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Shiro was totally that dude bro who incorporated his friends and s/o into his work out for resistance training. Like Keith would be reading and shiro would do push-ups in one of the rooms and then all of a sudden he would somehow convince Keith to sit on his back and read wile he did the push-ups. Or he would do wait lifts with Keith or Matt as they studied. All of his smaller friends just became used to it and don’t even blink when he asks.

(The first time he asked Keith the poor guys brain short circuited and was a sputtering-blushing mess, he didn’t know how to respond.)

The Signs As The Happier Moments from GOT (Spoilers from seasons 1-6)
  • Aries: The two scenes where Tyrion slaps Joff
  • Taurus: Brienne and Arya's little chat
  • Gemini: Jon killing that white walker at Hardhome
  • Cancer: Sansa feeding Ramsay to the dogs
  • Leo: Jaime saving Brienne from the bear
  • Virgo: just any scene between Davos and Shireen
  • Libra: Jon waking up
  • Scorpio: Hot Pie's direwolf bread for Arya
  • Sagittarius: Dany getting her army and Drogon doing the "dracarys"
  • Capricorn: Joff's death
  • Aquarius: Tormund's heart eyes for Brienne
  • Pisces: The revelation of Jon's lineage

I’m so proud and happy for my friend Domenico that was chosen to come up on stage in London at the British Summer Time. It was an amazing moment *_*


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