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Yesterday was a tough day for me. I took the heat for someone else all day. To make matters worse, a rock kicked up and shattered part of my windshield on my way home from work. I walked in the door yesterday to a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon from Napa. Tonight, I am remembering how blessed I am, even on the bad days. 

Mun has poor self-control when she goes to Target, so she always buys cool but unnecessary items… This time it was a glass terrarium with a wooden base. I filled it with aquatic plants.


Even Superman coordinates his primary colors (but your legs sure look nice in those tights) by @coalitiongirl

She is not going to swoon. She’s the mayor of Storybrooke City and she’ll be damned if Superman Lite gets anything from her. But it’s a challenge not to swoon at least a little when she’s being flown bridal-style across her city, the woman’s arms– strong arms, has she mentioned that yet? Because wow– loose but firm around her. Regina is breathless and frustrated and breathless and the woman knows it.

She quirks a grin at Regina’s glare and says, “Madam Mayor, it’s been a long-standing fantasy of mine to sweep you off your feet.”



genre: fluff, thief!tae
song: versace on the floor
a/n: this idea was in my head for a quite long time, since tae posted some music rec on tt and votf was there, so it’s been long af hh. anyway, i fell in love with the song and a story popped in my head but i have nothing planned yet soo,, i still wanted to share this with y’all, 

Someone would call his life dangerous. Someone would call his life spontaneous. He called it living in the present, not carrying about future. At all. He didn’t know what can happen tomorrow, what damage will his acts cause in the future. But there was one thing he knew for sure.

There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t steal for his baby girl.

Happy LWA Week! (Day 7)

For my idea Happy LWA Week, where for one week, participating members of the fandom create content of the characters being happy!

Day 7 - Character(s) of your choice!


“Come on, come on!”

“I am coming, Akko.”

“Heehee!” Akko releases Diana’s hand just for a brief moment so she can twirl around in her merriment, then turns back to take her hand once more.

The evening outside is warm in spite of the fading sunlight. Dusk is rolling in across Luna Nova’s campus, and they sky is gradually darkening by the moment.

Diana’s trying to walk slowly, trying to enjoy the tranquility of the evening. But the exuberant tug on her wrist coaxes her forward a step quicker each time, until she’s all but running right alongside Akko, over the grassy little stretches of space where the fireflies are drifting up. Akko’s laughter rises up in the air along with them, and it isn’t much longer before Diana’s voice joins in as well.

They run together, until Akko ends up stumbling and takes Diana down with her. They drop to their knees in the grass, laughing louder than before. Diana brushes a few blades of grass from Akko’s hair and clothes, and in return Akko picks a firefly off Diana’s shoulder and lets it fly away.

They hadn’t really been planning on going anywhere in particular tonight, but since they’re already sitting down, neither has any opposition to settling right here for a while.

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Sorry but I don't see things getting worse. Harry and Louis have been MIA a lot lately. Louis is back in the U.K., not LA, after playing a mega festival and had a stunt free lads weekend :) Harry, after 15 months, launched his project on the 25th of all days, Niall commented & liked his pic (hasn't happened in ages) aka publicly supported him! Louis&H changed their headers/icons the same day, both headers have blue&green! And no baby since January!!! It's April :)

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Bakugou x Reader - Rainy Day Kittens + Happy 1,500+ followers!

Decided to post this without the the photo bc Sho is sick and I didn’t want to rush her with the sketch because she’s drowning in commissions, so we’ll most likely finish it on a later date. Also I guess this is sort of happy 1,500 followers now that I think about it lmao. Thank you all for the continued support, I’m very lucky to have such great followers!

Words: 3,420

It was around  9pm and you were worried sick. You checked your phone for probably the fifth time this minute, hoping that a text from your boyfriend would suddenly appear on screen. Your previous texts had been ignored ever since you started texting him around seven. It was also good to mention that it was absolutely pouring outside, thunder and lightning crackling up the sky. Anxiety tugged at your mind and about a thousand thoughts were racing through your mind. Was he attacked on the way home? Was he knocked out cold and being held somewhere? Or maybe he secretly had a mistress and was cheating on you… You shook that thought out of your head. There’s no way that one was even remotely true.

You slurped up your noodles from your instant ramen cup since you had delayed dinner to the point where it was too late to make anything big. It’s a good thing Maru-chan always had your back for situations like these. Although Katsuki would would probably kill you for eating something so bad for you. You drank down the hot broth, savoring the warmth as the rain continued it’s downpour onto the the city. There’s no way he would’ve gotten himself in trouble. Well, not anything he couldn’t handle himself. You sighed, tapping your foot out to get rid of this anxious feeling in your chest.

When you heard the door to your house crack open you rushed to the over after setting down your finished cup noodles. Your boyfriend stepped into the house, kicking the door closed and letting an out an agitated sigh. You moved to stand in front of him and instantly grabbed his  face to pepper it with kisses, ignoring the fact that he was soaked to the bone. He didn’t do much to stop you since the warmth of your lips felt good on his cold wet face.

“Katsuki where have you been?? You had me worried sick I thought something bad happened…” You trailed off. After a few moments you looked at him as a whole and squinted. What was up with his jacket? It looked… lumpy and was it moving? Your gaze traveled to his face and he had the look like he was trying to hold back a stupid smile.

“What the hell is going on? You’re usually cursing up a storm and complaining about your day. What gives?” You asked pursing your lips. He glared at you.

“Just shut the fuck up and help me with this.” Katsuki grumbled.

You assumed he was talking about his lumpy and moving jacket so you cautiously went to unzip it. There was a noise and you stopped letting out a squeak. What the fuck? Is this some sort of prank? You listened for a second and heard it again. It sounded like… You went to unzip most of the rest of his jacket and your face lit up with happiness and surprise. This was too cute. As soon as light hit the little bundles of fur they started making a symphony of tiny mewls. You squealed with delight.

“Kittens! Oh but they’re covered in mud, poor little things.” You cooed.

“Don’t just fucking stand there, get them out of my jacket!” Katsuki demanded. You complied happily.

Reaching into his jacket you pulled out three of the kittens covered in mud, all the while going on about how cute they were. They squirmed in your arms and you could barely hold them. Katsuki was left with the other three. You looked at him practically radiating with happiness from this little surprise he had for you.

“Here, let’s go put them in the tub so I can wash them off. Then you can go change while I give them a tiny bath.” You smiled.

Katsuki nodded and mumbled something under his breath that you didn’t catch. He was probably just complaining about how cold he was from his soaked clothes. He followed you down the hall and to the bath and shower. You nudged the door open with your foot and used your elbow to flick on the lights. You quickly sat down to let down the squirming little fuzzballs onto the bathroom floor. They stumbled and crawled around as you scooted over to the tub to start the bath. Katsuki sat on the ground and let the other three down, going to shed his dirty and soaked jacket and his shirt that was under it until he was just left in his pants. You held your hand out in the tub waiting for the water to warm up and watched as the six kittens stumbled over to Katsuki who was busy trying to dry his soaked hair.

“Go over there to her you idiots I’ve already had enough of you.” He said with a frown plastered on his face.

It didn’t work because they kept on their path to stumble over to him on their tiny little legs. He hissed as one jumped up onto his leg and dig their claws into him. He huffed and picked up the kitten gently and put it down facing your direction, hoping it’d get the memo to leave him alone. It didn’t work obviously, and the kitten bounded back over to him, meowing loudly as if out of protest to being sent away. Katsuki gave up and soon his lap was covered in kittens. You laughed a little bit as the muddy kittens crawled all over him. He sat there looking unamused of course but he never handled them harshly even as they accidentally scratched up his thigh.

“The bath is ready for them, you can go change now.” You said grabbing a kitten from him and setting it in the two inches of water.

“If I can get these fuckers off me.” He mumbled in disdain.

“Then I’ll help you.” You chuckled.

You reached over and grabbed another one, and then a second one before you set them in the tub of warm water with the others. They meowed loudly in protest but it was for their own good. Well, and Katsuki’s. He handed you another two for you to put in the tub before he handed you the last one and stood up to head to your shared bedroom to get a fresh shirt and pants. Meanwhile you grabbed each tiny kitten and gently washed off the mud caked onto their fur. They kept trying to jump out of the tub and you had a fun time when one of them actually jumped out and and made a straight beeline for the door.

“Ah, no! Get back here!.” You called out. “Katsuki we have an escapee!”

An aggravated yell could be heard from down the hall followed by a string of curses. You also heard a tiny distant meow before you went back to trying to wash off the rest of the little turds. After each kitten was washed you didn’t even care as they jumped out of the tub and run out the door because you had a sneaking suspicion where they were heading anyways. After you cleaned the last one you caught them before they could escape and grabbed a towel to dry them off.

 As you were drying off the tiny kitten Katsuki walked in through the door looking very unamused. You covered your mouth to hide your smile when a small mob of kittens came trotting in after him. Oh how amusing this was… You let the kitten you had go and they ran to join the tiny herd. You watched as Katsuki tried to sit down by you and carefully plan each movement as to not accidentally hurt one of his tiny followers. When he had sat down the wet kittens automatically clambered on top of him and vied for his attention. You handed him a towel to help you dry them off and he begrudgingly took it before grabbing a screaming kitten. While he toweled off another kitten you grabbed another one and kept going until they were all dried off and romping around.

“I’m pretty sure they think you’re their mama.” You snickered seeing them needily try and climb over him.

“Don’t be stupid, all I did was rescue them from some shitty cardboard box.” He grumbled taking one of the kittens before holding it up to his face. “I’m not your mom.”

“I don’t think you can convince them that you’re not.” You said with a coy smile.

You reached over and took one of them, holding it and scratching under it’s chin with a finger. After setting it down it immediately went to join the others in their adventure to climb Mt. Katsuki. Meanwhile you boyfriend was trying to get them off of him so he could have some breathing room. At some point he gave up because he let him climb up and sit in his arms. You hated to break this touching moment but you didn’t really want to spend the rest of the night in the bathroom.

“I think we should take them into the kitchen and try to feed them” You said picking a kitten off of him.

“With what? We don’t have fucking cat food.” He said.

“Then I’ll go down to the convenience store down the street. It’s open 24/7.” You offered.

“I’m not letting you out in the rain at night.” He said sternly. “If anyone’s going anywhere it’s going to be me.”

“But you literally just got back and you’re going to get wet again!” You reasoned. He just brushed you off and the yelling kittens that went sliding off of him as he got up.

The kittens went running off after him and he had to be careful not to accidentally step on them while he trudged to the door. You were a little mad that he was going out instead of letting you but it was hard to stay mad watching him be so gentle with the six bundles of fur meowing at his feet. With a sigh you got up and started to herd the kittens away from Katsuki since he was yelling curses trying to scoot them away from the door. He nudge one back with the tip of his umbrella until he mumbled a goodbye and was out the door.

You noticed the kittens seemed rather lost without their appointed mother so you did your best to fill in. You ran off to find a blanket and made it into a makeshift pouch so you could place the kittens in it. Admittedly you felt some sort of weird cat burglar or some sort of stork carrying kittens around in a makeshift sack. You lugged them off and over to the couch in the living room and flicked on the tv so you could have something to do when not watching the kitties. Setting down the sack meowing kittens they nearly exploded out of the blanket and resumed their meowing as they wandered around the small space of the living room. You tried your best to keep them engaged using a ribbon from an old present bag.

Time ticked on and the kittens had gotten bored, opting to take a little rest on you or beside you. They looked like a bunch of tiny little sweet rolls curled up the way you were and you took out your phone to take a picture. You sent the pictures to your group chat with a few others before you went back you petting the resting kitties. Of course that didn’t last long. Your phone buzzed, letting out a text tone and startling a few of them. You looked at the reply to see that it was from Ochako.

“They’re so cute!! I didn’t know you guys had cats what are their names?” The text message read.

Names? That’s right… you really hadn’t thought of any names for them. Now you had something else to do while Katsuki was at the convenience store. Petting the kitten in your lap gently you pondered a few names, forgetting to text back to Ochako. You looked over to your cup of noodles and looked at the brand. You smiled and a light bulb went off in your head. This one would definitely be named Maru-chan.

Time marched on and you had settled on a few names. Maru-chan, Tama, Spaghet, President Theodore Roosevelt… You weren’t sure for the last two but it didn’t matter because the door practically slammed open alerting the kittens to a certain someone’s arrival. They hauled ass over to him and you heard a frustrated yell as you slowly got up.

“Oh for fucks sake I wasn’t gone that long. Piss off!” Katsuki yelled carefully shuffling his feet and nudging the kitties out of the way.

“See, I told you they think you’re their mama.” You snickered watch him try to walk over to you.

“Fuck off, just take this bag.” He said jutting out his arm in your direction. You took it and started going over the items in the bag.

Pulling out stuff you saw a lot of cans of wet cat food and then some cat toys. A large bag of cat food was slammed on the table next to you and you jumped making your boyfriend laugh. A few of the kittens jumped on the table and were inspecting the bag, jumping when it moved or something else moved suddenly to startle them. You puffed out your cheeks and let out a sigh a few seconds later.

“We need litter boxes, too.” You said under realization that cat do in fact, poop and pee.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Came Katsuki’s enraged response. “I’m not going back out again!”

“I’m not asking you to so calm your tits, babe.” You huffed back at him. “I think I have an old storage bin from when we moved. We can just fill it with the sand from those old sandbags in the garage.”

Katsuki grumbled something and hugged you from behind, resting his head on your shoulder. You sighed and leaned into his embrace. You’d just have to feed these little farts and get their litter box set up so the two of you could rest. He pressed a kiss to your cheek before going to grab some of the cans of food for the cats, but you swatted his hand away.

“No, I’ll feed them. You should make yourself something to eat I know you’re probably hungry.” You said reaching out and holding his hand in yours. “You need to eat too you know.”

“Fine.” He replied almost looking relieved.

You let go of his hand and watched him shuffle lazily to the fridge so he could make himself something to eat. It was well past ten so he deserved to eat something. Grabbing the small cans of cat food you went to rummage through your cupboards and get six small bowls, all stacked on top of each other. You walked a bit aways into the midway point between the kitchen and the living room before you set everything down. The kittens were still pestering Katsuki as you went back over to grab a spoon.

Opening a can of the wet cat food immediately made the kittens cast their attention over to you and they mobbed you like some sort of hungry crowd of cat zombies. You struggled to keep them away from the bowl you were scooping the food into and had to stand up and try to do it that way. If only you had some sort of forcefield quirk so you could make a little bubble for yourself. You set the already full bowl on the table and picked up another can to empty into another bowl. After a while you had gotten the bowls full but putting them down was the next challenge. You set two bowls down and they swarmed onto those.

“Oi you fat asses there’s more food over here.” You heard Katsuki say from behind you. He moved past you to grab and set down a few more bowls while you went to get the last few.

Katsuki bent down and took some of the kittens so he could deposit them by their own personal bowl of cat food. You watched him do the same for the rest and then sit there and police who was eating out of which bowl like the good cat mom he was. You laughed a bit when he stopped a kitten who already eaten all of their food from mooching off another one. Kneeling down next him you helped him on policing duty and moved to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. You could tell he appreciated the affection because he practically leaned into you touch.

“Didn’t I tell you to make yourself some food?” You asked teasingly. He half heartedly glared at you.

“I am making something, it’s simmering.” He said flatly. “Besides you were fucking it up over here.”

“How mean.” You said in mock hurt. “But if I knew having a bunch of stray kittens in this house would make you a bit softer, maybe I should’ve gotten a kitten sooner.”

“Whatever.” He said going to shoo a kitten away from the one that was still eating.

“It’s true!” You chuckled. “You’re very gentle with them, I’m surprised.”

The kittens finished their meals and while Katsuki ate his own food and dealt with them meowing at him for attention, you went to find the large plastic tub you were talking about. You rummaged around in the garage until you found it and then continued to lug a sandbag and slam it down inside. You grabbed a large knife, slicing an opened and then emptying the contents into the tub. It wasn’t the best litter box but it’d have to do for now until you could get actual stuff from a pet store.

After lugging the giant tub into the main room you yawned and flopped yourself onto the couch. One of the kittens, Maru-chan, had jumped on the couch with you and went to curl up on your chest. Not too much later Katsuki came over, kittens trailing after him as he crashed next to you. You hummed as he pulled you over to him, wrapping an arm around your waist as your head came to rest on his chest. Maru-chan had since moved and found another place somewhere else.

“You’re gonna make me fall asleep right here I swear.” You mumbled.

“I wouldn’t give a fuck even if you did.” He sighed taking his fingers and threading them in your hair. “I’ll probably pass the fuck out here anyways.”

“Then if I fall asleep and drool on you, you can’t complain.” You said stifling a yawn.

“If you drool I’m shoving you off me.” He said clearly unamused. You laughed lightly and snuggled into his chest even more.

With all six kittens around him Katsuki looked down at you, realizing you were his seventh. His fingers combed through your hair and he vaguely payed attention to the tv. You were a pain in the ass sometimes, just like the six furballs curled up at his side. But he loved you nonetheless, and nothing would change that.

“We’re not taking them to the shelter are we?” You asked sadly.

“Why the fuck would you think that?” He asked.

“Just making sure, I don’t think they’d be happy having to leave their precious mama.” You smiled.

“For the last time I’m not they’re mam- ow!” He was cut off when a kitten’s kneading got a little too much. He glared at the offending cat in question.

“Oh, did President Theodore Roosevelt get you? He had the sharpest claws.” You asked  craning your neck to look at him.

“President… what?” He asked.

“That’s his name.” You stated matter-of-factly.

“I… You’re so fucking weird.” He groaned taking his hand and pinching the bridge of his nose.

“H-Hey! Like you could name them better!” You said jabbing him in the side. “I still haven’t named two of them. Why don’t you do the honors?”

“Fine, then it’ll be King of Explosions and… Murder.” He said. You choked on your spit.

“Katsuki we can’t name him Murder! What if he gets lost we can’t just run around yelling ‘Murder!’ Someone would call the cops!” You shrieked.

“Oi, you fucking said I could name them!” He protested.

“Okay you can but…” You hid your face in your hands. “Please something, anything other than Murder.”




Cup O’ Joe with Charlie Cox @ NYCC 2017 - A brief clip of Charlie talking about fatherhood, hopefully someone recorded the whole thing :)…

Happy Birthday Izuku :)