happy in the haze

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 12 - Royal Mile

“The city glowed all around us, as though sharing our happiness. Edinburgh lay under a haze that would soon thicken to rain again but, for now, the light of the setting sun hung gold and pink and red in the clouds, and shone in the wet patina of the cobbled street, so that the gray stones of the buildings softened and streamed with reflected light, echoing the glow that warmed my cheeks and shone in Jamie’s eyes when he looked at me.”

- Voyager

Have an excellent week! We’re a week closer to September!

We walked arm in arm down the cobbled slope of the Royal Mile at a quarter to five, suffused with a glow engendered by several bowls of well-peppered oyster stew and a bottle of wine, shared at intervals during our “private communications.”
      The city glowed all around us, as though sharing our happiness. Edinburgh lay under a haze that would soon thicken to rain again, but for now, the light of the setting sun hung gold and pink and red in the clouds, and shone in the wet patina of the cobbled street, so that the gray stones of the buildings softened and streamed with reflected light, echoing the glow that warmed my cheeks and shone in Jamie’s eyes when he looked at me.

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so something like: nathan waking up to find he must have gone to vlads in his wolf form, curled up on the bed like a big puppy and now he has no clothes, and vlad is in the kitchen making him a big breakfast.

Oh gosh, this is so close to an actual scene in the book you have no idea haha hmmmmmm lemme think.

The world looked different through the eyes of a wolf. Often times what seemed irrational to the human part of the brain, could make perfect sense to the part that insisted four legs were better than two.

He tried again, digging his claws in and trying to fit his snout under the door. He could smell what he wanted on the other side, and he was determined to get to it, even if he had to dig his way through the flagstone to do so.

The door opened with an irritated jerk, and the occupant looked around then down. The part of him that insisted two legs and opposable thumbs were useful traits to have, recognized the vampire as Vlad. The rest of his lunar addled brain simply thought of him as his. His vampire. His person. His.

Vlad opened the door farther to let the giant wolf into the room, sighing heavily when the wolf brushed up against him and left a trail of fur from shins to hip bone. He didn’t even bother trying to brush it off. 

“You’re supposed to be out running through the forest.” He said, somewhat reproachfully.

The wolf made a low sound deep in his chest flicking his ears to convey his displeasure with the current outside world. He didn’t so much mind the rain, but lightning still made him skittish.

“Oh fine, come on then.” Vlad muttered, padding back toward his darkened bedroom and crawling back into the gargantuan overstuffed bed they’d been sharing these past few months. He held the cover open, expecting him to settle at his back as he had done several times before, but after some consideration he settled neatly at the foot of the bed, resting his head on the vampire’s feet.

“You are so weird.” Vlad said, but even the canine part of Nathan’s brain could hear the smile in his voice. He snuffled softly in response, breathing in the room, the familiar scents that were so uniquely Vlad enveloping him in a warm happy haze. Hey lay still for a while, listening to the other man drift between wakefulness and sleep, watching the moon through the still open window, letting the sounds of the forest drift in.

 This, the wolf knew, was happiness.


Morning broke, and Nathan awoke with it. There was a brief moment of disorientation where he wondered where he was before some hazy recollection connected, matching up the missing dots between canine and human brain.

“Oh gods,” he muttered, realizing that he was curled up, not in their bed, but at the foot of it. “Ugh.”

He’d heard of puppy love but sometimes the wolf really took it too far.

Vlad appeared at the doorway, dressed down in only a pair of black trousers and a white shirt and casual waistcoat, his sungoggles perched atop his head. “Mornin’. Feeling a little rough, are we?”

“If that was a pun,” Nathan rasped out, struggling to work moisture into his mouth as he sat up on the edge of the bed, “then you can fuck right off.”

The vampire chuckled, crossing over the short space and pressing a mug into Nathan’s hands.

“Oooh I love you.”

“Are you talking to me or the coffee?” Vlad asked, wryly, grunting when Nathan reached out and pulled him against him, nuzzling his face against Vlad’s abdomen and trying to drink his coffee at the same time.

“Don’t make me choose.”

“Hmm,” Vlad hummed in response, lifting his hands to run them through Nathan’s unruly hair, nails dragging over his scalp in that oh so pleasant way. “You don’t have any clothes in here you know.”

“Oh no, what a shame.” Nathan deadpanned, leaning further into the touch.“I’ll just have to stay here. In your bed all day. Naked.”

The vampire snorted, allowing himself to be manhandled as Nathan set aside the mug and began unbuttoning his waistcoat. “Some of us have things to do you know.”

“Yes,”Nathan agreed as he wrapped both arms around Vlad’s waist and toppled him unceremoniously onto the bed. “Me.”

LuHan scenario - my wish

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genre: birthday fluff and birthday sex ;)

Warnings: eating out, neck bites, dirty talk

summary: Luhan comes for a visit while you celebrate your birthday with family and makes sure that you have a very happy ending.

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She wore the night and its stars like a second skin. An ethereal armor to keep the nightmares at bay.
He wore the yesterday and its regrets like a noose. An ever-tightening reminder of decisions made without choice.
She wore poetry and its hope like rubber rain boots. Allowing a few happy splashes in puddles of tears.
He wore whiskey and its haze like a pair of sunglasses at night. Hiding the pain in his eyes and masking the pain in his voice.
—  Just wanting to be naked

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betty/veronica, 34!

Truth be told, clubs aren’t really Betty’s thing. She prefers the quiet bar just a mile off campus to the places that Kevin dragged her off to on Saturday nights. The grinding and the sweat; it all makes her a tad uncomfortable without obscene amounts of alcohol coursing through her body, which is something she tries to avoid because one of them needs to be responsible. And yet…

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the light of day

Because it’s the Inquisition, and apparently everyone has an opinion (a.k.a. the companions are idiots with no sense of boundaries). Fluff.

Dorian wakes wondering why he’s wrapped in an extra blanket - he’s been meaning to requisition one, they aren’t in the hotter months yet and the Plains can be cold - until he realises that said blanket is actually an astonishingly warm, asleep man. He doesn’t particularly mind. This far south, he’ll take any heat he can get. He absentmindedly examines one of the arms around his waist, plucks at Gal’s sleeve with half-conscious curiosity, and touches the hand that’s glowing slightly in the dim light.

He’s certain they started out with separate bedrolls, or at least nominally separate ones. He wonders when the gap was closed, but considering it in any more detail would require proper thought, and for now he’s quite happy to enjoy the haze. He lies there, on the edge of sleep and thinking in circles, until he finds himself closing his eyes and savouring the feeling. It’s far too comfortable, and it shouldn’t be.

He extricates himself as gently as possible, shifting and rolling over. It’s an art, leaving without waking a bed partner, and really he should be finding his leathers and his gear. But he glances at Gal, and for some reason he lingers.

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the sweetest melody
blooming among the waves  
beloved Venus,
her lips spinning with grace 
dewy kisses of falling pearls  
epitome of the fairest 
she’s like a glamour
at the edge of haze
—  | a.s. || happy birthday Melody

The muscleboy was so well trained now he instinctively sent his master videos of him working out, grinning and subtly flexing as he felt that familiar sexual appetite rise in his groin. In his earbuds, he could hear the sound of that pleasant, whirring buzz that subconsciously instructed him to think less…. work out harder… get hornier and hornier. His tongue flapped out of his mouth and his eyes glazed over in a glassy haze - he was nothing but a happy, horny himbo fucktoy now. The more he released his mind to the strange amicable lust he felt for muscle and sex, the more at peace he felt. This is how it was supposed to be