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a little ficlet for @victoriasugden‘s birthday, because we all need that maroon suit back in our lives, don’t we? #bringbackthemaroonsuit2k17

Aaron’s jaw practically hit the floor as he looked at Robert, his husband dressed in a suit Aaron hadn’t seen him wear in so long.

The maroon suit, to be exact. Robert stood, in the hallway of the registry office in Hotten, wearing that bloody maroon suit, and it was taking every bit of self control that Aaron had not to jump him there and then, people and consequences be dammed.

Robert’s hair seemed to look a brighter blonde against the deep maroon colour of his suit, his husband flashing Aaron a bright grin as he walked toward him, simple white buttonhole in hand.

“Hiya.” Robert greeted, flattening down the material of Aaron’s suit jacket so he could attach the buttonhole, Victoria having had put her DIY skills to the test to make them the previous evening.

Aaron felt his face flush as Robert stepped into his space, Robert’s hands all over him. He knew how good-looking Robert was, of course he knew, but in that maroon suit, Aaron was (embarrassingly enough) weak at the knees.

“You okay?” Robert asked, brushing a non-existent piece of fluff from Aaron’s suit, straightening his tie before he took a step back, a pleased look on his face.

Aaron nodded, keeping his voice low as he spoke, mindful of their families standing near them, waiting for their appointment with the registrar. “You wore my favourite,” he mumbled, his face turning a shocking shade of red as he admitted it aloud.

The maroon suit had always been his favourite.

Robert grinned, a knowing sort of grin that made sure Aaron knew that he’d intended to completely fluster him when he’d picked out what suit he wanted to wear that day. “I did,” he confirmed, brushing a hand down the front of his own suit jacket, Aaron swallowing thickly as the delicious contract of pale skin and deep maroon. “You like?”

Aaron didn’t exactly trust himself to speak, nodding eagerly.

“Good,” Robert smirked, pressing a kiss to Aaron’s cheek so he could speak directly into Aaron’s ear, away from prying eyes and a very nosey looking Victoria. “Because I can’t wait for you to fuck me in it later, Mr Sugden.”

Aaron’s knees almost buckled at the image of Robert wearing that suit while Aaron made him completely come undone. “I’ll hold you to that, Mr Dingle.”

“I was counting on it.” Robert laughed, looking up as the registrar called their names. “Are you ready to do this then?”

Aaron nodded, taking one last second to admire the long lines of Robert’s body, the thick thighs and pale skin that the maroon of his suit only served to show off, the colour making him look as close to a supermodel as you’d ever see in Hotten.

“Yeah. Let’s get married.”


Happy International Cat Day! 17/02

yass, Polish TV broadcasted it like 2 years ago


consistent art style? never heard of her.
anyway! i love jump by the amazing @jaredkleinsen so i decided to draw out some scenes from chapter 17

The fandom going from writing post after post extolling over how Clarke loves Bellamy and Bellamy loves Clarke, from watching the finale which was peak Bellarke that even ended with Clarke literally having spent 2,199 days sending messages to Bellamy not knowing if he is even alive, to believing Echo will in any way be an obstacle to Bellarke is giving me whiplash.


Imagine Happy getting a new smiley tattoo as revenge for you.

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Reader x Happy
Reader x Family!Clay and Jax

How do you find words for Happy Lowman? Crazy bastard are the ones that you saved his phone number under and he’d had a dark little chuckle over it when he found out. He’d laughed even more when he’d seen Tig saved as ‘Sex Pest’.

Describing your relationship was even harder, there were mad levels of attraction between you two and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t imagined it was you moaning beneath him rather than the same faceless boring croweaters. But the club made it difficult, being Clay’s daughter and Gemma’s stepdaughter made you what Tiggy called a ‘Reaper Princess’. You hated the nickname but it stuck fast, your step brother Jax and partner in crime Opie had it embroidered on almost all of your hoodies and shirts, the bastards.  
Well there was that and the slight age gap. You were a grown woman in your early twenties but he still had years on you. Both good points well made by your stepmother after you’d been caught. There was a warning throughout the club of Nord Prospects acting dangerously to try and secure their patches. When Happy had offered to be your escort (Gemma had Clay and Tara had Jax) the club had been thrilled. Who would be better to protect you?

Of course none of them knew of the growing sexual tension and blossoming romance between you both. Not until you were sat on the hood of your car parked behind the clubhouse, with Happy stood between your legs with his lips on your neck and his hands slipping under your top. That’s when Jax yanked him away from you and when Chibs and Opie joined in you were worried that you were finally going to get an answer to a question the club had pondered a while now. How many Sons could Happy beat on his own?

It was tense. All four men were out of breath and bleeding when Gemma and Clay showed up. Jax had spat out what he’d caught you pair doing, he made it sound worse than it was because lets face it, Jax can be dramatic. Clay got in two good punches which Happy didn’t try to return before Piney and Tig demanded that they call church.
You tried to protest but they ignored you so in the end you pleaded to Tig, your favourite Uncle, to not let them hurt Happy, that it was mutual.  He gave you a stern look and pressed a kiss to your forehead before running after the other men.

The verdict came back : If Happy stayed away from you then they wouldn’t pressure him to go back Nomad. No talking, no communcation. Nada. Zip.

You and your dad and your Step Brother spent hours shouting at each other that night until you stormed out with Clay shouting at you not to bother coming back until you saw sense.

You’d only been walking 30minutes before you saw the headlights coming up behind you and with an almighty pain everything went dark.


You woke two days later in hospital, the Nord Prospect had ran you down and reversed over you. For a while it was touch and go. That’s when you found out about Happy demanding to be by you in hospital and how your dad was going to force him to go nomad because of it.

You were so furious you refused to speak to him until he promised he’d take the decision to a vote. That gave you time to persuade them all. He was their brother, surely their protectiveness should take a back seat to pride knowing that Happy would always protect her. But that all had to wait until after this prospect was wiped off the face of the earth, the Nords had disowned the idiot.

You’d been trapped under house arrest for a week and your dad and Jax continued to keep Happy busy so that you couldn’t see him. It pissed you off, not only were you in constant pain but the only person you wanted to see was banned. Chibs, who admitted later he reacted too harsh jumping on Happy that day in the yard, had let you know that Happy was using his time away from you productively and have already gone through three leads trying to find the guy who knocked you down.
You tried to ignore the pain in your stomach as you read your book in the club house when Tig approached you with a big grin, “Guess who’s free from house arrest?”

“You got the bastard?” You gave him an honest smile, now you’ll be able to leave the club house without an escort.
Tig gave you an exaggerated nod, “Happy gotta hold of him so there’s not much of him left.”

As if on cue the rest of the Sons barrelled into the room, Jax, Happy and Clay were covered in blood.

“Hap sit down.” Jax voice came out as an order and Happy perched on a bar stool looking apprehensive and as much as he wanted to look over at you he didn’t. Jax came back with a tattoo gun and Happy instantly removed his shirt. Jax slipped on some gloves and leaned down and started to tattoo another smiley onto his collection. Your dad slid over a shot of Jack Daniels to him down the bar which Happy downed.

Something must have happened when they went after that bastard, something to click the club back into place. It was obvious that Jax and Clay appreciated Happy’s work when dealing with your attacker.

You looked up at Chibs when you felt his hand on your shoulder, “I think things will be okay Lass.”
“Yeah okay,” Tig chimed, pretending to look thoughtful, “I mean dunno why you’d pick Hap over me though.”

You laughed as Chibs clipped the back of his head. Happy came over to you and while still seated you were at the perfect height to see his new tattoo.

“For you.” His deep voice rasped.

“It’s perfect,” you smiled inspected it, “You’re really lucky that Jax has been working on his line work though.” You teased. Jax stuck his tongue out at you and flicked the rubber glove he’d used while tattooing at you.

Happy leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead. In your peripheral vision you saw a few of the Sons flinch but no one made a move to hit him.

Chibs was right, things might be okay.

Imagine Jeonghan getting excited when he realizes you’ve both accidentally managed to twin with your outfits for the day.