happy karma day

Different reactions of the students and teachers of Kunugigaoka Junior High when receiving Valentine's Day Boxed Chocolate


Nagisa: W-wait are you sure that’s for me? Thank you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

Kayano: Wow, I don’t know what to say… I didn’t expect this! Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Karma: Eh? For me? I didn’t really think I’d get one this year but oh well… You must have some sort of special feelings for me then? Interesting~

Isogai: Thank you for the chocolate! I can’t wait to eat this with my family!

Maehara: Wow 35 boxes already! That’s a record!

Nakamura: Oh? I got one too? This is rather new… How sweet~ I’m flattered~

Kataoka: Thank you but this is the 45th box already

Okuda: F-for me?! A-are you sure t-that’s for me?? I-it is…? Thank y-you! I didn’t k-know I was g-gonna get one today but thank you!

Kanzaki: Oh my, chocolate! Thank you so much for the chocolate! I’ll make sure to eat this happily! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sugino: W-woah for me?! I’m actually getting something? Man this is cool! Thank you!

Itona: Oh? You made this? It’s rather bland in taste and the color and shape are slightly off but it’s appreciated.

Chiba: Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day

Hayami: Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day

Kurahashi: Woah! Chocolate for me! I bet it’s really sweet! Thank you!

Okano: Wow this is really for me? Not sure why it’s for me but thanks anyway!

Yada: Ah, thank you so much! I wonder how it tastes! Happy Valentine’s!

Fuwa: Is this like one of those situations in anime where people confess their love? Are you inlove with me?! Woah!

Ritsu: Thank you! I didn’t expect to be given chocolate today! Sadly, I cannot eat it, but thank you anyway! I appreciate your gesture!

Sumire: Is this homemade? Teach me your recipe next time okay? I love it! Thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kirara: Does this chocolate contain darkness residing in it? How cursed is it? Give me details of the darkness of this sweet

Terasaka: Mine? You… to me? Uh… This better not be poisoned or I swear Imma bash your head in… Thanks too

Yoshida: Woah this is cool! Thanks!

Muramatsu: Man this is sweeter than anything I’ll ever make! You better show me how to make this!

Mimura: This is mine?! I mean- for me?! Woah I can’t believe this! Happy Valentine’s Day and Thank You!

Takebayashi: A 3D person could never compare to the work of a 2D person… But this… May be an exemption… Thank you…


Kimura: I’m already pretty chubby but if it’s you who made it for me, I’ll eat it!

Sousuke: The way you made it! It’s beautiful! So artistic! This is my type of chocolate! Thanks a lot!

Koro-sensei: Nyuya!! Someone is giving their beloved teacher chocolate!! I knew someone wouls appreciate me!!

Karasuma: Hmm, chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Makes sense, thank you.

Irina: Hmm? My my, giving your teacher chocolate on Valentine’s Day hmm? Is this your way of trying to get with me? Know that it isn’t gonna work but maybe I should kiss you as a reward- NO WAIT DON’T WALK AWAY COME BACK


Gakushuu: I appreciate the fact that you decided to give me something today but so have 156 other students at this school by far regardless of gender. I will accept it if you would still want to give it to me but know that I will not be able eat this immediately. Thank you, I suppose.

Ren: Ah, my dear… Giving me chocolate on Valentine’s Day… Does this mean you have something you want to tell me? How much you admire me? How much you love me? Hmm…

Seo: Heh? Chocolate for me? Pft, as if it’ll be any good compared to those from abroad! But… Alright alright, I’ll accept it since it seems to be made with a lot of effort

Araki: Are you trying to stuff me up even more? Haha just kidding! I can’t say for certain whether or not I’ll really like it but thanks!

Koyama: Chocolate made with a certain recipe… Did you memorize the recipe? Do you know all the ingredients and the procedure? Show me to prove your chocolates worth!

Gakuhou: Generic. Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is generic. To be given chocolate on this day is nothing new, especially to me. However, if you expect me to accept a gift on this day, it must have importance. I am the Chairman of this school nonetheless and chocolates are… too plain. What did you expect from giving me this? Extreme gratitude? Praise? This chocolate must be extremely delicious and pique my taste then. If it is not, then how do you expect me to give you praise? It has to be atleast moderately good. If it cannot even be the least bit delicious then what was the point-

1 year ago today Avi picked me for Misbehavin and I’m still crying about it. I don’t know what my favorite part of this video is. Me screaming in Avi’s face, the fact that he doesn’t seem to mind that I’m screaming in his face or how he says “Oh this is going to be tough” and then literally walks right up to me without looking at anybody else

“I’ve always admired Karma.

I wish I could be like him.”

“That’s why …
I got happy when he came and talked to me.”

“Perhaps Karma got bored with the stage he and I shared …

“The fact that I kept Nagisa at a distance, must mean that there was already a part of him that made me uneasy.

Before I knew it, we had drifted apart.

As we face each other in this moment, you are so close, yet so far …

“You cool with that, Nagisa?”

“Sure … Karma.”

Happy KaruNagi Day! [1/11]

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Hope you like this! I wasn’t totally sure whether to include children, so I did. I don’t know if I’m satisfied with how it turned out, but I hope you enjoy it! 

Karma woke up to his family not so sneakily sneaking into his room.
He had been simply lying in bed, awake, for the past couple hours, and didn’t have any interest in getting up. A couple of creaks sounded as they stepped into the room, his daughter tripping a little on the way.
“Oh, sorry!”
“What time is it?” he groaned, rubbing her eyes. He turned on the light, revealing none other than his family standing before him, holding a giant present of some sort. He stared, shocked. The present was in a rather large box, wrapped in red wrapping paper. A navy blue bow sat on the top of it.
“Happy Fathers Day!!” they exclaimed, holding out the present. Manami smiled, picking up a plate of various breakfast foods. “The kids and I made you some breakfast, I really hope you like it!”
Karma smiled, picking up a fork from the plate and tried a bite of the egg.
“This is pretty good, but what do we have here?” He picked up a piece of egg that was so burnt you could hardly tell what it started as, and gave a small smirk to his son. In return, his son pouted, his purple hair moving to cover up most of his face.
“Well, it’s not my fault!!” he exclaimed, crossing his arms. “I just FORGOT they were cooking!!”
Karma laughed. “Joking, joking. They’re not too terribly bad. If you really want to learn how to cook, work at it some more.”
“Now, could you and your sister work on your homework?” Manami asked, ushering them out of the room.
Once his children walked out to do their homework (grumbling all the way, of course), Karma smiled at Manami.
“Wow, what did you have to do to get them to make breakfast?” Karma teased. Manami rested her head on his shoulder.
“Too many things. It involved letting them play with a little of my lab tools…”
Karma chuckled, planting a kiss on her lips and putting his arm around her shoulders.
Manami blushed, smiling sheepishly. “Happy Father’s Day, Karma!”
He vaguely remembered the first time they met, the first date they had, their first kiss. They’d had many firsts together, and today was one of them: His first father’s day, at least where they actually celebrated. Gazing into her eyes, Karma gave a small smile.
“Happy Father’s Day.”

Toffee Time

“Here you go, Karma-kun.” Okuda handed a red heart-shaped box to the red head, a bright smile plastered on her face. Karma smiled back, accepting it with no hesitation or whatsoever. “There’s nothing inside the chocolate, but I laced them with cyanide. Good enough?”

Karma grinned upon hearing the latter part. “Yeah. Thank you, Okuda-san.”

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ah yes i am finally done :) happy valentine’s day from the dgm squad *blows kisses* 

and thank you so much @noisemarie for the valentine puns I liked yours so much more than mine so I used all your suggestions haha you’re a true artist

Bonus Alma bc i was too lazy to do the whole thing for him :’)

Edit: guess who messed up and put the clean version of alma on here, this one has the text lmao 

Day 18 - Inktober + DGM Challenge - The funniest moment

I’m so glad there was a light prompt like this in today’s schedule, really needed it. I enjoy DGM’s contrast between comedy and tragedy, and this small moment between Kanda and Alma is a gem. They are in shitty situation, and you know it will only get worse; but then they slip out, experience cold, and start cursing a guy named “Winter” who is causing it. And it’s both heartbreaking and funny, because these kids didn’t need to know about seasons, but their reasoning makes for a cute and funny little moment.