2017!!! 2016 is finally over


Destiny Through the Years!

my friend @tsyele did a wonderful version of one of these, and encouraged me to do one of my own. I found this very interesting to put together for a lot of reasons.

Between 2013-14 the amount of artwork I completed is pretty much what you see here; just a handful of pieces when I was playing dungeons and dragons regularly/started reading homestuck. But when I began picking my pieces for 2015-16, I had more art to choose from than I knew what to do with. Between these two years, I have finished over 1600 illustrations, doodles, and drawings. 

What started out as a place to just reblog Solas dragon age became a font of creativity that I didn’t realize I had in me. And I can only credit not only this amazing game that has meant so much to me, but each and every follower that has cheered me on along the way, the artists that inspire me to try new things, the fanfic writers that touch my emotions with their words, the people who make meta/headcanons/edits that fuel my creativity. 

You are all so amazing and I couldn’t be more happy to credit you all in helping me grow these last few years. The friends I have made here I will treasure as long as I live; Happy Holidays everyone and thank you <3

you don’t have to tell me how late I am on this… and how ew this banner is but,

Happy New Year guys!! Y’all ready for 2016?

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#5 He breaks your heart


You’re going to swim in the river with a couple of friends and Ashton. As you walk to the river, Ashton is talking to a girl in front of you. It kinda annoys you cause he’s paying attention to that girl more than you and he’s your boyfriend. More than that, he looks at the girl differently. He used to look at you that way before. It hurts you deep inside. Seeing your guy happy with other girl ain’t easy.

You and the rest finally arrived at the river.Exhausted from the long walk, you and the other guys rested under a big shady tree.

“Do you want some food Ash?” You offered him.

“No, I’m not hungry.” He answered.

You sat beside him and rest your head on his shoulders. He didn’t react or even move.

The girl offered him some sandwich and he took it.

“Really, Ash? I thought you’re not hungry?!” You grumbled.

“Don’t be mad. I’ll give you some.” He said.

You walked away hoping he’ll chase you but he didn’t. You stay away from them. You might explode your anger on anyone specially the girl if you stayed. You decided to swim. You took your converse off and jumped into the river. You saw the other girls started to do the same including the girl Ashton talked to. She swam towards you. You swam farther not wanting to communicate with her.

She still follows you. The water keeps deeper as you swam. Not realizing that you can’t go on any further, you’re drowning. It feels like something is pulling you down. The same thing happened to the girl. You are both trying so hard to swim but both of you can’t. You started to drink a lot of water and your vision started to blur.

You passed out.

When your consciousness came back, you see your friends’ worried faces around you. You look for Ashton but he’s not around. You shove away people to see Ashton giving a CPR to the girl even if there is a lifeguard. He saved the girl. He put her first. From that, you knew you lose him.


Tomorrow is prom night and you still doesn’t have a date. You’re hoping your best friend, Luke would ask you out but he’s not talking to you. So you decided to ask him out yourself cause you really want your first prom date to be the person you love. You’re trying to find him in the hallways at your school but he’s nowhere to be found. You search in the cafeteria to see him eating chips alone at the table.He saw you and waved one of his arms.

“Hi Y/N!!”  He greeted as you sat across to him.

“Are you excited for tomorrow?” You asked.

“Hell yeah!! We’re gonna party till sunrise!!” He stated excitedly.

“Um, C-can you be my prom date tomorrow?”

You saw his cheerful face turned to a disappointed one. You just stared at him and he’s not uttering any word. All of the sudden your sister sat beside Luke. She kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey sis!! Already found your prom date?” She questioned you.

“Not yet. You?” You replied.

“Luke asked me out. Right Luke?” She asked Luke and he just nodded.

“I don’t feel like going to prom anymore. I feel like I might throw up all the time if I saw my best friend and my sister together, like now. Eew, Gross.” You tried to sound like you’re teasing them but it totally hurts. She just laugh at you.

“By the way, Luke, forget what I asked earlier. I’m just pranking you. I have a date tomorrow. ” You lied as you leave them.


Michael is courting you for five months. He’s exerting too much effort to show you how much he wants you in his life. You believe it when he says he love you. He calls you every morning to hear your voice. He isn’t that hard not to fall in love with. Today you’re gonna surprise him at his house and you’ll finally going to say yes to him. You want him as your boyfriend and you want he’s long wait to be over.

He’s mom let you in their house. You go upstairs to his room. Before you hold the door knob you stop to hear him out talking to somebody on a phone.

“What are you talking about? No! I’m not serious about Y/N. I don’t like her. She’s not even my type.” He said on the phone.

You fall down on your knees slowly. You heard him laughing on the phone.

“Yeah, right. You’re the first person to know when y/n finally said yes to me then I’m gonna dump her right away.”

You opened the door. He’s so shock to see you there. You just smirked.

“H-How long you’ve been there y/n?” He asked you.

“Long enough to dump you first before you could.”


It’s New year’s eve. Your family is close friends to Calum’s family. They’re going to welcome new year at your house. You’re pretty excited cause this will be the first time their family will celebrate an occasion together with yours. Everyone including you anticipate for the fireworks. You watch the skies above from your backyard. A couple of minutes remain before New year and you’re nervous. Tonight, you’ll confess to Calum.

“Guys!! The countdown is going to start!” Somebody yelled.

Calum walked near you offering you champagne.

“Are you alright y/n? You look so pale.  Here, have some drinks. ”

“Thanks, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” You nervously uttered.

Fireworks started to explode above. Everyone’s looking at it and admiring it except you. The one you’re looking at and admiring is Calum. He looks so handsome staring at the fireworks above. You’re staring at the person who makes your heart beat fast every time he smiles at you.

“ I love you Calum.” You whispered to his ear.

He turns his gaze to you. He doesn’t show any emotion.

“It’s 12:00 am everybody!! Happy new year!!” Somebody shouted and everyone screams as more fireworks exploded on the skies. Loudness filled the air.

“Thank you, Y/n.” Calum whispered to your ear cause it’s too loud. That’s all he can utter for he doesn’t feel the same.

You run away feeling embarrassed and your heart sank.