happy heechul day!!

I honestly didn’t want to say anything but things are getting ridiculous
We have been waiting 2 years for this comeback and now sungmin isn’t going to be a part of it??? Honestly why do these so called “fans” have to ruin things for us
Sungmin never did anything wrong!! Is getting married a crime? No it isn’t! Okay sure he could have told us better beforehand but even if he did he would have gotten hate! He had no way of winning cause of these “fans” who believe that just cause hes an idol he isn’t allowed to have happiness and live his life with the person he loves! Just cause hes an idol doesn’t mean that hes not a normal being and that his whole existance is to ‘serve’ us!
Whats even more ridiculous is how that your blaming the members for not supporting sungmin! Even if it is label sj, it is all controlled be sm, you should all know that by now!! I’m sure the members tried to convince him not to take decisions, but honestly can you blame sungmin, you were all going to boycott the concert, you hate on his wife etc, so all cause he wanted his brothers comeback to do well he opted out of it! Imagine how hard of a decision must have been for sungmin and the members!
Honestly Sungmin and the other members have done so much for us that we could never even repay them even if we tried! Tbh we aren’t even trying, cause look what we are doing, we are not allowing sungmin to have a happy married life, were not allowing him to participate in the comeback or the concert! All we are doing is ripping the group apart!!! This upsets me so much cause what sort of fans are we do being doing all this?? When did elf become so toxic?? I’m honestly so dissapointed in our fandom! But then again those who are doing this are not elf… they don’t deserve to be called that cause elf stands for everlasting friends and we were supposed to support them for a life time, not turn our backs on them…….

Either way i will always be an elf and support super junior till the end! I will always support the members and try to keep the group together! I will try and make this comeback successful by promoting and streaming the hell out it! The boys have been working so hard for this comeback and for them we should make it as good as possible!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEECHUL OPPA !! We hope that you’re spending a great day and that you’re enjoying it ! Stay as handsome and funny and perfect as you already are. ELF love and support you !! 생일 축하해요 희철 오빠 🎆🎊🎉🎁🎈🎂💙😘

JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE HEECHUL OPPA !! Nous espérons que tu passes une très bonne journée et que tu l’apprécie ! Reste aussi beau et drôle et parfait que tu es déjà. Les ELF t’aime et te soutienne !! 생일 축하해요 희철 오빠 🎆🎊🎉🎁🎈🎂💙😘


[Trans] @special1004:..Happy birthday.. instagram.com/p/467U0KqNkM/ 

[Trans] @donghae861015: Happy birthday to our Heebonggie !! I hope to see you taking care of your dongsaengs more from now on! Stop doing actions that draws attention!! It also seems like you need a more considerate image too !! #heenimloseweight #iloveyou #happybirthday #dyeyourhair happy that we are together !! instagram.com/p/467p4bF8Bn/ 

[Trans] @AllRiseSilver: Hehehe it is alright to behave immaturely #happybirthdayheenim #wearesuperjunior instagram.com/p/4670cfCbw8/ 

[Trans] @siwon407: Its been 10 years before we knew it. We went through thick and thin. Even so, being able to be together in birthdays really makes me happy. Happy Birthday heenim^^ #wearesuperjunior 

[Trans] @shfly3424: Heebongie-hyung happy birthday. From now on I’ll cheer on you becoming more like a hyung in the fulture~ I love you #SuperJunior #Devil #supershow