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do u think steeb would be without friends except…

i get that he has flaws (even if i didn’t see them as explicitly before you pointed them out) but you really think that in a normal scenario, like art school, steve would just be too unlikeable to have friends?

I think he’d have more friends in the modern era, and I think he would’ve had friends besides Bucky in canon, like

he’s just not easy to like. He’s easy to write off because he embodies a lot of things people had really strong prejudices against (re: health, presentation, orientation, wealth). Being friends with Steve Rogers means navigating his depressive episodes, his extreme self-loathing, his razor-sharp snark, his extremely strong opinions, his reckless nature and his insecurities re: his health. I definitely believe that Steve will not allow people into his life who pity him and most? Would want to pity him. That’s how they would try to be friendly and Steve would politely send them on their fucking way because No, he will not have your pity thanks. And then you’re friends with him and people will see you with him and you will be associated with someone society at large reads to be undesirable on like seven different levels. He’s a walking waste of space and he’s also probably a fairy, so. Your reputation would be at stake.

I’m focusing strongly on the negatives because like. They never get enough play. Positives to being friends with Steve would include witty conversations, an over-abundance of dry humor, long intellectual discussions about fucking everything, and possibly a blow-job

Aren’t these just the cutest stickers ever? A close-up of the charming hand-drawn happy mail stickers I received from my very talented friend @craftmakesmile. I got one set to use for my next batch of letters and one set to hoard 😉 Thank you Ann! 😘 #illustrations #doodling #doodles #handmade #crafting #stickers #penpals #happymail #snailmail #pens #sendmoremail #handwriting #handlettering #type #typography #lettering #lettering

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I just put the last stamps on this vintage garden mail for a friend in Nova Scotia. The stationery is my favorite kind to make these days: a little grid paper booklet with some magazine cutouts and scrap papers glued to it. I included a vellum envelope with a watercolor painting, washi tapes, a few playing cards, cut outs and a paint swatch sample, which I’ve become obsessed with. My favorite addition to this mail was a vintage garden envelope filled with homemade sticker flakes. A collaged fold out features an ATC and poetry by yours truly.