happy holidays : )

❄️ 2017 Spicyhoney Holiday Post Card Pre-Order!!!! ❄️

-glossy, 4x6 post cards. 

3.00$USD each, shipping included.
2 for 5$ -special-

To pre-order message me

PRE ORDER ENDS November 25th.
Cards will be mailed December 1st!

I take PayPal only.
Will ship international! ( I Do not guarantee arrival by Christmas for international orders.)

Last Minute Hamtaro Secret Santa Giveaway!

Hamha, y’all!

The holidays are coming up quick, so why not participate in a hamham secret santa art trade? This is a great way to feel festive and make new friends! I’m excited to participate in this and I hope you all are too! :^)

This is a GIVE/RECEIVE art event, please do not enter if you won’t be able to give a gift (There’s always next year!)

How Secret Santa works:

Like I said, this is a give/receive art, so please do not buy your giftee a present, instead make one yourself! All secret santas will be random, so while you are making a present for your giftee, another santa is working very hard on your present!

Please do not reveal yourself as a secret santa, that would take all the fun out of it.


I’m sorry this is last minute, but all entries must be submitted by December 1st 12am est time, so everyone can work on their projects!

Giftees names will be sent via ask/message on December 1st.

December 15th, I will send a message asking about the progress of your project (please try to get back to me! I want to make sure no one gets left without a present this year), if at this time you do not respond within a few days or must drop out of the event, please let me know!

December 24 - 31st, post your gift(s) and reveal yourself!

What kind of gifts can we give?:

  1. Well, in simple terms, fanart! This includes:
  2. graphics (traditional art included just snap a good pic of it!)
  3. fanfics (minimum of 1000 words)
  4. AMVs
  5. GIFs
  6. Playlists (must be at least ten songs)
  7. Basically, anything you could freely make and easily send over the internet : ^)

How to enter:

Please send me an ask with the following innformation!

  1. URL
  2. Top five characters from Hamtaro
  3. Wishlist (any prompts or AU’s)
  4. Is there anything you would specifically not like to receive?
  5. How many giftees would you like to take on? If someone drops out would you be willing to take on another giftee?

Between December 24 - 31st when all gifts can be sent out, please tag your art with your giftees URL and the tag #hamtarosecretsanta so we can all see, and I’ll be able to reblog your work!

So, if you’d like to participate or if you have any questions, please send me an ask/message!

Have fun, and happy holidays!

Ghoulcember Advent Calendar 2017

Happy holidays everyone! Here is our holiday season prompt list! The same rules stand as before. Any medium, timing, et cetera! If you’ve got questions, check out our FAQ

Spread the cheer and goodwill through your art. Or use it to work through frustrations with the holidays! Just know that we’re here to inspire you. We’re really looking forward to seeing what you create.

Be sure to tag us @ghoultober to get your prompt reblogged! 


So I know it’s a little early BUT since lifeisstrangefans.com announced their christmas contest I figured why not post my entry here aswell :)

Chloe bought her magical someone a magical something for the holidays ^_^

Hope you’re all doing well, see you soon!

PS. Yes I changed my url :)