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oh boy i can finally post the illustration i did for menons-la-danse

Sorry I am kinda late </3

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Xedra’s Notes:


I don’t even know where to start with how awesome this is! I’m just gonna hug you forever until that point comes across :’D *hugs*

Thank you so, so much! This is **amazing**!

How about picturing Oikawa singing Maroon 5’s Sugar to Iwaizumi:

Oikawa sings and hugs Iwaizumi from behind while Iwa is washing the dishes, “I’m hurting, baby, I’m broken down. I need your loving, loving, I need it now.” (“I am washing dishes, idiot!”)

When I’m without you, I’m something weak,” Oikawa sings, swirling Iwa around and getting down on his knee, kissing Iwaizumi’s hand and getting a bubble mustache around his mouth. “You got me begging. Begging, I’m on my knees.” (Iwa laughs and it’s Oikawa’s cue to bring in the dancing.)

Ooh, baby, 'cause I really don’t care where you are. I just wanna be there where you are,” Oikawa grabs Iwa and swaying their hands in big, childish movements, singing, happy to see his boyfriend laughing- “and I gotta get one little taste-” and steals a kiss simply because the line suggests it. 

Oikawa steals so many other and Iwaizumi lets him, always lets him. “I want that red velvet. I want that sugar sweet. Don’t let nobody touch it. Unless that somebody’s me.

I gotta be a man. There ain’t no other way,” Oikawa dips Iwaizumi down. “’Cause boy you’re hotter than all the Miyagi baes.” (“Oh my god, Oikawa.”)

I don’t wanna play no games. I don’t gotta be afraid,” Oikawa’s voice lowers, forehead touching Iwaizumi’s. “Don’t give all that shy shit. No make up on, that’s my Iwa-chan, my Hajime.”

(Iwaizumi hits Oikawa in the head before grabbing him down for a kiss.)

I sort of like the idea that General Organa, General Solo and Lieutenant-Commander Skywalker emerged from the war without anything except chests full of medals, the Falcon, a baby, and about 700 credits between the three of them. 

I mean, we don’t know what their salary was with the Rebellion, but it probably wasn’t much—the Rebellion as a whole was pretty shit-poor, their tech was outdated astromechs and their x-wings consistently outflown by a jury-rigged piece of junk  historical artifact. The primary defense strategy for their bases seems to have been “don’t be found” and “running away very quickly once found.” They’re a militia more than a military, operating on what is obviously a very limited budget. Which means that they’re probably paying their pilots and soldiers next to nothing—they’re relying on genuine revolutionary feeling to flip people, not the benefits package.

And then after the war is over, the New Republic is happy to mint medals, but they’re not about to start handing out fortunes. Maybe some of the reclaimed Imperial wealth goes towards pensions for the Rebel soldiers, but the Republic needs most of that money for rebuilding. Whatever the trio earned during the war, that’s what they’re walking away with.

What about Alderaan? Well, Alderaan isn’t there anymore. Neither are its banks. And the Bank of the Empire dissolved the insurance policies without beneficiary, given that the policies as stated don’t cover “total obliteration by enormous laser.” (We regret to inform you that all transactions carried out under previous political regimes are final—) There’s no wealth of Alderaan for Leia to inherit.

So there’s just Lando, who probably has a portfolio like the pragmatic businessman who managed Cloud City for the past decade, and maybe can lend them a little money. Leia has friends in high places who don’t mind letting her stay at their summer home on Naboo or their suite on Chandrila. But favors once used up are gone forever, and the Senate hasn’t gotten around to deciding what salaries will be yet, so she’s taking care of a newborn on whatever credits Han can win through illegal ship racing and sabacc, waiting for Luke to comm from whatever freighter has agreed to take him on in exchange for labor—

….all this to say which is that as much as I love the idea of Leia being the consummate high-class politician in the wake of the war, she and Han and newborn Ben were probably all crowded into the Falcon eating protein packs over rice while Luke hitchhiked through the galaxy looking for Jedi artifacts.

Quagsire Sprites Review

Gold- A wonderful retro Quag, he’s still getting used to his new arms from evolving. Tail seems a bit thin but he’ll grow into it. A lovely shiny boy. 5/5

Silver- A lovable chubby QuagHe’s bending down to talk to smaller pokemon but he may be a bit overexcited and yelling. Still working on his manners. A very friendly boy. Adorable stripes and back ridges. 5/5

Crystal- Such a happy Quag! Now with movement! Look at him, he’s so excited to use his new arms! He’s practicing because he dreams of one day playing piano. He’s singing for you too! A wonderful quag with a bright future ahead of him. 5/5

Gen 3/FR/LG- A friendly dancing Quag! Such a cute and fun pose! Such good balance! But he’s also the most mysterious Quag. If you blink you’ll miss him change his pose and cry out. How does a Quag move so fast? A perplexing quag 5/5

Diamond/Pearl- This a very friendly Quag, he’s a bit more shy than the others but he’ll still wave to you. He’s got one enlarged nostril, but he’s still beautiful. Lovely big back ridges. lovely shade of blue. Be gentle with this Quag and give him all the hugs. 5/5

Platinum- A Quag with a lovely darker pallete! He’s a bit of a nightowl and goes for a lot of night swims. He’d love to hold your hand. Has a bit of a wonky foot and probably trips a lot, but he’ll still do his best for you. 5/5

HG/SS- The most loving Quag!! He wants a hug!! HUG THE QUAG!!! HUG HIM!!! So wonderfully chubby and such a sweet smile! Perfectly friend-shaped! I love him so much. The ideal Quag A+++ 1000000/5

B/W-  Just like the last but even MORE EXCITED! YOU JUST HAVE TO HUG HIM! He’s even dancing and reaching for you! A precious angel baby who deserves all the love in the world! HUG THE QUAG!! 10000000/5 spare my heart. 

XY/SM- The newest member of the Quag family. Beautifully rendered, the most lovely chubbiest belly, the friendliest face, even a precious neck roll. Probably 90% squish. He’s a little self-conscious but still a lil bouncy. Give him all the pats and beans in refresh. 5/5


Pokemon Conquest- The sleepiest, laziest Quag. I love how big and detailed this quag is. Look at those cute toes and fingers. Look at that chub. Look at that shading. Please though, let this poor boy rest. 5/5

Pokemon Trozei- The tiniest quag, just a happy ball. They still captured all his best features. This quag may lack limbs but he’ll still dance and smile for you, a good egg. 5/5

PMD Sky/Time/Darkness- A nicely shaded and pleasant Quag. Lovely bg gradient and colors. Looks like he’s spacing out though. Exploration team life can be hard on a simple quag. Buy this boy a drink at Spinda’s cafe pronto. 5/5

PMD Gates to Infinity: AN ANGEL SENT BY ARCEUS HIMSELF 999999999/5

In short, all Quags are good and deserving of love. <3 


“We declare our right on this earth to be a man, to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given rights as a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!”el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz/Malcolm X (May 19, 1925 - February 21, 1965)