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Your home is NOT an adequate environment for a reptile and never will be. STOP free ranging your reptiles! Reptiles are NOT like cats and dogs, they are NOT mammals!  Know your proper care and educate yourself before owning one!

Reptiles have very specified needs.

Heat. Humidity. UVB Lighting.
 Substrate. A proper habitat that is THEIRS.

They are all different and require different things to be healthy and happy. Your human home, that is built for humans, does NOT retain those needs properly.

[ A note: I’m not talking about devoting an entire room to large monitors or iguanas here, I’m talking about the constant craziness I see in Facebook groups with people who have their ball pythons, bearded dragons, etc, just free roaming their bed/living rooms with no proper habitat whatsoever. ]

Dealing With Stress Induced Illness During Vet School

When I was a youngin, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is a GI condition (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, painful abdomen, etc). that can be exacerbated by stress and trigger foods. Once I got through the initial (years and years) struggle of identifying my triggers, my IBS, like a latent virus, faded into the background. I rarely had any problems, and I was feeling like a normal, happy, healthy, peaceful human being. 

And then everything changed when vet school attacked. As exam upon exam rained down on me, I began to feel painful and bloated even when consuming my “safe” foods. And if anyone has experienced IBS, one painful bloating episode can leave you crying on the couch clutching your stomach all day. Or hurriedly running to the bathroom all day while fighting off excruciating cramps.. It’s a daily struggle, because there are stresses everywhere. Juggling 15 exams, bills, relationships, classes, sleep, and “me” time is hard.  And to be honest, clinical rotations hasn’t made it any better. There are new challenges, such as gulping down food at 4 am after my 18 hour shift, or trying to soothe my grumbling tummy as I face my insecurities about new procedures or retaining my knowledge base. Every day is just a new stress to add to my already sensitive GI system. 

And I wish I could sit here and say that I found the miracle cure and if you have a chronic illness, whether that be physical or mental, that you can heal it with ease while also juggling the constant pressure cooker that is school. But it’s not that simple. It’s hard. So hard I want to cry in frustration sometimes. 

However, with my IBS comes the persistence of working through this. I was never truly aware of my stresses (or stress relievers for that matter), until now. And now that I am equipped with that knowledge, It is slowly becoming manageable again, I am becoming a normal person again, no, a stronger person, and for that I am thankful. 

And with this comes help, from peers, from professors, and from professionals. I am not alone in this, and neither are you. An illness, whether it has physical or mental manifestations, is not going to make this journey easy for you. But you should know that regardless of what you are struggling with, you have resources to help you through, and that despite the lies that your illness is spewing to you, you are still capable of crossing that finish line. 

anonymous asked:

I started to eat normal a few months ago after a long time of restricted eating and ED tendencies. I thought that it was the best decision for me even though i still struggle with wanting to be skinny (I'm working on that mindset).. and my mother told me that i am getting fat. I know it's not true, I'm barely at a healthy weight rn. But that comment just fuels my bad thoughts about how disgusting i look now that I'm gaining weight... i really don't know how to be healthy without starving

What the hell!!? Why does your Mother say something like that? I mean, honestly, why?! Doesn’t she know you have an eating disorder? That’s nowhere near being sensitive and I (sorry) have no idea how a mother can say something like that to her daughter. Keep going girl, if you know that you’re still not at a healthy weight, then please keep gaining weight and eating more!! And even if you reach a healthy weight, as long as your mind is still sick you need to keep fighting. Don’t let anyone in our brainwashed world tell you you need to be skinny to be beautiful. Being beautiful comes from the inside out, not from being skinny. A beautiful human is a HEALTHY and HAPPY human, someone who is confident in his/her own body. Nothing is more worth than recovering to get there. You can do this ❤

I am so ready to eliminate negative, cynical people out of my life - people who make fun of others for a laugh and mock you as a joke, people who look at the dullness of humanity and the emptiness of life…Positivity is all I live for.
—  Elise

The degree to which gamification is responsible for making me a functional adult is really alarming.

Between Habitica coordinating, like, my entire life, and Zombies Run making me actually GET EXCITED about running and SuperBetter helping me track my eating so that I don’t feel like a sack of poo I am about 60% more functional and healthy than I was a year ago in the face of an awful lot more pressure.

And all because I am deeply motivated by clicking buttons and watching the pretty colors.  Like, I want to feel like a happy, healthy human? Not motivating apparently.  I want XP so my Rogue can do extra boss damage? SIGN ME UP I’M GONNA DO YOGA AND THEN CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE.


To the Vancouver Park Board

This is Wilma. Listen to her tiny squeals. Listen to her breaths, because those were her last.

She was a lost killer whale calf in Norway, left to starve by the likes of you, because they held on to some irrational belief that this month old baby could “just find her family again”.

Well, she didn’t. She starved. She suffered alone. She stranded. Then she was given the mercy of a round of bullets in her head.

Because the anti-animal decision makers in Norway did not want her to be saved. They did not want to see her grow up and thrive, happy and healthy in human care.

They held on to the ideology of “better dead than fed”, like you do.
Well here it is.

To the decision makers on Vancouver Park Board, I don’t believe in hell, but if a single cetacean dies because of your decision, I hope there is one for you to go to.

Character Profile: Seokjin

  • Name: Seokjin (alternate: Jin, Jinnie)
  • Height: Tall enough to reach the cookie jar
  • Team mom, with bonus Dad Jokes™
  • Do not underestimate his fighting ability; he will crush you while smiling and make up a cheesy one-liner while he’s at it
  • Fabulous™
  • Makes the best food out of anyone in the group
  • Also good at counseling the members when they have troubles
  • Likes: cooking, eating, the color pink, seeing his friends happy and healthy, human fashion
  • Dislikes: cleaning up others’ messes, seeing his friends wounded (he’ll patch them up anyway but be lecturing them the whole time)
  • Introduced to Jimin when Namjoon brought Taehyung and Jimin back to their hideout, wants to teach him to cook someday so he’ll have kitchen help
Without a Trace - Part 2

Word Count: 2091

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Torture, Violence toward a baby (Check the tags if you really need to know what it is. It’s not as awful as it seems, honestly.), Major character death-ish, Canon divergence, Language, Gore. This is a pretty dark chapter, I admit. 

A/N: This took forever! I’m sorry! I wrote this drunk so any and all mistakes are completely my bad. Feedback on this is much appreciated! It’s been a huge struggle. 

Without a Trace Masterlist 

“Dean…Y/N… you both need sleep.” Sam approached you both cautiously. You’d both been up for days, searching through lore books and checking for demonic omens all over the world trying to track down Adam and your son. You’d both been living on coffee and liquor and ignoring Sam and Cas as they pled for you to get some rest.

“No, Sam.” You mumbled, your eyes fluttering back open. You hadn’t even realized they’d fallen shut. “Our little boy is out there somewhere and we need to find him.”


“She said no, Sam!” Dean bellowed, slamming his fist on the table. “Don’t you get it? Bobby, our son, is out there somewhere with a bunch of demons and the fucking Mark of Cain on his chest. We need to get him back, now.”

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@jtrohman: My daughter turned 1 last week. A pretty major deal for me. I helped to keep a human happy, healthy and alive for a year. Looks like I’m not too bad. Here’s to many more kiddo!