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Traditional American Halloween Pumpkin Carving

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For @omgericzimmermann‘s Check, Please 13 Days of Halloween fic-a-thon. Day 1 prompt: Jack-o-lantern carving.

“Hello, Falconer TV!” The scene opens with the camera zoomed in tight on Tater’s face, before pulling back to show him seated at a table next to Jack Zimmermann. Atop several spread out newspapers, an impressively large pumpkin, a fine point marker and a carving knife sit on the table between them. “Zimmboni and I are here today to demonstrate the Traditional American Halloween Pumpkin Carving!” He elbows Jack. “Zimmboni! Why they pick the Russian and the Canadian for this video?”

Jack smiles charmingly. “I think they chose us for the irony.”

“Or to make us look like fools,” Tater adds. “But we will show them! We don’t need their help to look like fools; we do that well enough on our own, don’t we, Zimmboni!” Tater laughs so hard at his own joke that viewers can count his molars.

“Step One for Traditional American Halloween Pumpkin Carving!” Tater waggles one finger at the camera. “Choose your pumpkin! As you can see, we have perfect pumpkin specimen right here. Zimmboni! This look like good pumpkin for pie, no? Your girlfriend make me pumpkin pie?”

“Actually,” Jack explains, “bakers use a different kind of pumpkin for pie. Carving pumpkins don’t have enough flesh to make a good pie.”

Tater looks crestfallen. “No traditional American pumpkin pie?”

Jack laughs. “Something tells me you’ll be eating your fill of traditional American pumpkin pie before you know it.”

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Welcome to the Season One Jessidy Hiatus Challenge!

Hello everyone! First off, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to send us messages or reblog the interest post about this. Your input was invaluable, and helped get this started! To anybody who is asking what exactly this is…

Preacher has been renewed for a second, thirteen-episode season, but it’s slated for 2017! That’s a long time without our favorite preacher and vampire. Thus, we want to create a way to keep the fandom going for the time being. And what better way than creatively?

Starting September 12th, we will have a “prompt” per week to be filled until January 2017 (there is currently no set air date for season 2). You can do every week, some weeks, or no weeks!

How can they be completed? Any way you’d like. Suggestions have included podcasts, fanfiction, graphics, art, and fanmixes, but you are certainly not limited to those! The most important part is for you to have fun and be active in the fandom that way you want to be.


September 12-18: Favorite Jessidy moment

September 19-25: Headcanons

September 26-October 2: Favorite/best Jesse episode

October 3-9: Favorite/best Cassidy episode

October 10-16: Favorite/best Jessidy episode

October 17-23: Favorite quote(s)

October 24-30: Favorite look(s)

October 31-November 6: Happy Halloween!

November 7-13: Cast week–Dominic and Joe

November 14-20: Favorite episode

November 21-27: AUs

November 28-December 4: Post-canon

December 5-11: Favorite trope(s)

December 12-18: Predictions/hopes for Season 2

December 19-25: Happy holidays!

December 26-January 1: Happy new year!


  • Must be related to Jesse, Cassidy, or Jessidy
  • Must follow the specified week’s challenge prompt
  • Must be tagged with appropriate triggers when posted
  • Must be posted during the specified week
  • Use the tags #jessidyedit and/or #jessidyhiatuschallenge

And as always, prompts for edits and fics are always open on this blog, and need not be related to specific weeks when prompted. Happy hiatus!