happy hypocrite


“You’re thinking of getting involved. You check the temperature out there. People are increasingly suspicious about foreigners…”

I’m confused

So Amber Heard’s supporters want to send death threats to Johnny Depp. They want to send death threats to anyone who supports Johnny Depp. Yet His supporters haven’t sent her or any of her supporters death threats. Love how her supporters come out with “No one should ever get abused” So why are you abusing people then? You’re right nobody deserves any kind of abuse but why do you have to be hypocritical and send abuse to all those who support him?

How the fuck can someone say they’re against “any kind of abuse” and then start sending abuse to people just because they don’t agree with you? There is so much shit coming from her supporters and it needs to stop. There was shit coming from both sides at first, lets be honest. But the more evidence that comes out the more it seems to prove his innocence. First off, the pictures. Why did her bruise move around and why did it disappear? Real bruises, done by accident or on purpose take DAYS to heal, even weeks depending on how serious they are. Then the story changes. Its just really confusing but what’s MY problem with this? 1. My favourite actor is being accused of something he didn’t do however at first I was torn because no matter how famous you are, you can’t use that as a way of getting away with abusing someone. NO ONE has that right. I don’t care who you are, you abuse someone you deserve to be punished for it! 2. I don’t like how her followers are saying all sorts of crap and sending death threats to people supporting Johnny. We hear an respect your opinions but you should hear us and respect ours too.

I know this may leave me losing followers for this but I felt I had to say it. And another thing, why do the very thing you claim to be against? That’s what my main problem is and that’s all I’ve got to say.

Just let it be known that I care about One Direction: the individuals, far, far, far, more than I care about One Direction: the performers.

This may not be true of everyone, and that’s okay. You don’t have to agree with me, and I completely respect that. But the truth of the matter is, I personally am not here because I love the music. I’m here because these boys, specifically a certain two of them, have completely tugged at my heartstrings, and shown me about love, and prevailing, and being true to yourself, and that it’s okay to be unique. It’s okay not to fit the mould. It’s okay to have fun. It’s okay to be silly. They’ve actually helped with changing my worldview in some ways, which is pretty neat, as well as my feelings about myself.

That’s why I’m here. And I don’t want anything I do, or want, ever, ever to be detrimental to these boys. If what is best for them is not to perform, not be seen, not to be out there for me to enjoy, that’s what I want. This isn’t about me. They’ve done enough already.

My friend just got into Caltech and I’m happy for her but I also feel so inadequate. She’s so hardworking and brilliant and here I am, not even done applying to colleges, being on tumblr when I should be doing other things, watching Netflix instead of studying, etc etc. I shouldn’t be this upset. But here I am.