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the last shadow puppets - everything you’ve come to expect // 01 april 2016


Haru Ishikawa.


I can’t quite get my hands on what I want
when it comes to you. Some days I break
down in prayer asking God to take you
away because loving you in silence hurts
a little too much. Some days I smile and
tell him how happy your existence makes
me. Some days I want to never hear your
voice again and some days the only thing
I want is to listen you talk. Some days I
want to say goodbye and make up my
mind to never talk to you again and some
days I wish you told me how scared you
were of losing me. Most days I pray for
your happiness before anyone else’s and
some days I put myself first and ask God
to set me free from this pain. Some days
I pour my heart out to him about the
future I see with you and some days the
harsh reality hits me and it pains me that
I’m the only one that feels this way.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #41
Jenseternity / instagram

Okay I’m gonna get sappy here for a sec but whatever who cares.

It makes me so happy that One Day at A Time (2017) exists because finally FINALLY there’s a family on television that is like mine. From the opening credits the moment I heard Gloria Estefan singing to a montage of photos that looked like they came right out of one of the albums on our shelf, things just felt right.

The Alvarez family are Cuban yes, but the whole point of the show is that they’re caught between worlds, sharing values from both Cuban and American society. The main language in the household is English but they still have bouts of Spanish exclamations. They eat out but abuela also makes cafe y arroz con pollo. The whole “this is MY house” argument between Penelope and abuela. The addressing of the stigma toward depression and divorce in the Cuban community. The frustration of Elena not always being able to communicate the way she wants in Spanish. Penelope’s exasperation as abuela took out the quince photos. The exceptional strong-will and independence and dramatics of Cuban women.

Y'all, this is my family. When abuela Lydia talked about leaving her sister behind in Cuba, I couldn’t help but break down thinking of the 12 siblings my own abuela left that she never saw again. The family in Cuba I will never see.

I never thought I’d find something like that on television. And I couldn’t be more grateful that I did.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :D

You don’t have to spend this day with your significant other, just take this time to appreciate and love the people whom are around you. Show to them that you care!

This video is totally inspired by @the-triangle-cat about their Frans comic, Stand In!
Totally should go check it out! Love how she depicts these two adorable cinnamon rolls :)

just in case, the video is totally out of the story’s context. I just felt it was necessary of me to actually give a shout out to my favorite Frans comic. Hence, y’all should toooootaaaaalllyyyyy reaaaaddd ittttttttttttt

It’s so good to see that even with all the fame and commitments they have, they don’t stop doing those kinds of things!

how to recover from a bad week
  • take a hot shower bc sometimes a hot bath just dehydrates the shit out of you and makes you feel like a lobster in hot water 
  • do a face mask… or 5 because your face is probably a crusty mess from all the days you were too tired to moisturize
  • watch the exomentary bowling episode because that shit was pure fucking gold and really they’re so funny omfg
  • try to laugh even if it out of disbelief over how shitty everything has been lately bc it helps to be silly so the worst things don’t get to you
  • do your eyebrows because holy shit you don’t need to look a mess on top of already just existing as a mess 

Miss Right (ft. BTS’ J-Hope)

Genre: Romance/Fluff/Angst/College!AU

Pairing: ReaderxHoseok, ReaderxJin

Summary: Hoseok’s ex gives him the wrong number and ends up texting you instead. With the two of you in complicated relationships, you begin to develop a strange, but working friendship. Did fate really make a mistake or will a mistake eventually turn out to be fate?

1: Missed the Number? 2: Missing Him 3: Miss Wrong?  4: Miss Stranger 5: Missed Him 6: Miss Y/N 7: Missed Us 8: Miss Maker 9: Missed No More 10: Missed Her 11: Missed Smiles 12: Miss Maybe 13: (Miss)ter Wrong? 14: Missed 14.5: Miss(ed) BFF

Miss 16 Miss 17 Miss 18 Miss 19 Miss 20 Miss 21 Miss 21.5 Miss 22 Miss 23 Miss 24 Miss 25 (Tentative END) Miss 25.5 Epilogue

a/n: Missed BFF could mean that Tae forgot about Y/N and ‘missed’ her or Jimin is in love with his BFF, but she has a boyfriend and ‘missed’ her or J-Hope not meeting Y/N and ‘missed’ her. AND IF YOU HAVE NOT FIGURED IT OUT AT THIS POINT, Miss Right is actually a prequel of some sort to Choose Me. Yes, they exist in the same universe. Happy Independence Day to my felow Filipinos on here, MABUHAY! 


Matchups will be closed for a few days ~ Sorry >_<

BTW the apps we will be using are Kik, Whatsapp, and Discord (and in that order for the chats)… I really didn’t want to make you guys have THREE apps for this, but a lot of you agreed to this arrangement… if there are any problems, please let me know… and please take care of yourselves

your fave is problematic: @girlsday

  • is an actual angel 
  • too ethereal and beautiful
  • smiles and red chrysanthemums grow around everyone
  • stays up and lets me tell them some not so great suggestions
  • set the bar for friendship way too high 
  • too precious and makes me feel safe and really happy
  • makes my day just by existing
  • is the entire galaxy which is how they sparkle and shine are the brightest 
  • gr8 moodboards everything’s so very beautiful that i cry
  • loves emailing as much as i do
  • has all my love
  • isn’t problematic at all wow surprise surprise

To all the people I got hostile with today, at work and at home: I’m sorry. Father’s Day is usually a pretty bad day for me.