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My favorite thing about Stranger Things is that there literally are no ship wars. You ship Mike and Eleven? Hell yeah! Ship Joyce and Hopper? Right on! Ship Nancy and Jonathan? Super rad! Ship Nancy and Steve? Awesome! He totally redeemed himself! Ship Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve? That’s cool too! There’s just so much positivity and I’m 10000000% here for it ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Me motivational talking to myself: “You’ve survived watching the opening scene of the season 3 premiere of Gilmore Girls when you were just 12. You can do anything. You’ve got this, girl!”

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Golden Future

Summary:  The Doctor is rather fascinated by an anachronistic blonde with impossible timelines that he stumbles across on a asteroid bazaar.

Pairing: Eight/Rose

Rating: all ages // Word Count: 1414

Note:  For Nancy ( @chocolatequeennk ) on the occasion of the anniversary of her birth ♥♥ Happy Birthday my dear! This isn’t quite canon-compliant but it’s close-ish :)


The Doctor watched the incongruous blonde in blue leather wander from table to table on this backwater asteroid bazaar. She seemed familiar but he was positive he would remember meeting her if he had. Even with his occasional memory gaps and lapses, he knew he would recall meeting someone with timelines like hers.

Time danced around her, golden strands glimmering and glittering as they twisted and turned. There was an infinitude of them, like she had once had the entirety of time at her fingertips and in her grasp, as impossible as that was for someone who appeared to be human from his short observation.

He was rather mesmerized, to be quite honest.

The Doctor pushed off the building he was leaning against, brushed off his velvet frock coat and headed towards her, curiosity getting the better of him. He trailed behind her for a few minutes, watching as she chatted with the vendors in broken Yilutian. The Doctor was impressed she knew as much as she did as it was a difficult language for a humanoid to pronounce at the best of times.

He was following her to the next stall when she stopped suddenly and whirled around to face him. She crossed leather-coated arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow as she flicked her eyes over him, obviously assessing his threat level.

“If you’re going to follow me around, you might as well introduce yourself,” she said. English was her language of choice this time, with a London accent if he wasn’t mistaken.

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SPN by Episode ~ Dean Winchester / 6x18 Frontierland

Cowboy!Dean for the birthday girl, our own personal Cowgirl @rizlow1

(Happy Ending AU) Real talk, though, when Eleven inevitably gets sick for the first time living outside the lab, Mike would pull every excuse in the book to make him mom let him stay home from school. She doesn’t relent, telling him that Joyce is more than capable of nursing a sick child and that he doesn’t need to catch what El has, anyway. As soon as they get about a block away from the house, Nancy puts her hand on her brother’s shoulder and tells him with a smirk that she’ll cover for him at school. It turns out that Joyce had to go to work, anyway, leaving Jonathan to look after El (and ultimately turn a blind eye to the little Wheeler kid snuggled up in bed with a pile of picture books, comics, and hot chocolate on the nightstand and a certain sniffling girl at his side). Jonathan is in the kitchen making stacks of Eggos to help El’s medicine go down easy