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ok but imagine hopper and el’s first thanksgiving as a family. hop tries to cook a turkey for the first time ever and it ends up burned (scorched black) and completely dry inside. they end up eating microwave turkey tv dinners, and for dessert triple decker eggo spectaculars plus the apple pie mrs. wheeler sent home with el the day before. they fall asleep on the couch watching old christmas movies, el’s head resting on hopper’s belly as he snores

Never forget that this actually happened and that Zelo was really out there ending haters by supporting J-Hope and BTS during Run era.
We love strong friendships 💪❤

Nightmare (DrakexMC)

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC (Elizabeth)

Words: ~3700

Summary: Drake is having a nightmare and Elizabeth is there to comfort him.

Note: This idea just popped up in my head out of nowhere and I was playing around with it for a while… And I don’t know, this kinda happened? I hope it’s enjoyable <3 And as I promised - I’m tagging you @mariaharrison, I hope you’ll enjoy it! <3

               Elizabeth couldn’t sleep. Again. It slowly started to became a bad habit of hers, a curse, when everyday problems kept her awake also at night. And after last few days it was even harder to find inner peace. Liz turned on the other side, trying to find more comfortable position, but no matter how much she were shutting her eyes, they just kept on opening wide. She sighed once again, irritated and laid on her back, her eyes looking at the decorated ceiling above her head.

               And that’s when she heard it. A loud bang, coming from the corridor. She moved her head and listened for a moment as the noise repeated. Liz slowly straightened her back, sitting on her bed, when she heard the bang again. Great, just great… She got up from her bed, hesitating for a moment. Every horror movie she ever watched learned her that it wasn’t a good idea to follow strange noises in the middle of the night. But on the other hand… It wasn’t a movie and she was in a secured palace, full of guards everywhere, what was the worst thing that could happen?

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I get that everything can’t be abruptly happy in Supernatural, but Dean and Cas kissing a little would have been nice before Cas was jailed by a demon unbeknownst to Dean.  

Venom starts bringing home different plants like cacti and different kinds of flora and what have you to put inside Quiet’s cell with her because she seems to like them and he heard somewhere that its scientifically proven plants like it when you sing/hum to them so he figures they’ll get along just peachy. At first he just wanted to give her something other than the spartan quarters she was given, something that she could look after and enjoy when she was at the base but as it quickly became apparent that she actually really did enjoy them he began bringing in more and more. 

Pretty soon her entire cell is lined with plants of varying sizes and types, ivy is climbing the bars in some spots, flowers are blooming on Mother Base and Quiet seems content to crouch among them humming softly as she tends to them, often with V in there with her as she shows him what leaves to pull off to keep them healthy and he helps her water them all by standing outside with a hose and spraying the entire cell down, letting her drink it up too. 

It’s quality bonding time.


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The funniest thing is that when F and B were missing for a few days, antis thought they were going to the UK so the kid could spend a holiday with Louis, but nope!!!! . The kid got to spend it with his real family, the Clarks 👪

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