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[Honestly Owl, your Gremlin!Alex is a blessing and I want to drop kick him to saturn. @sleepyeule. The scene comes from Always Sunny, of course]


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This one wont have a cut bc its short and not as dark (to me). Edit: car crash and hospital.(I’m very sorry I’m still figuring out the warnings and tags)

Lance has a lot of bad days. Days when he can barely get out of bed, but does so anyway because of if he doesn’t his parents will be angry. Days when he can’t feel the smile on his face because it isn’t real, it’s just there when customers are.

It’s on one of these days that his phone buzzes and he opens it to find a picture of a cat head photoshopped Onto a dinosaurs body.  The caption reads *I hope you’re happy, gremlin*

He messages the sender tells him it’s a wrong number.

They start talking, some how. Lance doesn’t have as many bad days anymore.

They make a plan to meet up, since they live surprisingly close, just a couple towns apart.

Keith is excited to meet lance. He waits in front of the grocery store they were going to meet at for hours, excited to meet the boy who thanks him every night before bed, for making him smile that day, who had called him earlier with excitement in his voice.

He gives up eventually, going inside to buy a snack, listening to the conversation about how someone had been hit by a car, how the kid who was hit looked bloody, how the people who were there couldn’t find a pulse, how an ambulance had gone by earlier, (he realizes it was probably before he got there because he definitely hadn’t seen one).

He goes home that night, angry and disappointed. He sends lance a text, giving him a chance to explain.

Lance doesn’t respond. Instead, the text that comes back says that the phone’s owner had been in an accident, that they probably didn’t mean to stand Keith up.

Several months later, Keith is having a bad day. He doesn’t want to get up. He doesn’t want to think about the boy who he had liked, who he hadn’t heard anything about in half a year.

Keith’s phone buzzes. He flicks it open, barely able to muster the energy to do even that.

He sees a picture of a face he had only seen in pictures before. There’s a gorgeous, tired looking not with dark skin, Brown hair, and a blinding smile in a hospital bed and gown, and the caption reads *Hey, sorry, didn’t mean to stand you up.*

I meant to post this like a million years ago (this was the second part of @veenysblog’s present oops) but since it’s Ink’s bday Imma upload it anyway!!

Happy birthday to Ink, and thank you to @comyet/@myebi for creating such an amazing character!! He’s helped me through some pretty hard times, and dang do I love drawing him :3

Happy Birthday little gremlin!!

But building on from the tags for that last Dirk Gently post I reblogged.

What if Priest did end up successfully capturing Amanda and Vogel?

Martin knows that Priest is out there but he can’t warn Vogel, he can’t even tell Gripps and Cross about his anxiety, and then he’s being pulled up from his crypt and he can feel two familiar life forces nearby and their fear is spiking and he thinks oh no.

Todd’s still searching for Amanda and Dirk keeps telling him to “find the boy” and Todd is frantic because there are stories on the police bulletins about these two punks causing havoc all through the Midwest, and Todd just wants Amanda safe. He’s seen the effect that Blackwing had on Dirk. Dirk’s clearly not fine (no matter how much he wants to pretend that he is) and Todd can’t fix that but he sure as hell can stop the same thing from happening to his sister. Then a report comes through on the police radio that Brotzman and Vogel have been apprehended by the CIA and that’s bad enough, but then Dirk sees the security footage and goes white as a sheet and that’s how Todd finds out that Priest was the one to drag a kicking and screaming child to a military facility for ten years of experimentation.

Todd doesn’t even know where to start looking for her, and Dirk can’t stop blaming himself for everything (for getting both Todd and Amanda on the CIA’s radar, for his disappearance scaring Friedkin into putting Priest back on the payroll) and they’ve both got a hideous suspicion that the CIA are going to find her pararibulitis attacks very interesting indeed.


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Thoughts on Voltron Season 4

…Can’t say I’m really a fan of this season. Not to say I hated it, because it did have some really good moments such as:

-Matt finally returning and Pidge being such an adorable happy gremlin about it. The whole second episode focusing on her journey was very well done and probably the most well-written and strongest one of the season. Matt Holt is the badass, nerdy goofball that lots of the fandom (including myself) were hoping for. He even gets a moment every all of the paladin (including Lance which made my Latte heart giggle).

-The action scenes towards the end were cool.

-Some very well-done Allura and Lance moments towards the end. Like, really Klance is my top ship, but Allurance is becoming a fast second. I was really touched by their scene. 

-There were some darker scenes sprinkled throughout the season (Lotor killing Narti and the alien Pidge befriended dying in front of her) that were good in showing that the stakes are getting higher and emphasized on the wars taking more of an effect.

-Ends with big damn hint that Lotor is joining them. Really just because I wanna see the paladins actually see and interact with him since they’ve only really heard his voice.

-Allura was Keith a lot so if technically the Allurance moments could be counted as Klance as well.xP

So, as I said, there were some scenes I did enjoy, but here are my biggest cons of the season:

-KEITH. FUCKING. LEAVING. EPISODE. ONE. Seriously, dude, I apologize for every saying you had too much screentime in season 2. My biggest problem with this is that in previous seasons, mainly season 3, we don’t really see Keith taking that much interest in helping the Blades of Marmora. Hell, we see Lance and Hunk interact with the Blades more in season 3 than Keith did. So it just doesn’t feel right that he’s willing to risk to much of his family’s safety to go on Blade of Marmora missions. And I know that Keith doesn’t want to be Black Paladin and that’s also a big factor of him trying to distance himself so that Shiro can take charge. But that’s still a rather selfish way of thinking and would have got the paladins killed if the Black Lion hadn’t responded in time. It just sets Keith’s character back from the lessons he learned last season about taking account the lives of those around him before making going off on his plans. And by the end of the episode, it doesn’t really feel like he learned his lesson? I wish we could have seen his time with the Blades at least, maybe missing his team…his family…you know. Or at least have him a plot of trying to find out more about his mother while with the Blades! Overall, I wouldn’t have minded Keith leaving, if only for a much shorter time, but I think it was not handled well at all and set back his character from the growth he had last season.

-Shiro flying the Black Lion again so quickly. I don’t mind that it happened, but it plays into my problem with Keith this season, it felt rushed and I wished it had happened later. It felt like an excuse for Keith to feel guilt-free about leaving. 

-No more hints or clues about the Kuron project.

-Hunk and Lance’s development got shot out the airlock, especially Hunk. I literally had to fast-forward through the fart joke scenes because I was cringing too much. And it felt weird see Lance take charge a lot in season 3 and then have him pushed back into the background this season, and especially not have him have more of a reaction to Keith leaving after how close they got. Lance’s biggest development this season was his moment in inspiring Allura, which was wonderful and touching, but still felt like it wasn’t enough. Lance needs to be shown to be able to development and character without being a support to Keith or Allura. And come on, please, just give Hunk something. Please.

-Lotor and his plot felt a bit all over the place. In season 3, he seemed to have everything planned out and always on top of things. So, it felt kinda jarring to see everything suddenly falling apart for him and his generals.

-The Fucking Coalition shows. The Coalition shows went on for waaaay to long. I felt like one or two would be enough to showcase what they are doing, but the episode with Coran arranging all the shows, I had to fast forward through a lot. I’m sorry, but I felt alot of the the coalition show time could have been spent expanding on character development and plot…maybe showing how Keith was doing? 


So overall, as much as there are moments I loved about this season, it still felt weak and all over the place compared to last season. Here’s hoping season 5 will be better.