happy happy cult

can i just say i paid for a feel good fluff game where i could potentially romance this closeted suburban masc-twink daddy but noooo instead i got a batshit crazy christian cult leader slash murderer who, under more fortunate circumstances, still dumps me for his wife, after screwing me on his own romantic private yacht surrounded by whales

I guess I liked you because you were innocent, almost my little secret untouched by the world.

I lost my innocence so young, I just wanted someone, or something to remind me of being young and happy and foolish.
—  I fell apart so young.

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I Love your circus cult au ! I think Miu as a Mermaid or a Lorelei could be really cool.

thank u very much!! it would be super cool!! so i drew it. she’s rlly pretty, and definitely in the circus section!!


My friend told me to watch the Art of Chucky livestream because they were showing fan art and oh my gooooooood!
Jennifer straight up grabbed my portrait of Angela from the pile and said she loved it! I died!!! And Don said it was incredible and Brad was looking at it for a good while! I’m so happy!!!! And they showed Marleigh’s art! I’m so proud😭

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Ouma as a Medusa/Gorgon like creature perhaps? I don’t know much about this sort of stuff sorry!

ur good!! i’m sorry that i have no idea how to draw snakes!! probably should’ve looked at a ref, but i live the dangerous life–!! but i rlly like this idea.. i wanted ouma to be a cult member too,,!!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Skeleton Clique.

It’s the most FRIKEST time of the year. 

*Kindly insert YEE meme*

Bless I don’t know what to say. lol