happy mcdonalds

gorillaz at mcdonalds

murdoc - large fries, 10 piece mcnuggets, 5 big macs and a laaaaaarge coke. you get the deal also his big macs have extra pickles sorry 

2D - always gets happy meals bc he loves the toys and apple slices what a dear. 4 piece nuggets and small fries, no burger bc McD’s burgers upset his tum :( btw oreo mcflurries are his all time fave 

Noodle - a mcchicken and medium fries. an occasional mccafe (a regular black coffee bc she enjoys the taste of death) mcflurries are also her fav, her and 2D are flurry buddies

Russel - small fries and diet soda bc hes counting his carbs. healthy happy boi also bc he doesn’t trust the fast food industry and their genetically modified food


- if they go to one with a playground 2D will play in it he doesnt give a fuck if he’s 6′2 and almost 40

- once he got stuck in the tube slide and a fire fighter had to butter him out

- noodle has a truck load of giftcards

- “murdoc look i got a pinkie pi-” *murdoc shoves fries in 2D’s mouth*

- “i want it super sized” “sir the super size option was removed in 2004″ “idgaf i miss the old McD’s fuck u and ur motha”

- 2D once filled a water cup with soda and he drank it all and he felt so guilty that he ran to the cashier in tears screaming “I DID IT IT WAS ME IM A CRIMINAL IM SO SORRY PLS DONT TAKE ME TO JAIL”

This photo unintentionally exists because of a friend of mine.
The friend who requested the angels and wheat & wheat by-products picture, who shall now be referred to as Commie Smasher (long story), has an iFunny acount (OfficialKhoshekh). On it was a picture from Snapchat showing the freaky McDonald’s Happy Meal design and the phrase “Strexcorp: Believe in a smiling god.”
After seeing that, I decided to do my own version.
I’m not sure whether to say “Voila” or “I’m sorry.” Both seem appropriate in regards to this picture.