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. Between the Lines . 181

Evening found Team Natsu and Jellal sitting with one another in a circle on the floor of Lucy and Erza’s room. Wendy had been left out alongside Charle - both were sleepy and Juvia had wanted to sleep without interruption. It was nearly one in the morning, after all.

“Let me get this straight,” Gray huffed, sitting back. “You were nearly arrested by Hisui for no apparent reason, you’re being stalked by one guy, there are others running around dressed the same way, and people want your keys after someone - one of the people stalking you - said that you couldn’t let someone have them.”

“Yep,” Lucy said, taking a sip of her tea. Beside her, Happy nibbled on a fish. To her other side, Erza was writing everything down. They were all serious and Jellal looked a little lost until Happy told him, “We do this every now and then.”

“What is this?” Jellal muttered.

“Team meeting,” Lucy replied. “We take notes, decide what to do, and take action.”

“It’s the second time we’ve done it and it works,” Natsu said confidently.

“Back on subject,” Erza ordered.

“Right,” Lucy agreed. “I think the people stalking me are okay-”

“They are,” Jellal cut in, startling them. His dark eyes were exhausted, full of anxiety they didn’t yet understand. “I…I ran into one with Meredy the other night. Believe me when I say they’re good people. I can’t tell you who they are, but they’re fine.”

That set off a cranky Natsu, who glared. “What do you mean you can’t-”

“I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough,” Jellal said calmly. “Patience, Natsu.”

“I don’t want to be patient,” he growled. “I want answers.”

“We all do, but if Jellal says that we are safe knowing not who they are, then so be it.” Erza wrote something down in the notebook on her knee and then lifted her dark eyes. “I’ve come up with a few new rules. Number one,” she began reciting what was in her notes. “Lucy is to go nowhere alone. Natsu, Gray, you will be entrusted in this.”

“Right,” they said together, and then glared at one another for their words.

“Number two,” Erza continued with a warning look in their direction. “The keys are to stay out of everyone’s hand but Lucy’s. There are mages who can change their appearance, and it is for that reason that not even Natsu will touch them unless a password is given. A password that Lucy will create now.”

They all looked expectantly to Lucy, who flushed beneath their eyes. She thought over it for a long moment and then said in a deadly serious voice, “Cor. If you need to touch my keys for whatever reason, call me by my pen name.”

“Yes, ma'am,” Gray replied, sitting back.

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Scorpion has OFFICIALLY been renewed for a 4th season!!!!!

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I've been following you for ages and honestly I have the biggest friendly crush on you. Too shy to say off anon, and plus we've never spoken before, but I just wanted you to know that you're a fantastic artist and I hope you're having a great day <333 :)

~ Seriously, I was so happy reading those lines, your message hit my heart ; w ; THANKS SO MUCH AaahHh ; w ; ♥ Well, I’m still sick so you got me in a damn poncho HA ! But still, this is my little answer because your kind words really made me so happy !! Thanks again gnhnhn >w< ♥


dirk gently’s holistic detective agency + text posts 1/?


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

- Ignis, can you… sense light?
- To a degree, yes.
- So when dawn breaks, you’ll know it.
- I should.
- Good to know.