happy life of english major

Good news:

-a project my group did is going to be sent to a museum out here as a proposal for them to adapt in the future

-i am writing for a academy at my uni about my study abroad trip

-i might start a new writing project

-today is the last day of class here and then 2 rest days before home

-i should be home by saturday

-my dad is working

- I have an A in the class

-I should be getting my 2nd cert in a few weeks but i have survived the course

-I am going to try to go into communications

-I present again in spring at my university

-I am planning on doing a huge project with some professors and people for my people and community

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I am SO excited for the next year. I get to be copy editor at my university’s newspaper, I’m going to be volunteering with the English department to put on an event that focuses on how to get published, and I’m going to be part of the team that creates the university literary magazine! And working on a poetry book, and I’ve got the basics for a novel started (but with my schedule that probably won’t happen until next year). Also staying on to get a major in English, rather than sticking with a minor. Just a few months ago I thought I’d be graduated from university and was feeling completely underwhelmed about the idea, and now I’m beyond happy because I get to do a bunch of things that inspire me! Apparently psyc wasn’t for me, but I kind of always knew that anyways.