happy late b day

* sweats nervously* uh… Happy birthday to the space nerd Oikawa~~ it’s only a week after it… and in my defense, I’ve been sick and without tablet to draw!! AND my birthday is Oikawa’s birthday, so there! Still don’t know how to draw, but what else is new~

Oik’s is gonna murder Iwa- after crying like a baby- for proposing right after they woke up, he doesn’t want to look back on this day only to have messy bedhead!!! D:< I love these two idiots <3

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I noticed that you changed the "13 year old" to "14 year old" and if your birthday was recently (or maybe I'm just behind) happy birthday! If you just felt like changing it, then have a good day still!


my b-day was actually on july 7 so it’s a lot late for you to say happy b-day to me XD, but thanks anyway!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yolLqx6k1OM)

@romanticreader - sorry it’s late! But happy b-day!