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OK, first lemme start by saying ur pictures today are on point. like seriously, ur so pretty (gotta put more emphasis on how pretty u are).  i swear u could give me a damn heart-attack. but, on to other stuff. i don’t remember exactly when i started following u, i think around december, but holy shit, u have become, like, my favorite blog on here. u are such a good gif maker (goals, honestly) and u have such good content that i would 100% recommend u to anyone. my absolute favorite thing tho is how funny u are. it really makes my day. if i ever have a bad day i know i can count on u to lift my spirits. and when u are in the gc, u always make it so hilarious. like, u are really really funny. besides that tho, u are so sweet and kind to everyone and i think u are a such an amazing person. anyway, ily and i am so fucking glad that i followed u.

also, u got an ask once about katie leaning out car windows, and idk if u have seen this pic, but i thought i’d add it on anyway

mutuals send me a number and i’ll make a post talking about you


Tron (1982)

  • The fandom: I only ship Evak, it's wrong to ship the actors, they're different from the characters, real life is different from the series
  • Henrik: me and Tarjei
  • Also the fandom: *freaks out* OMG TARJEI CHOSE HIM
It’s Quiet Uptown Pt. 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: language, anxiety

Summary:  Post Civil War AU, Steve and Bucky decide to have a child, and experience things they never expected to face.

Author’s Note: I know these excerpts are really short, but don’t worry! there’s much more to come :)

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Miiverse- Splatoon Spam Comic: Out one Ambush into Another… >3<;

I’ve been playing a ton of splatoon lately to try and get back into the swing of things.. and while I will openly admit that I am rusty as hell after my many-month-hiatus… I am steadily getting better again and I’ve even swallowed my fear a bit to jump into some ranked battles! :D

… And while that was going well at first, I can tell when a group of experienced players are playing their alts in a quad because… Some of these B rank players are a nightmare. holy octopus, batman. >m<;;;

Needless to say, Always keep your back to the walls and stay ever vigilant! 

(Also, I need friends. I want to play hide and seek so bad. xD Even if I would fail every time… just saying)

I haven’t really talked about this a lot because I’ve been distracted BUT I’ve now been to two meetings with other young trans people and it has been SO refreshing like. After the whole situation with the T and the Gender Lady I’ve been so frustrated and I felt like everything had just Paused and stopped working, but now I feel like I got a boost like!! I’m ready to move on and become a better version of myself & all that. It’s good and I’m very glad

cute lil 18 yr old ponyboy hc’s for avery’s birthday!! @eastsidecigarette

  • he honestly tells the cheesiest jokes ever and honestly finds them so funny
  • like “what kind of dogs do you find in a library” … “hushpuppies”
  • his laugh is so soft and quiet that sometimes you can’t even hear it but the smile on his face is so bright and contagious
  • does this thing where he puts his glasses on top of his head to wipe his eyes, then spends two hours looking for his glasses bc he “lost” them
  • loves just driving around at night, with the windows down if it’s warm enough, enjoying the quiet and how different everything looks at night
  • has this gray sweatshirt that he wears that has paint specks all over it and the ends of the sleeves are fraying because he always keeps the sleeves over his hands and it looks so adorable on him !!
  • is always soooo warm and is always keeping his hands in his pockets so they’re Extra Warm
  • wears the brown jacket that dallas gave him before they left for windrixville all the time now bc he’s finally grown into it
  • tried blackout poetry once w/ an old book from the library and it turned out really good but he felt so bad for ruining the book that he bought another one for the library 
  • has transitioned from the whiny phase to the pouty phase where he thinks he can get whatever he wants by sitting on the couch, crossing his arms, and looking at everyone with puppy dog eyes
  • is AWFUL at card games, so bad that no one ever wants to be his partner and he always gets caught trying to cheat too