happy may 4th!!

This was meant to be my May 4th drawing…….HAPPY BELATED MAY THE 4TH!!! Lol! Inspired by Star Wars Rebels season 2 / Star Wars Clone Wars: Mortis Arc / and my own fanfiction - Possible spoilers? Maybe…..*Shifty Eyes* Go check it out: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11612600/1/Star-Wars-Chosen-Pillars

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Anidala Week: Day 1 - Happiness

I always picture Anakin killing Palpatine and running back to Padme. Both of them start crying, but they are also happy nothing worse happened. Then she starts to give birth and anakin freaks out and don’t know what to do. He starts talking to himself about how could he be a great jedi if he doesn’t even know how to hold his shit together. Obi Wan shows up and tries to take care of padme, and also calm anakin down. 

They take Padme to the hospital and Anakin is repeating for Padme: “I love you, please, be okay. Don’t die in there, please. I love you so much…” And she replies: “I AM NOT GOING TO DIE CALM DOWN”. Obi Wan shakes his head like he was saying “I can’t believe in what I am seeing” and he calls Yoda. When Yoda arrives she is already giving birth and Obi Wan asks him to take care of Padme while he tries to put some reasoning into Anakin’s mind. 

He slaps Anakin in his face, and they start arguing, when Anakin breaks down and starts to cry: “I am gonna be a father…” and Obi Wan look at him “I know… And I couldn’t be more happy about you, you know you can count on me for this, you are not alone in this. You are my brother” Anakin smiles at him with tears in his eyes and hugs him “Thank you master”. 

They both hear a baby cry, and Anakin is with no words. He is calm now, happier than ever. When he finds out they are twins he almost passes out, but because of happiness. Yoda gives Leia into his arms, while Luke is still in his arms. Anakin looks at Leia: “You are my little princess, you know that right?” Padme looks at him with a big smile on her face: “And what am I?” and Anakin says: “You are my Queen, my Lady.” Padme starts crying and Anakin gives Leia to her. He takes Luke and imagine what a great Jedi he would be someday too, just like him.

Yoda decides not to punish Anakin, because he saved the Jedi and destroyed the Sith, so he allows Anakin to take care of his family, as long it doesn’t interfire in his duty.

*Flashforward* Luke and Leia are little kids and Luke accidentally uses the force, making some of Leia’s toys levitate while she screams at him asking to give her dolls back. Anakin sees that and promises her that he will teach her how to do that too. Anakin starts making the dinner when Padme comes home from the Senate and helps him in the kitchen.

They start eating dinner, when Obi Wan arrives and the kids jump at him and scream: “Uncle Obi Wan!!!!” and Obi Wan makes some joke about how they are going to kill him that way. He sits with Anakin and Padme and the 3 of them start talking about their history together.

Obi Wan leaves and Anakin tell some of his adventures with him to Padme and the kids, while C3PO helps him with sound effects (and even sometimes correcting what Anakin was saying). Padme feeling like she could stare at them all day.

Anakin and Padme go to bed, and Padme is playing with Anakin’s hair, while they are laid down. Anakin hold her and kiss her in the forehead, and she starts laughing and asks: that’s it? Anakin laughs and put his body closer to hers. Kiss her in her neck and start moving his hand in her waist. Padme grabs Anakin and, well, you know what happens next.

I hope you guys enjoy it! i really wanted to contribut with something today haha. Sorry if my english was not that good :3