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Mun has poor self-control when she goes to Target, so she always buys cool but unnecessary items… This time it was a glass terrarium with a wooden base. I filled it with aquatic plants.

Happy LWA Week! (Day 7)

For my idea Happy LWA Week, where for one week, participating members of the fandom create content of the characters being happy!

Day 7 - Character(s) of your choice!


“Come on, come on!”

“I am coming, Akko.”

“Heehee!” Akko releases Diana’s hand just for a brief moment so she can twirl around in her merriment, then turns back to take her hand once more.

The evening outside is warm in spite of the fading sunlight. Dusk is rolling in across Luna Nova’s campus, and they sky is gradually darkening by the moment.

Diana’s trying to walk slowly, trying to enjoy the tranquility of the evening. But the exuberant tug on her wrist coaxes her forward a step quicker each time, until she’s all but running right alongside Akko, over the grassy little stretches of space where the fireflies are drifting up. Akko’s laughter rises up in the air along with them, and it isn’t much longer before Diana’s voice joins in as well.

They run together, until Akko ends up stumbling and takes Diana down with her. They drop to their knees in the grass, laughing louder than before. Diana brushes a few blades of grass from Akko’s hair and clothes, and in return Akko picks a firefly off Diana’s shoulder and lets it fly away.

They hadn’t really been planning on going anywhere in particular tonight, but since they’re already sitting down, neither has any opposition to settling right here for a while.

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Sorry but I don't see things getting worse. Harry and Louis have been MIA a lot lately. Louis is back in the U.K., not LA, after playing a mega festival and had a stunt free lads weekend :) Harry, after 15 months, launched his project on the 25th of all days, Niall commented & liked his pic (hasn't happened in ages) aka publicly supported him! Louis&H changed their headers/icons the same day, both headers have blue&green! And no baby since January!!! It's April :)

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I just want to take a moment to say that seriously, you guys are so absolutely amazing. Did y’all know that? Did you wake up today and realize that?

I’m going through and replying to comments on Ao3, and I’m seriously so taken aback and humbled and happy and surprised and overcome by just how kind and wonderful all of you are. You guys have seriously inspired my writing and have made me so happy to continue doing this.

Happy Birthday Izuku :) 

@sevi007​ replied to your postDo you mind if fans of yours draw stuff for you?

Excuse me, of COURSE you have fans? Lots and lots and lots. (Also, anon, go for it, I’m cheering for you, you sweet person.)

!!!!! IANJDDADFDSGFBSDU SEVI /////// w-well it’s just, my blog content went from “OK art of bnha characters —-> obsessing one bnha character —–> ShitPosts Only Thx“

You’re too kind my friend//// *throws hearts at you*

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