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heading for a small disaster by suspendrs (20k) 

He and Harry have never had an interaction outside of this car, and they probably never will. After all, Harry is just the guy that drives Louis to work, and Louis is just another customer. That’s all they are, really.

Or, Harry drives an Uber and Louis’s life is falling apart.

(thank you @loupsandhirry for the pictures in this post!)

Hello! I have finally been able to check all the fics that have been recommended to me and I thought, well, these anons have been actual pearls, why not share all the titles they sent my way? :)

I have read just a couple of these fics. Some I had never heard before, some others have been recommended by mutuals and lovely people who came off anon, too. As most of you are great fics readers, you probably know the majority of these, but to me, it’s been such a precious and generous gift and, I mean, you never know, I hope someone can find something lovely to read in this list, like I have! So, thank you, anons, thank you for always being wonderful! ❤️ Here’s your fic rec!

  • I strongly recommend the wonderlands by stylinsoncity! It’s quite long, it’s angsty, finished and beautiful! Single dad Harry with some demons from his past and manager/producer Louis :) Bonus for me was Harry’s cute&moving relationship with his teenager daughter :) 
  • If you like Harry and Louis in love + angst + happy endings = basically anything cherrystreet
  • Empty skies or Jump before we fall by green_feelings :) Fandom classics, theay are amazing. Zarah5’ level of amazing ! :)
  • Take My Breath Away by Reality Better Than Fiction. It’s amazing!
  • Whirlwind by Dolce Piccante was wonderful! 
  • Relief Next to Me by Dolce is one of my all time favorites. Yes, the sex is hot, but their characters are so lovely. You really get to see their relationship develop. 
  • archiveofourown*org/works/10785375/chapters/23922933 if you like angst, you need to read the sweet home alabama AU, I’m halfway through it and I can’t stop crying 
  • Have you read anything from phdmama? She’s a newer writer in the fandom, and she wrote Feels Like Coming Home (which is more angsty I guess), and her Big Bang is incredible with louis in drag, it’s called if I had Three Wishes. I think she’s phd-mama on tumblr, and she’s really sweet too. Her writing is amazing and she gets nowhere near the attention she should. 
  • Maya, forgot to mention one more fic I thought you would like. Three French Hems by 100percentsassy and gloria andrews. 
  • fic rec: In this Light by exhilarated; Covered in lines series by mentalistecbm; Loving you is free series by littlelouishiccups; And Down the Long and Silent Street by whimsicule; and Coax the Cold by MediaWhore. enjoy! there are more, but these are the ones that are ready on my list.
  • Sweet, where you lay is another great fic. It’s based on Zach and Miles relationship, but with H/L in the leads. It’s fantastic!

maps can be poems when you’re on your own by suspendrs (18k)

“Harry, this is Louis, the guy I was telling you about,” Liam says. “Lou, this is Harry, my roommate.”

Harry looks up and locks eyes with Louis, who is very clearly drunk. Louis just giggles in surprise and claps a hand over his own mouth, widening his eyes at Harry comically.

“Nice to meet you,” Harry croaks, watching as Louis tucks himself more firmly into Liam’s side.

Or, Harry falls in love with the guy his best friend is fooling around with.

said God, Love covers a multitudes of sins

Summary: Louis is sixteen years old when he realizes that his father is still alive.

this is like. the most self-indulgent bittersweet fluff i have ever written in my whole life but there was no two ways about it, i had to. anyways, note that i have played so utterly fast and loose with historical accuracy that it’s not even funny, but also note that these characters deserve to be happy and to raise a good son because they are actually made by god to be parents this is like, canon, okay, anyways i hope anne and aramis live happily ever after into the sun and aramis gets to tell as many dad jokes as he wants. love u bye. much love to @hansolosbutt, @emilybrontay and @elsaclack (who hasnt even watched this show but proofread for me anyway because shes the real mvp).

When Louis is five, he quickly realizes that Aramis is not, in fact, going to be his new servant. Aramis is in the palace a lot more than he was before – before, when everything was a little different and Papa was still around. But he wears pretty blue clothes and Mama says he is the First Minister of France, and that that is an important position, and that his job is to help her rule Louis’s people until Louis is old enough and wise enough to do so himself.

Louis wonders if he will ever be wise. He is not wholly sure what the word means, only that it is something that makes you a person people like, and that Madame d’Chevreaux, who has been hired as his new governess, says it is a word that describes Mama well. Wise despite her youth, is what Madame d’Chevreaux had said, helping to button him into his tunic in the morning, three weeks after Papa stopped coming to wake him in the mornings and he had his adventure with Madame d’Artagnan in the streets of Paris. You would do well to learn from her, your Majesty.

Madame d’Chevreaux likes Mama very much, which is why Louis supposes she is his new governess. His old governess, Mademoiselle Dufraimont, always went tight in the lips when Mama was in the room. Papa liked her, but Louis thought her smiles were too pinched.

Louis likes it when people have nice smiles, and Aramis has the best of smiles. He is not always smiling, Louis knows. He has seen him talking to the council, standing taller than everyone with a snap to his voice and a clench in his jaw. He has seen him speaking extra quietly with Mama, sometimes, their heads bent over important state papers. He has seen the crease between his brows when he carried him the first time, through the streets of Paris with Mama on his other side. But he is always smiling at Louis, it seems, with a twinkle in his eyes that Louis likes very much. And when Aramis is smiling, Mama is also smiling, so Louis supposes that even if Aramis isn’t his new servant, he would very much like him to stay a long while, just so that Mama smiles more. She didn’t used to smile nearly as much, before when Papa still woke him up in the mornings, unless she was smiling at Louis. Mama always smiled when she looked at Louis, just as Aramis always smiles at him now.

But now Mama smiles when she looks at others as well. Louis likes Mama dearly when she smiles. It lights up her whole face; it’s such a nice smile.

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anonymous asked:

I love how much James loves Louis and how proud he is of him. "You've always been my favorite." Lol aww 💙💙

Ahhh I know, it makes me so happy! It’s nice that Louis has a long history with someone like James who is not only in the entertainment industry, but also knows him well and genuinely cares about him. Obviously James is good friends with the boys, but he also older and wiser and he seems quite down to Earth, so he can be a father figure and mentor as well.

I love that James took the time to speak so highly of Louis even though he didn’t have to because Louis deserves that kind of positive recognition. James is so unbelievably proud and you could hear it in his voice when he talked about Louis’ solo stuff. Their friendship is so pure and lovely and I’m incredibly grateful that Louis has someone like that in his life.

Happily (Acoustic)
One Direction
Happily (Acoustic)

Happily (acoustic) / One Direction

I don’t care what people say when we’re together
You know I wanna be the one to hold you when you sleep
I just want it to be you and I forever
I know you wanna leave
So c'mon baby be with me
So happily

Something great

“What’s your favorite thing about me?”

The question came so suddenly you had to ask him to repeat himself.


“Your favorite thing about me; what is it?” he looked at you with wide, curious green eyes. And it took you a while to answer his uncalled for question. Not because you didn’t know the answer, or you didn’t have a favorite thing, but because there were just so many things about him that you simply adored. You even found yourself contemplating this same idea, from time to time. And you couldn’t seem to narrow it down to just one single thing.

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Over the years, seeing the boys instantly point to Louis when asked who’s the closest to their mom, and hearing Louis always talk about how much he stays in contact with her, my heart grew because of knowing Louis was the biggest mama’s boy.

This was my favorite picture of them, which I always say when it crosses my dashboard. To see Louis visiting his momma at work and seeing them both happy, I can’t explain the joy this picture has and now always will bring me

top fifteen friends to lovers au

1. And Then A Bit by infinitelymint (158k)

“We’d like to give the fans what they want.” Magee states, placing his hand on the table in front of him and leaning forward. “We want to give them Larry Stylinson.”

Or, take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.

(aka Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.)

2. Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart by mcpofife (86k)

Louis is ready to find the love of his life, but first he has to stop falling for the punk rocker next door.

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Happy Birthday to my favorite boy, Niall James Horan!

Niall-centric clips from my videos from OTRA Manila Day 2. 

Here’s the LINK if you want to watch it over at Youtube(HD)!

spit fire - chapter nineteen

i saw you in the party, soft lips, soft spoken

“Normally, and you know this, I’m not on Farrah’s side.” Molly shudders, laughing. “But you haven’t been out once this semester and we’re almost halfway through it. Even if Harry is the dick of the century, you shouldn’t let him keep you in.”

“I don’t.” From Noa’s perspective, that isn’t the case. Not one bit.

“You do.” Farrah argues, picking up the dress Noa has since put on the chair by her desk, holding it back up towards her friend and adding, “It’s kind of sad, really.”

Molly takes what Farrah says and tacks on a pout. “Do you want to make us sad, Noa?”

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anonymous asked:

HIIIIIIII! Do you know any youtube au? I'm dying to find some! Thanks anyway 💙

Here You Go:

From Eight Until Late, I Think About You by supernope [ 1/1 | English | 35,227 ] *

After finding out that his University of Brighton roommate has a YouTube channel, Harry starts up his own channel, on which he posts videos of himself doing weekly challenges. He strikes up a friendship with Louis, a popular youtuber in London, that starts in the comments on their videos and progresses to texting, skyping, and talking about each other in their own videos far too often. They fall for each other long-distance, but put off meeting face-to-face as long as possible, too nervous that they’ll screw it all up. Involves a bunch of YouTube challenges (AKA excuses for Harry to get naked), some awkward snapchat mishaps, and a whole lot of pining.

Kiss Me On The Mouth And Set Me Free by suspendrs [ 1/1 | English | 17,335 ] *

Or, Louis is a gamer and Harry is a beauty guru, and VidCon is a good place to fall in love.

Married For A Week!? by gravitycentred [ 1/1 | English | 20,424 ] *

Hi guys :) You might recognize Harry from one or two of my old videos .. I was tagged in the Married for a week challenge so I asked him to be my husband ! We had to live together for a week and take each other out on a couple romantic dates and that, check out the video to see how it went :) Give it a like if you enjoyed and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. Love you all - Louis x

Kiss Me With Adventure (’Till I Forget My Name) by summer_rose [ 8/8 | English | 31,910 ]

Based on the prompt: Harry’s the biggest indie star in the music industry and just as his first world tour starts his makeup artist leaves. Harry’s team is frantically searching for a new one but they can’t seem to get a hold of one Harry actually likes?? Cue Harry, alone in his apartment a week before tour, he sees a tweet from a fan saying that “this is my favorite youtuber!! blah blah”, Harry clicks it and there’s youtuber!Louis who //conveniently// is also a beauty guru. Harry thinks he’s cute n stuff but he also wants him on his team and all that.

If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Happen by tessalane [ 1/1 | English | 28,268 ] 

Or Louis had a crush on Harry since forever, but Harry has been mean to him ever since. Things change when Louis’ mum dies and Harry graduates and Louis starts a Youtube channel.

I hope these are okay! - Happy Reading! :)

103 larry fics over 20k & are completed

this took so much work and i’m so happy with the outcome. there’s both bottom louis and bottom harry, if you aren’t sure which is which and you need to know ask me and i’ll tell you.

bold are my favorites.

starred are recently added ones

20k-49k words:

this house no longer feels like home: harry and louis have been together for 20 years. harry cheats. louis cries. harry is given a year to fix their marriage.

purer than water (like we were): louis is a merman and harry is a boy. the lake is a good place to fall in love.

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all time favorite louis tomlinson quotes
  • “salad in the wind”
  • “have you’ve quite finished yet”
  • “define girlfriends”
  • “does anyone else hear running water”
  • “sorry love but I don’t really care”
  • “happy days”
  • “NO NO NO
  • “will it be as deep as your voice”
  • “fucking shit bastard you did that shit I did that good”
  • “chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in Parma ham with a side of homemade mash”
Mural Mood Board as H+L Fics

(To see some other mood boards as H+L fics, click here)

Top Left: Exes to Lovers Fic
Louis knew this was a bad idea, knew it from the very second Harry Styles had walked into that bar, but he couldn’t take it back now. Being tangled up in bed with Harry was better than he remembered, but the sinking feeling in his gut was something he couldn’t ignore. Harry was being his usual self, ignoring the conversation they needed to have, and it was making something ugly twist inside Louis’ heart. Harry was rambling on about needing to get out of bed, get the day started, when Louis couldn’t contain it anymore. “Are you even sorry?” Harry looked taken aback, but Louis barreled on. “You left, Harry. You left and you didn’t say a word. And now you’re back, and it’s like you don’t even care that you broke everything inside me that day.” 

Top Middle: Backpacking AU
Louis has been looking forward to this portion of the trip all summer. He and Niall have spent weeks in and out of hostels all around Europe, but they were finally going to get a home-cooked meal and a real bed when they visited Niall’s home country. Except Niall neglects to tell him that his best friend from childhood, Harry, will be joining them on the rest of their journey. Louis can’t believe Niall would fail to mention that a complete stranger was now going to be accompanying them on their trip, but he stops his complaining once he meets him. Louis’ spent the past three weeks talking nonstop, pulling pranks on Niall, and generally being a nuisance – but suddenly he’s quiet, letting Harry ramble on about the most mundane things. And really, Niall thinks, what in the fresh hell is happening to Louis? 

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Favorite moments of Zouis ?

I got an ask, and decided to TRY and answer it. :P

You know, this is a difficult question for two reasons. First of all there are soooo many great moments with Zouis, so it’s hard to just pick a few. And secondly, one of the things I love about Zayn and Louis is how low-key and natural their relationship always seemed to be. It just was and they never seemed to “act it up“ in front of the cameras. I could probably include 100 moments and still feel like I left out some really great ones. Still, I’ll try to sort out a few of my absolute favorites.

1. YOU

This has to be in the top, and I don’t think many Zouies would disagree… It’s so genuine, and Louis is so shy but happy about it. Zayn could have said ANYTHING! It wasn’t even supposed to be a person, but he picked Louis, and he even waited for everyone to quiet down before he have his answer so that he could say it properly eye to eye.

2. I love you!

I mean, this one too is quite obvious. They say they love each other, and the whole video is just full of Zouis love and teasing. In general young Zouis were so damn attached and cute!

3. Speaking of “I love you”, this video has always been a favorite for me.

Zouis showing love gives me life. It’s kind of a joke, but I get the feeling that is simply how they decided to say it to “hide it“. (No matter what reason they might have to keep it secret, maybe it was just for fun.) Seriously, this video, they don’t include the other members either. Maybe it was just the two of them in the cab?

So, I guess this video is at least a little less common. But I just like the joking nature, but how it kinda feels like a secret code between them. A lot of Zayn and Louis’ interactions are like that…

4. Partners in Crime

This I love just in general. How they have their ZAP club and always need to whisper secrets together and how they always team up. But the prank will always have a special place in my heart. Especially thanks to that hug in the end.

5. How they can’t stop touching each other!

That kiss on Louis’ hand is definitely a favorite! But there are so many nice moments to choose from, so I’ll just give you a whole bunch at once, even though I guess it’s kinda cheating. (But you never gave me any limit so…) These particular moments I just adore for various reasons:

6. Always there for each other.

I am also very weak for them helping each other… Because they do that a lot! And it’s just shows how they depend on each other and are just naturally like a married couple. Again, it’s just natural!

I think a lot of Zouis charm are in the small moments. <3

7. Whispering and secrets

That little gulp Zayn does, and how they barely have to use words to understand!!! And the eyes of course! I mean, just look at it. Also this is so typical for Zouis, to be in their own world together:

8. This moment! It almost looks sensual… ^^’‘

I mean, this interview, and this moment. I just can’t get over it! I don’t think I have to explain why?

9. A Zayn-smie and a Louis-smile

They just light up when they are together! I could watch these GIFs on repeat forever.

10. Candid

Not sure if it’s a moment, (it’s at least two) but I just love their candids… I’ll never get over these two moments in particular. Heathrow airport.

And of course I can’t forget about:

So there we go! I definitely forgot some moments, but again, there are so many that I love. I also cheated already with giving you maybe more of “things“ than “moments“. Still, I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and that you forgive me for including a few quite random moments while leaving out other quite big ones.

Also, Zouis-hour of 1D-day is just great all the way through! ;)

Keep loving Zouis everyone. <3

New Favorites!

I’ve been reading a lottt lately, so here are my new favorites from the last few months!

you got me faded- 8k. louis has been tasting wine for 2 hours when he meets harry at a winery. things go well, considering.

Pining For You- 9k. Harry sells Christmas trees. Louis doesn’t mean to buy so many of them.

Unbelievers- 137k. It’s Louis’ senior year, and he’s dead set on doing it right. However, along with his pair of cleats, a healthy dose of sarcasm and his ridiculous best friend, he’s also got a complicated family, a terrifyingly uncertain future, and a mortal enemy making his life just that much worse. Mortal enemies “with benefits” was not exactly the plan.Or: The one where Louis and Harry definitely aren’t friends, and football is everything.

the value of this moment lives in metaphor- 10k. The one where they’re all teachers at a high school and students are more invested in their lives than normally expected.

let’s savour what we’re falling over- 20k. west wing au (loosely); in other words everyone works in the white house and louis likes getting coffee with the washington post reporter in his briefing room.

That Sounds Fake But Okay- 46k. Harry Styles is a rookie journalist forced to work the gossip desk at a major New York magazine. Louis Tomlinson is the A-list actor who doesn’t appreciate Harry or his articles.

My English Love Affair- 19k. The one where Harry writes a song about his English love affair and Louis sleeps with someone in White Eskimo and all he gets is a stupid song written about him.

Panorama- 34k. Louis’ cabin crew at Panorama Airlines are in need of a new member. Cheeky Harry Styles joins the group, but to his mild disappointment Louis determinedly has no intention of joining the Mile High Club.Their first kiss might not be their first kiss.

Just For Me- 9k. Harry is a supermodel with a fake boyfriend. Louis is the captain and star forward of Manchester United with a fake girlfriend. They should have no problem having a completely platonic lunch between friends.(They do.)

to be a muse may be enough- 6k. When Zayn came to him with a job, Louis never expected to be sat in a studio, wearing lipstick and reading a book about Death whilst being plugged with a vibrator. Did he also mention he’s being filmed by the fittest photographer he’s ever seen?a.k.a the hysterical literature AU i can’t believe hasn’t been written yet

anything you ask and more- 19k. louis knows that he’s in love the second harry begins speaking about the bolsheviks. (or, louis is a history teacher & harry is the fit curator that he desperately wants to mongol invade him, however many times niall tells him he’s a psychopath.)

Cupid’s Chokehold- 35k. Louis is a Cupid who tries to match up Niall and Harry. It doesn’t work out as planned.

So Darling, Just Say You’ll Stay Right by My Side- 28k. AU where Louis is the chief of police in a small sea-side town and Harry is his new deputy who’s a bit of a pacifist and a lot wonderful.

This was waaay longer than I planned… There’s a healthy mix of long and short fics, and smut and fluff, so I hope everybody can find something new and enjoyable! Happy holidays :)