happy hour dresses

I drew fanart of @caibii‘s Miraculous Ladybug Zorro au! This was super hard but it was so much fun! 

You should also all go right now and read the au here because it’s amazing and so well written and also the best au ever. Thank you so much again for writing it!

Supergirl aesthetics - SuperCat - Asking Too Much

Fanfiction written by @fictorium

“Cat needs a date to a party, she convinces Kara to go with her (“You’re my assistant, nobody will think anything of it”).”


Title: Happy Birthday

Pairing: Akashi/Kuroko

Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Happy Birthday,Kuroko bby im sorry i suppose to publish this early and now its 10 minutes before 1 feb..im late again =.=

warning: bakashi

also,this is for dear chii who patiently wait for this ilu \(*T▽T*)/