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4/2/17 - so happy with february’s spread ^^ it’s water month so that means no fizzy drinks or sweet stuff just fruity water all the way!! also, porter robinson has been my jam lately, which explains the ‘worlds’ background ~ my typography needs a little work but apart from that i’m content with how it looks! felt like pairing this with a lovely shot of the sunset the other day!! perks of living literally a road away from the sea ~

things that make me happy
  • the perfect hue of the ocean
  • nice comments on my posts (although i cry)
  • when people notice your tiny quirky earrings
  • chocolate brown eyes
  • storm grey eyes
  • sea blue eyes
  • sky blue eyes
  • river green eyes
  • grass green eyes
  • hazel eyes when they shimmer 
  • eYES
  • freckles (and constellations lol)
  • people with red hair wearing the perfect green to compliment them
  • dark skin people in gold (especially those temporary tattoo things)
  • being tagged in cute things
  • uncontrollable laughter
  • aesthetic boards
  • pretty wild flowers in general
  • bare feet being licked by the ocean
  • pretty notes
  • fineliiner pens
  • “Can you move your seat up?”
  • the sound of my mum singing
  • new boots
  • dresses that you feel great in
  • escape through books and films and tv
  • the sound of waves lapping against the side of the boat
  • malteasers
  • chocolate
  • the colour purple
  • fingers rubbing against the back of your hand - tracing patterns
  • the cute little “look down laugh” smile your crush/significant other does
  • the perfectly shaped ringlets in natural curls
  • notebooks
  • fandom necklaces
  • finding someone in the same fandom as you
  • hitting it off with someone
  • comfortable silences with someone you can trust
  • dog paws
  • cat paws
  • anIMALS
  • the ocean
  • the stars
  • the wind
  • forests
  • the grass
  • flowers
  • people talking in their native language
  • when people are passionate and their eyes light up
  • the giddy feeling in your chest from liking someone
  • figuring yourself out
  • frozen fruit
  • fresh fruit
  • fruit
  • seeing you have a new follower AND IT’S NOT A PORN BLOG
  • “Are you kidding me I’m blind!”

A commission for the (eventual, after I’m done with RADIANCE) book version of “A blackish red hue” (by my writing alter ego Nalyra), created by the insanely talented @transylvanianshipper!!

I asked for this scene and gave the link to the chapter and it turned out perfectly… I LOVE the chosen color scheme and the expressions, so very much in tune with the scene.


Okay, guys.
I’ve got a rant for you.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how heart breaking Huedhaut’s entire story is? I don’t just mean his own route, oh no, I mean in every single route he appears in the Star Crossed Myth world. This navy-haired, kind soul has got me in pieces with every single scene he is in.

And yes, there are spoilers ahead.
You have been warned.

First of all, can you even imagine, for just a moment, the person you loved so deeply sacrifices themselves and leaves you behind? Can you even fathom that kind of pain? Especially for an eternal being, like Huedhaut? And not just that, but killing a part of yourself to save that person’s soul? I can’t even comprehend the agony of watching your lover die and not being able to convince them to live for you.

Just this point is enough to make Huedhaut one of the most tragic characters to ever come out of Voltage Inc.

However, I am not finished yet.

The very reason for this rant is simply the fact that while Heudhaut is the sole reason the goddess is even alive as a human, she is able to choose another God to save and to love.

But here’s the kicker, it’s not just any God she can choose…

She chooses from Huedhaut’s colleagues.

Can you even imagine? Saving the woman you love, and finding out she holds the key to save your own soul, only to be passed over for another man? One of your coworkers, your colleagues, your makeshift friends?

And even when he is passed over, unless you are like myself and had an immediate attraction, in every route…In Every. Single. Route. Hue is her supporter, her secondary protector, her shoulder to cry on, her friend. He never, ever tries to tell her of her past life to sway her to be with him. He keeps it and suffers in silence. This is how I know Huedhaut truly loves the goddess.

And it completely shatters me. Every. Time.

Huedhaut is the only character in any Voltage Inc. game I have played, who I believe truly loves the MC because he is willing to let her make her own choices, even if he knows that choice doesn’t include him. He would gladly step aside to make sure she was happy.

Hue is the most beautiful, kind, wonderful, loyal, selfless character I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

He will forever trump all other Voltage men.

dandelionandbuttercup  asked:

Ok, read that AU shite of your and LOVE IT. Now I'll drop you questions about it \( òOó)/ How does witcher job work in modern age? Do they still use swords and potions, or did they modernized with other weapons like guns?

Hue hue hue I’m happy I’ve manages to infect others with that modern!AU shite as well 8D

I think Witchers would have largely traded their swords for guns. A pretty standard set-up for monster hunting would include two sidearms (pistols, one with normal bullets and one with silver bullets), primary weapon (rifle), and a silver short sword.

Potions would very much still be a thing and one major reason for embarrassing ER trips, ”oops I drank way too much tawny owl again”. But hey, at least in modern!AU shite they’d have ER to go puke their guts out to!


Painting by the lake side with @tach-yon.
I’m excited to use oil paints more as I’ve only recently started using them! I’m also happy that the hue is the focus of this work 😌

King and Queen (Draco x Reader x Harry part.4)

Originally posted by infp-soup

Terribly sorry for the long wait! I was so unsatisfied with this chapter-*shakes fist* but I’m glad I finally finished it since now I can move to the more important things - dates.

 Hope you enjoy it D: sorry there’s not much romance, but plot haha… *shifts awkwardly* 

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