happy hues

things that make me happy
  • the perfect hue of the ocean
  • nice comments on my posts (although i cry)
  • when people notice your tiny quirky earrings
  • chocolate brown eyes
  • storm grey eyes
  • sea blue eyes
  • sky blue eyes
  • river green eyes
  • grass green eyes
  • hazel eyes when they shimmer 
  • eYES
  • freckles (and constellations lol)
  • people with red hair wearing the perfect green to compliment them
  • dark skin people in gold (especially those temporary tattoo things)
  • being tagged in cute things
  • uncontrollable laughter
  • aesthetic boards
  • pretty wild flowers in general
  • bare feet being licked by the ocean
  • pretty notes
  • fineliiner pens
  • “Can you move your seat up?”
  • the sound of my mum singing
  • new boots
  • dresses that you feel great in
  • escape through books and films and tv
  • the sound of waves lapping against the side of the boat
  • malteasers
  • chocolate
  • the colour purple
  • fingers rubbing against the back of your hand - tracing patterns
  • the cute little “look down laugh” smile your crush/significant other does
  • the perfectly shaped ringlets in natural curls
  • notebooks
  • fandom necklaces
  • finding someone in the same fandom as you
  • hitting it off with someone
  • comfortable silences with someone you can trust
  • dog paws
  • cat paws
  • anIMALS
  • the ocean
  • the stars
  • the wind
  • forests
  • the grass
  • flowers
  • people talking in their native language
  • when people are passionate and their eyes light up
  • the giddy feeling in your chest from liking someone
  • figuring yourself out
  • frozen fruit
  • fresh fruit
  • fruit
  • seeing you have a new follower AND IT’S NOT A PORN BLOG
  • “Are you kidding me I’m blind!”

Rhetoi’s NPC Portrait!!

She is a spirit residing in Coill Abyss dungeon.

Due to the dangerous mutations in the whole area she doesn’t want Milletians visiting her or the dungeon, even though she feels lonely once they leave.

If you trade her you can buy potions that she made with the forest herbs and miscellaneous items she found within the forest.


Painting by the lake side with @tach-yon.
I’m excited to use oil paints more as I’ve only recently started using them! I’m also happy that the hue is the focus of this work 😌



Too Faced - Merry Kissmas Lipstick Set (cost: $25; value: $48)

Stila - Naturally Nude Lipstick Set (cost:$20; value: $36)

Lorac - Evening Soiree (cost: $28; value: $48)

Tony Moly - Shea Sheet Mask Box Set (cost: $7.50; value: ??)

The Balm - Meet Matte Hughes Lipstick Set (cost: $25; value: ??)

Lorac - Social Affair (cost: $36; value: ??)

Tarte - Amazonian Clay Blush Palette Color Wheel (cost: $44; value: $150)

Lorac - Cue the Confetti Highlighter & Blush Palette with Brush (cost: $30; value: ??)

Lorac - Happy Hour Hues Lipgloss Set (cost: $25; value: ??)

Tarte - Kiss Bliss Tarteist™ Creamy Matte Lip Paint & Crayon Set (cost: $46; value: $70)

Most of these are lipstick sets. I think that any makeup lover will be over-joyed with new lipsticks. Some of these sets include full sized lipsticks too! And these deals are incredible based on the actual value. I am most excited for the Tarte blush palette. I absolutely love the blush formula, and this palette has such a great variety of colors. Lorac and Tarte are killing it this year with the holiday sets. 

I did not include any Too Faced eyeshadow sets. From experience, these shadows do not have the same formulation as their other shadows (ones not included in holiday sets). I spent lots of money last year on their eyeshadow set, and instantly regretted it. The eyeshadows were chalky, difficult to blend, and over half of them were not pigmented enough. 

I have more favorites, so like this post if you’d like to see a Part 2! 

Is there any makeup that you’d like to see under the tree this year? Are you thinking about a gift for a friend or family member? I can make more recommendations in my messages. Feel free to invade my ask box ❤

Happiness (n.)

I once chased a fleeting silhouette. Its transient presence leaves a lingering euphoria in the atmosphere. I swear, I’ve seen it in its entirety before. I try to convince myself that I knew exactly where to find it so I can grasp it, hold it, feel it, touch it. I crave to feel that sensation and that feeling my love, is some I felt with you— a feeling so intoxicating, it seems unreal. You and I, we are all chasing a myth: a myth of unadulterated, untainted, utter bliss.

the gentle giant

Originally posted by myg

A/N: you know that moment when you’re about to go to bed, but then you start to get 87390 ideas? yeah, this is a result of that. don’t know what this is but i enjoyed writing it. my english professor would not be proud but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ + will edit again later. 09/06/16 update: i just remembered that i used that name bc of bates motel haha and that this is ??
Rating: angst + fluff? (also: mentions of blood)
Word count: 1,850

   You were used to the constant rain and chilly air considering eighteen years of your life were spent in the place you called home. You couldn’t imagine yourself anywhere else. Anywhere but where you were simply wouldn’t feel right. You couldn’t grow accustomed to happy hues when you already knew every shade of dreary.

  And sometimes that’s what your life was. Dull, monotonous, boring.

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1. "pull over. let me drive for awhile."

this is the first blurb of my “100 ways to say ‘i love you’” series i’ve decided to start working on. there’s going to be loads of fluff, cheesiness and (probably) calum, so i genuinely hope you guys like it - if you do, please let me know! happy reading!!! xx

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