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A rainbow selection of a few faces. Besides Shadow, Mad Sweeney’s my fave so far; Anansi needs his own show; and I’ll watch Peter Stormare be awful and gross in anything. I wanted to do Salim but couldn’t find a screencap I liked, so I did the Jinn instead because his eyes are SO DAMN COOL.

My favorite thing about Stranger Things is that there literally are no ship wars. You ship Mike and Eleven? Hell yeah! Ship Joyce and Hopper? Right on! Ship Nancy and Jonathan? Super rad! Ship Nancy and Steve? Awesome! He totally redeemed himself! Ship Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve? That’s cool too! There’s just so much positivity and I’m 10000000% here for it ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Ringo Starr and George Harrison, Friar Park, 1978/1979. Photo: Nancy Lee Andrews.

“Ringo and I went to visit [George] and Olivia at Friar Park in 1979. They were so happy. Olivia cooked a delicious dinner, he played the guitar and we wandered around that huge mansion while he told us its history. He opened a door, I think it was in the kitchen and handed us candles and told us to follow him. I thought, Oh, we’re going to the spooky cellar but the stairs kept going down and down and finally we landed on a flat surface. I looked, and couldn’t believe what I saw… it was a cave complete with stylolites. Walkways through a cavern. There was even a stream running through it! I had my camera with me and we had a hilarious time shooting with and without the flash. I have so many incredible pictures of us in that cave.
After that we settled in his study/music room and he handed me a bowl of rubies… big ones, small ones that were all cabachons. It was days before my birthday and he said to pick what ever I want and have something made. While he and Ringo talked and played the guitar I settled in front of the fireplace and designed a necklace with lots of hanging rubies. One of those nights I’ll never forget.” - Nancy Lee Andrews, beatlesite.blogspot.com, 2008

  • *Nancy tries on a pair of pants*
  • Steve: those look great. And I bet they'd look even better on Jonathan's floor.
  • Jonathan: are you hitting on Nancy... for me?

Imagine Mike and Nancy tickling one another on the floor, laughing their asses off, cheeks flushed, unable to breathe; this is the first time they’ve felt a real joy since November. 

Then Holly comes in. “Save me!” Mike calls, and plays dead. 

Holly only laughs and jumps into the pile. “I could literally be dead, right now, and she wouldn’t care,” Mike says. He proceeds to blow a raspberry into his little sister’s stomach. She shrieks with laughter, and Nancy wraps them both into a hug. 

Me motivational talking to myself: “You’ve survived watching the opening scene of the season 3 premiere of Gilmore Girls when you were just 12. You can do anything. You’ve got this, girl!”

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