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I almost forgot that I did this real quick after seeing the Broadway Newsies in theaters for my cousin’s birthday last month, so…. here you go!


4x23 II 8x16

Dear Mati, I wish you only the best of the best, a beautiful day, a great year to come and whatever you wish for! Thanks you for being such a lovely friend and flailing, laughing and sobbing with me about all the fangirl feels <3

Human Disaster Jr. Kylo was planned as a pendant to your beautiful Rey for me, but … there were aggressiv negotiations with my muse involved. :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧


request: the members get really emotional when they see their sister at their concert

they all love their family so much and they get so happy when their family comes they’d be so happy if their little sister surprised them and came on her own

- admin v


Second Chances - Dean Winchester Imagine

Dean x reader

Summary: You meet Dean after a year without him, only to have a little happy surprise for him.

You were sprawled across the grass as you watched Sam fall into the pit. Tears wet your eyes watching your best friend fall to save everyone else. You knew he had to put Lucifer back in Hell but it made it hurt no less. He was your best friend, someone you could turn to and here he was falling to his doom.

You watched as the ground closed up and Dean crawled over to it. You closed your eyes letting your head drop to the ground as you sobbed. You were both bruised and bloody, Lucifer having gotten angry. Dean had taken the brute of his for but that didnt mean you had gotten off lightly either.

It felt like years before a hand landed on your shoulder. You looked up to see Castiel standing above you. How? He had exploded moments ago. Dean was knelt behind him his eyes on your face. He was healed, all the blood from his face gone. You raised your own hand and felt no tender spots on your flesh. Cas had healed you.

Dean took you in his arms pressing a kiss to your head. You were parting ways. Dean was getting out of this life, just like Sam had asked. And you, well you were diving into a werewolf case a state over. You cuddled into his shoulder.Ill call He whispered. You nodded knowing he wouldnt, not after the first few month.Go be happy Dean. Shes lovely You pulled away and pressed a kiss to his cheek.You deserve this, and dont worry. You got the rest of us to do the job Dean smiled down at you.

And that was the last time you ever seen the Impala. You watched it as it drove down the dirt road away from both you and Bobby, and away from your life. Dean was in that car, going to find comfort after his brother dying in another womans arms. She could give him the comfort and stability you never could. She could give him a life.

To say the news amonth later was a shock would be an understatement. You had sat staring at thesmall objectfor an hour. You sat at Bobbys table waiting for him to come back. He was just as shocked as you, but the shock soon wore off and he had forced you to do something you hadnt since becoming a hunter. Think about your future

That had all been a year ago. Now, you had your hand down your sink trying to grab whatever was blocking it. It was a world away from what you used to do. From hunting to this. You were lucky, when your Mother and Father had died when you were a little girl and left you a major inheritance. So you were living a comfortable life. After buying a house in a quiet secluded neighbourhood you had settled down completely.

There was a knock on the door and you looked up.Come in You called out and your fingers wrapped around the piece of bone that was stuck in the drain. You heard a loud set of footsteps coming through the house.Evening Sam You broke the bone pulling it from the drain.Hello, Y/n It was then that you heard the second set of footsteps.

You turned and your eyes widened. Be Sam stood his brother. Dean

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Happy NR looks happy. Not even a little surprised the trolls keep twisting things. I thought they were done with him? Don't let the door hit you, boo boo.

They are delusional, sick bitches. Karma is going to hopefully be a real bitch for such hateful people.


you’re not getting older, you’re only getting better. b-day edit for minsey ♡

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*Tour guide voice 2.0*

If you look to your right, FCKC fans are holding up boards explaining how offsides works and hope they’ll listen.

Look to the left, Sky Blue fans are still wondering if they have a full team. Dash fans worries that Andressa won’t survive the season, with how much she’s being fouled.

Further ahead Red Stars and Spirit fans are happy to be in the top four of the table. * knocks on wood * no injuries to their teams.

The Portland fans are still just as happy as ever, they are stacked and going on upwards.

Everyone feels slightly bad for the Breakers and their fans… Do you need a hug or five??

Orlando fans are super hyped about doing so well in their first season. A snapback for you, and you and you, snapbacks for everybody!

Reign fans wants to burn the highlighter kits and fight anyone who hurts their players.

In the back this time you have the Flash fans being super happy and a little surprised that they are doing this well. Meanwhile hoping that they’ll keep the momentum going throughout the season.

Welcome to the hot-mess that is fourth season.