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Got to make the trip up to see this wonderful girl today! And with incredible news!! She got her PICC line already and she’s responded so amazingly well to the antibiotics that she just might get to come home tomorrow! So excited! And thank you all so so so much for all the shares and donations helping this little lady out!

so, i noticed that my human bill turned a year old this month (ayy same birth-month!) so I thought it would be funny and interesting to compare him to the first real drawing I ever made of him (theres more but they are all sketches and TERRIBLE) and OH BOY CHECK THIS OUT the guy changed a lot! I love it tho, it’s a good change and he went through a lot of that but I’m super at peace with where he is right now. I really wanna draw my AU as a comic now.

sometimes the stars decide

summary: “Alright. Friday night?”

She pump-fisted him, adding an exploding sound as their hands separated. “It’s a DD.”

He gaped at her. “Come again?”

“A Double Date.”

(or that time ruby and killian looked for dates for each other just like phoebe and joey do in f.r.i.e.n.d.s., and we all know how that turns out…)

notes: for my precious traveling baguette @emmaofmisthaven who’s celebrating her birthday :DDDD i’m sorry for it not being a) the lost boys related b) an ef au, but i’m sure you’ll somehow make me write those on another day, you adorable little shit <333 have the greatest day babe!

also on ao3

“I’m tired of dating,” Ruby stated as she slipped down the couch until she was resting with her back to it and stuffing her mouth with popcorn. Killian rolled his eyes.

“Then don’t.”

He heard her shuffle against the carpet. “No, I meant - I’m tired of dating awful people, you know?”

“Was your last date that horrible?”

“He wouldn’t stop staring at my boobs through dinner. I mean, a girl enjoys being appreciated but that was going too far even for my standards.”

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This one wont have a cut bc its short and not as dark (to me). Edit: car crash and hospital.(I’m very sorry I’m still figuring out the warnings and tags)

Lance has a lot of bad days. Days when he can barely get out of bed, but does so anyway because of if he doesn’t his parents will be angry. Days when he can’t feel the smile on his face because it isn’t real, it’s just there when customers are.

It’s on one of these days that his phone buzzes and he opens it to find a picture of a cat head photoshopped Onto a dinosaurs body.  The caption reads *I hope you’re happy, gremlin*

He messages the sender tells him it’s a wrong number.

They start talking, some how. Lance doesn’t have as many bad days anymore.

They make a plan to meet up, since they live surprisingly close, just a couple towns apart.

Keith is excited to meet lance. He waits in front of the grocery store they were going to meet at for hours, excited to meet the boy who thanks him every night before bed, for making him smile that day, who had called him earlier with excitement in his voice.

He gives up eventually, going inside to buy a snack, listening to the conversation about how someone had been hit by a car, how the kid who was hit looked bloody, how the people who were there couldn’t find a pulse, how an ambulance had gone by earlier, (he realizes it was probably before he got there because he definitely hadn’t seen one).

He goes home that night, angry and disappointed. He sends lance a text, giving him a chance to explain.

Lance doesn’t respond. Instead, the text that comes back says that the phone’s owner had been in an accident, that they probably didn’t mean to stand Keith up.

Several months later, Keith is having a bad day. He doesn’t want to get up. He doesn’t want to think about the boy who he had liked, who he hadn’t heard anything about in half a year.

Keith’s phone buzzes. He flicks it open, barely able to muster the energy to do even that.

He sees a picture of a face he had only seen in pictures before. There’s a gorgeous, tired looking not with dark skin, Brown hair, and a blinding smile in a hospital bed and gown, and the caption reads *Hey, sorry, didn’t mean to stand you up.*


Gremlin D.va now officially the greatest thing that’s come out of Overwatch. HOW COULD ANYTHING SURPASS THIS?!

(Artist’s channel. Please check it out they make wonderful covers just like this)


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