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Atypical April Week 1: FRIENDSHIPS

I feel like Rose and Nathaniel are really lowkey good friends- Rose is so sweet and supportive, she would totally bring Nath out of his shell and get him talking about his art! Especially with how happy she was with the rose that Mari drew in her journal in the webisode, I feel like Rose would really be enthusiastic about her artistic friends’ work!

Note: I edited the background I found from an ML episode (no idea which one again) so just remember all I drew and colored was the characters!

Here is the post with the link to the prompts!!!

Long overdue but here it finally is! A list of 25 of my all-time favourite Bellarke videos. Some old, some new, all absolutely fantastic. I ended up putting them in alphabetical order but I bolded my top 5. It feels very weird to rec my own videos so; if you want, you could go check out my youtube for even more Bellarke (and I will leave it at that). I’ve had to force myself to choose no more than 2 videos per vidder, otherwise it would end up being an endless list (maybe some other time). Please take the time to check out the vidders! They are all also linked below and I love them a lot.

Playlist with all the videos

Enjoy watching and if you have any faves that aren’t on here, I would love to see them!

  I won’t lose to you anymore! 

So did anyone else realise Wally’s two theme’s have the same base tune to them?

While searching for any Yuri on ice Doujinshi event in Tokyo i found out that there’s an Otayuri centric Yuri on Ice doujin event on August. The venue is not that big compared to the general Yuri on Ice doujinshi event but i’m still happy that there’s a doujin event just for them. Guess the Otayuri fandom is strong in Japan╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ (And I should also start saving soon because I’ll definitely buy a lot of Otayuri Goods.)

If anyone is interested in the event and image source, You can check the doujin event web page (the website is in Japanese only) by clicking the link in the Source below (since i cannot link any external links in the text because i just recently learned that Tumblr’s currently blocking/hiding any post with external links and i don’t know how to bypass it T^T)

The illustrator of the image is Saaya/Lionni. You can buy her Otayuri doujin in Toranoana if you’re in Japan and if you’re overseas, you can use international forwarding services like Tenso though i haven’t tried using it since i’m currently living in Tokyo


Happy Birthday, Steve!

I seriously sat down to draw a cute picture of Steve with some cake and fireworks and maybe a bald eagle wearing a Captain America hat.  But then I started thinking about how selfless Steve is, and that probably he wouldn’t really enjoy a big celebration.  Also that one of the things I appreciate about him as Captain America, is that he doesn’t really buy into the propaganda of America – he cares a lot about America the people, and not necessarily all the blind patriotism and fireworks aspects of July 4th.

So a cute celebratory doodle turned into this monstrosity.

(Sorry about the crappiness of the artwork, though – I just wanted it out of my system, so didn’t look up how to draw anyone properly, and I basically used preset colors.)

At least there’s still a bald eagle.

[obligatory link to my Captain America stuff]

[edit: oops I conflated Liberty Island and Ellis Island.  Now fixed. Original wrong version can be found here.]

[edit2: a-hahaha I decided to change it again, because Ellis Island is important to me.  Version with more Lady Liberty can be found here.]

Music Series: Safety Pin by 5 Seconds of Summer

Thank you for requesting, Anon, and I appreciate your readership!

So that I am fair to everyone who waits so patiently in the queue of my inbox for me to finally get to their requests, I’m only doing one song per submitted request. So I chose the one I feel a connection to, the one that speaks to me. May sound weird, but that is quite literally how my writing happens. It’s like a supernatural indwelling or something. Can’t explain it, but that’s how it happens. If you would like to resubmit your 2nd request back into the queue, I’ll be happy to tackle it when it comes around again. Thank you for understanding!

Because I love the “Broken boy meets broken girl” concept, I chose “Safety Pin” by 5 Seconds of Summer, which can be found on Spotify through this link —> HERE! <— :) xo


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To Mend A Dragon’s Heart(Overwatch fanfic/ Deaged!Hanzo fic) 8+1 illustrations (SPOILERS!!!)

Art duration: 2 months (April 2017 to June 2017)

Read Fic here:


Alternate link(Archive of our own) if you want to read it chapter by chapter:  http://archiveofourown.org/works/10625796/chapters/23503905

See the animated cover:


Concept arts(older art links):

http://enderhood.tumblr.com/post/153105931820/de-aged-hanzo-i-was-inspired-by-this-picture-by  (Deaged!Hanzo)

http://enderhood.tumblr.com/post/154758983540/coverillustration-for-my-upcoming-fanfic-should  (Older Cover art)

Once again,thank you for the support and likes!!! <3 

Hope you all enjoy the story and the drawings I made :)

PS  Happy late anniversary to Overwatch!!! (I know I’m really late…been busy working on these)


It had all started on the Ark. You and Bellamy had been close friends, you’d sit with him in the library, listening to him rambling to you about the different myths and legends that he was reading. The smile on his face as he told them always made you feel calmer than you cared to admit to, your head resting on his shoulder as you scanned the page of illustrations.

But, since you’d been thrown in Confinement you missed those stories.

And now? Well now the whole world was practically against you.

‘So,’ said Bellamy, making you look towards him and away from the fire in an instant. There was a small smirk on his face as he dropped into the seat beside you. ‘Want to hear about Pegasus again?’

‘Wait, you can remember it?’ you asked, hope flaring in your chest, even after everything you’d been through.

He chuckled softly, nodding as you moved to put your head on his shoulder. ‘Of course,’ he assured you, before starting the story, just like old times.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).

Rewritten, Chapter 23: Link’s Awakening

Read this on Fanfiction.net or Ao3 

The sun was just beginning to rise when Link found himself back in Kakariko. He reunited with Horse again while he was there, and the animal was clearly happy to see him. As much as he would have liked to relax in the peaceful little town, Revali’s words echoed in his mind - your job is far from done, you know.

All that was left was the sword, since Link was beginning to lose hope that he would regain his memories. All he could think was that maybe, if he defeated Ganon… maybe then he would remember who he was.

Impa, thankfully, gave him more hope.

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If you were... (4)

If you were spilled ink
you’d stain paper
with the words I’d think
I would read them all
and my heart might sink
at the broken pieces
your words manage to link

*read me on a page*

If you were spilled ink
you’d walk right off the page
and head off straight inside my veins
simmering inside
there you’d remain
til I erupted and cried
then spilled you again

Hmm, spilled words

If you were spilled ink
I’d read about your sad girls and bad girls
wild nights and wild boys
into the wild we’d boldly go
down the hole - over a rainbow
the misadventures, the lost and found
the untamed, the silence, the sounds
the happy ending in a book that you wrote
the tiger’s who smoked
the unfunny joke


If you were spilled ink
I’d fall for you more with each word I read
put my own pen to paper and let it bleed
our words may bleed into eachother
as we spill thoughts, evolving
just write - and discover

- D


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE GREATEST FRIENDS I HAVE HERE, blamedorange!!!! She constantly makes me laugh with her amazing humour, no matter how weird and eccentric it may be. :p

Have a doodle of your ultimate OTP you nerd I love you platonically!! ;D

Find the coupling fanart for this from n-a-d-h-i-e and fanfic by snogfairy because we’re all the Lyredy queen’s minions too. ;w;

anonymous asked:

Hylia doesn't need to eat, Link knew and still found her an apple tart (he can't cook) because she wanted to try his fave food. He never forgot to look of pure joy on her face as she tasted apples for the first time ever. In his darker moments he thinks off Hylia's happy face and how he would do anything to see her smile like that again

link watching her every movement as she tastes his favorite food for the first time and the relief when her face lits up and she says she loves it. this is beautiful and i am pleased

I'm such a shameless shameless girl >/////>

I’m *so* sorry, I just couldn’t resist after someone sent the “Handplates” question to the wrong ask blog,I just found it so hilarious ehehehe ^//////^;

(Please forgive me if you saw this already! o////////o

…ordon'tcareforit >///////>)

((Hanako! Thank you so much for this gift! Sorry it took me so long to get around to replying. Such a fun idea, this really made me smile haha! You nailed DS Gaster’s expressiveness too!

Also, I noticed in your submission that the original image wasn’t included! I hope you don’t mind I edited it by adding the picture. 

The link to the original post is here. c:

Thanks again! And Happy Holidays. :D <33))

hi guys, i wanna share my first doujin of shizaya i bought from my fav circle; ICA <3

but u have to sent me pm/message OFF ANON (i will ignore it if anon) ,that u want this doujin and i will give the link sorry but i wont put link here

but this is not translate in english… coz i dont know japanese, sorry

if u want translate it for me, im so happy

why first? bcoz i ship them again after 7 year…after i start to read they fics in ao3 and fanfic (can u imagine how many fics they are, a lot….)

of course i ship them early 2010 (if im not mistake), but that time idk where u guys buying doujin and stuff, and when i found it where (2013?) i…not into them..i dont buy they stuff, and now im regret…i miss/late a lot….and my fav circle already move fandom..

bloodshednesta  asked:

i love the way you write nessian im a sucker for au im so glad i found your fics! do you have a masterlist? i wanna read all of them :)))

Ahh thank you so much, I’m so happy you dropped by!! I feel as if I can only write AU’s because I cannot do the exact justice for the ACOTAR world. you know? And yes, I do have a masterlist! << It’s also linked in my description if this one here doesn’t work. Thank you again :)


Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ctx2V8gvMg

I once again made a MEP Part, this time with Gingling. They’re cute.

Thumbnail art by @faybellethorn​.                                                                           Source: http://faybellethorn.tumblr.com/post/135885336372/happy-holidays-to-raine-michirukaioh-apparently

All other fanart credits can be found under the cut! ♥ They can also be found in the Youtube description, together with the audio credits.

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All of the Stars

Rating: M (very soft M, to cover my back)

Genre: Romance/Angst

Character(s)/Pairing(s): John Bates, Anna (Smith)Bates; Anna/Bates

Fic Summary: John Bates has always looked to the stars.

Warnings: Descriptions of war, alcohol, sex.

Notes: Happy Birthday, @annambates! I hope you have a lovely day! :D

This is based on the prompt found here.

Link here.