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OMG! THAT’S IT, I KNEW IT! HE IS REALLY YOUNGER THAN HER, ISN’T HE?! MH’s defensiveness and the way he avoids BS’s eyes give him totally away! JUST CALL HER NOONA ALREADY!

To divert her attention from the matter, he once again pulls the “gravely-injured-patient” act which is so adorably transparent because whenever BS isn’t looking Min Hyuk has the blissful smile plastered on his face of someone who’s just experiencing a moment of perfect happiness. 

The fact that Min Hyuk is so utterly happy lying in a hospital with a stab wound, a place where most people get depressed and apathetic, speaks volumes about how bleak, lonely, empty and miserable his life must have been; but MH has never been most people. IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF THE GIRL WHO DOESN’T LEAVE HIS SIDE, not allowing him to be alone and sad.

OK, so I was doing @morshmalliver ’s b-day present and I realized the image was gone (like, shit, first the contracture now this) and as you can see the universe wants to kill me, so I was sketching again and I just couldn’t do it right and somehow it ended up in sad shit.


When a formerly-paralyzed patient decided to surprise her favorite nurse with the news of her rediscovered ability to walk, the nurse’s ecstatic reaction served as a reminder of how much hospital workers truly care for their patients.

Take a moment today to thank a nurse or caregiver in your life. [via]

Ideal Careers Based On Your Zodiac Signs -- Libra

Libra - September 23 - October 22

Libras are social and adept at bringing people together so you’re a great mediator in and out of the office. The sign of “balance”, reading people and understanding people’s motivations comes naturally to you, and you can often use this to your advantage in any job or career field—think diplomat, assistant, translator, broker, sales person, etc.

Ideal careers: Represented by the scales of justice, law enforcement and justice are natural fits for you. You’re a people person at heart, so working with others is crucial to your happiness—think hospitality, customer service, diplomats, travel agents, and even a wedding planner.



Day 3 // Tuesday, 15 November 2016
hunger :: satisfaction

They deserved the victory.


[Drawing of a stick-figure girl napping on a couch, drooling and holding a turkey leg. Above her is the word, “THANKSGIVING,” and below her, “The one day of the year spoonies can blame their need for a nap on turkey.”]

Happy Thanksgiving, my (American) POTSie peeps! I hope the holiday hasn’t been too rough on you, and I wish you many spoons for the upcoming season! 🦃


RED anthurium: hospitality, happiness, abundance

BLUE larkspur: open heart, strong attachment, pure heart 

GREEN chrysanthemum: perfection, prosperity, fidelity

PURPLE dark geranium: melancholy, sadness, folly 

YELLOW sunflower: adoration, dedication, haughtiness    

PINK lily: friendship, wealth, aspiration

(speedpaint | redbubble: set, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)