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[Echo] (a supernatural x danny phantom crossover)

for mabel-but-slytherin​ Here’s everything I could get done on your bday haha. A finished and actually named version will go up on fanfiction as soon as I can get it edited with reconciled povs…

Danny, Sam and Dean W. ~4k. K+

They’d seen some freaky stuff in their day. Reanimated corpses that were decayed enough that they could have started the skeleton war, people who had been torn to shreds around an inexplicably intact appendix, the one guy with the third shoulder blade out in Iowa…

But the house that they were looking at now just might take the cake. Dean weren’t even sure it could be classified as a house, what with the rusting debris hanging from the top two stories. Sam had eyed it warily while he had knelt to pick the lock– locks– in record time in case the stuff felt like dislodging and dumping the equivalent of a car or two on the top of their heads.

Things only got weirder once they were inside. The first few rooms they slowly walked through looked fairly normal, actually. Carpeted floors, a couple couches, what would have passed for a nice TV back in 2004. Nothing in sight to justify the handgun loaded with cold iron that Dean held in front of him except for years of training– never break into anyone’s house unarmed, even if it has clearly been abandoned for years– and the prickle zinging up his spine.
Sam’s shoulders were stiff too, though, and he moved behind him slowly, almost reverently, trying not to disturb the dust or the silence. 

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“Hannah Shepard here.” “Violet! Move your ass up here, its mom!” “Hi, mom!
“Oh, honey. It’s so good to hear your voices.”
“This is a surprise. It’s been a long time.” “It has. I just felt I needed to- I think about you two every day. I try not to worry. The other day I was remembering the bedtime stories we used to make up. You had your own ship and crew. The stories were always filled with adventure and danger… Even when you were little you dreamed of the life you have.“ “Is that the reason you wanted to call us?” “No… I just want you to know that I am proud of you two. So proud.”

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