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hey! your blog is amazing and it inspires me so much that I decided to put more effort in my studies next year (I didn't use to these previous years) thank you so much! have a nice day, I love you 💕

hello omg!!!! aaaa i’m elated knowing that i can inspire you by just posting a few things every now and then 🌟 good luck with the coming scholastic year, have an amazing day + i love you too 💕


I just put the last stamps on this vintage garden mail for a friend in Nova Scotia. The stationery is my favorite kind to make these days: a little grid paper booklet with some magazine cutouts and scrap papers glued to it. I included a vellum envelope with a watercolor painting, washi tapes, a few playing cards, cut outs and a paint swatch sample, which I’ve become obsessed with. My favorite addition to this mail was a vintage garden envelope filled with homemade sticker flakes. A collaged fold out features an ATC and poetry by yours truly. 


Hi lovelies! 

I realized that I haven’t even shared my newest Youtube video with you guy’s yet! I posted it on Saturday (well uploaded it on Thursday because I knew France won’t have good wifi) but that’s not the point.. I really hope you enjoy the video and know what you could write in a first letter to your new pen pal!

All these things I worte are optional - you can of cours add more things this was just an example video!

As I am on vaction - I do not have a lot of stuff to do a DIY related video. But I was wondering - do you have any ideas for my next video on Saturday because I need some ideas what I could upload this Saturday (if it even works with the bad wifi but I will try). I would loove to hear your ideas and opinions! Let me know!

xoxo your Giulia