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since I didn’t do anything for my blogs 1 year anniversary (Sept 14) I decided to do a Halloween follow forever! sorry about the shitty banner. Everyone on this list is awesome! So everyone should go follow them! <3 I was gonna wait till Halloween to post this, but I have it finished now - so why not a week early? Happy Halloween!

(I’m gonna try my best to make it all alphabetical - but I might get lazy. - no bold/italics cause I am lazy. lol)


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honorary mentions:

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Halloween Costume Idea from Smokey Bear

@smokey-bear goes in for a little shock value in this vintage PSA, which also makes for a great #PageFrights addition.

Smokey Bear Fire Prevention Public Service Announcements (PSA) 
Series: Forest Service Public Information Films and Public Service Announcements, 1945 - 1995Record Group 95: Records of the Forest Service, 1870 - 2008

Watch the full Fire Prevention PSA via the @usnatarchives YouTube Channel:

here’s my contribution to spoop-season; the most majestic OTP in the fandom

Just a sp00py mob with an added dimple. I just thought the costume from that one puzzle game I have yet to play and probably won’t tbh because language barrier was super cute. So I wanted to draw it at least once before Halloween. I think I’m starting to develop a specific artstyle for mp100 stuff, idk.

Trick-or-Treat (Mercy76)

Here’s one of the three Mercy76 Halloween fics.  Hope you all enjoy.  I introduced a new character who was mentioned as well as brought back a fan-favorite!


“Daddy, daddy!” She tugged on the fabric that pooled around his elbow. “Hurry, hurry! We’re gonna be late!”

With a scoff, he playfully bopped her on the nose. “We won’t be ready if you keep falling out of your costume.”

Well it’s not my fault I’m excited. It’s not every day we get to go trick-or-treating with you and mommy.”

Leona,” Jack shook his head, “I’ve been going trick-or-treating with you, your mother, and Jack for the past five years.”

Well… I have a bad memory.”

Jack cocked a brow at her. “You throw up every year…”

To that comment, she puffed out her cheeks. “Hey! It’s not my fault they put too much candy in my mouth.”

“They put it in your pumpkin…” he said while holding up the plastic basket that was indeed shaped like a pumpkin.

Leona rolled her eyes, which caused her father to scowl. “What! The pumpkin goes in my mouth, duh!” She quipped, cheeky as always.

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A walk down a leaf strewn path, under long shadows cast by trees, their red and gold leaves rustling, whispering of something unseen. A soft kiss to your skin, the cool air blows. My hand in your hand. We must look silly. You dressed in a long black dress straight out of 1892, and me clad in ripped blue jeans and someone’s father’s jacket, a beanie pulled low on my head. The soft patter of your boot heels on paved pathway, the quiet movement of my sneakers on cement. You tell me stories of all you’ve seen, centuries of tales, a world of mystery. I tell you stories too. Of a world you never knew. From warm coastal waters in the Caribbean, watching the ships of sailors come and go. And we find each other in a big world. You seemed to stagnate after the death of your mother, the only time I changed was when she left me. I went from mermaid laying at the bottom of the ocean watching the world from under crystal blue waves, only affecting those unlucky enough to sail near when I was hungry, to emerging in 1986, feeling the punk movement in my bones and I knew this was a world made for me. Your mother was killed by a man whom you never speak about. You simply say you will never be the same and that you fear if you change if she somehow returns she will never recognize you. So you stay. And I change. But I love you, and your soft red hair, you cold pale skin, and your black eyes. And you love me, with the wild brown curls swirled with what most assume is sea green streaks of dye, and my blue as the ocean eyes, and finger nails that seem to always have sand under them.


Happy Friday … Halloween Trick or Treat !!! 

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