happy june 7th


Yep the feelings are hitting hard

“If anybody asks you, you belong to Prince.”

Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson! 

Today is a day of celebration, not sadness. My heart is still heavy because you’re gone but I’m sure that you know that you have true fans that love you and your music. Your music will never die. The Purple Army is a family and we will stick together and have each other’s back.

Your birthday is like a mini holiday for me. Purple, your music & movies…what’s better than that? Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. Your music changed music. I see the James Brown influence in everything you did. The funk and jazz opened my mind up to listening to artists that I would never listen to.

Whenever I get really sad or frustrated, I watch the “It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night” performance from Sign O’ The Times and it makes me smile. There is no question that I miss you and it hurts that I’ll never see you live but I will always carry your music with me. Being a Prince fan is like a right of passage into some alternate universe. It means that you truly appreciate music, you’re an individual, you’re a leader, and you’re not afraid to be different.

Since today is a day of celebration, I will list my Top 10 Favorite Prince Songs. Prince, you are missed and you are loved.

  1. 17 Days
  2. The Beautiful Ones
  3. If I Was Your Girlfriend
  4. Private Joy
  5. Love 2 The 9’s
  6. Girl
  7. Dark
  8. Gangster Glam
  9. Somebody’s Somebody
  10. Erotic City

Happy 37th Birthday, Australian Unicorn! ♥ | 07.06.1979 |
  “I love acting - it’s all I have done and I hope I work until I die, but it doesn’t define me.“