happy goldfish!


Bridge Podcast valentines for you and your special sea monster <3 

Created in collaboration with @pryce-and-carter​, who did the monstrously impressive backgrounds, text, and special effects!


I can FINALLY publish this to the world! My 30 second film, animated traditionally in the Fall 2016 semester, brought to color over winter break. I’ve made a lot of progress as an animator since this project but I’m happy to have something to show for my hard work that’s cleaned up and colored. :> Enjoy!


My male Goldfish have their own aquarium now! The females can rest :)

I’m so happy!

PSA: Goldfish

Goldfish are literally the worst “starter pet.”

You wanna know why?

Media has tricked most people (including myself until recently) that goldfish are happy in a bowl. This is blatantly false. The rule of thumb for most fish, space-wise, is a gallon of water per inch of adult fish. Since goldfish are incredibly messy, most experts recommend at least 2 gallons per inch of fish. Goldfish at adult size reach 12-15 inches, meaning that you will need 25-30 gallons to keep your goldfish alive for its whole lifespan. An average bowl is ½-1 gallon. What happens is that the goldfish’s organs will keep growing, but its skeletal frame cannot, eventually suffocating it. How long is the average lifespan of a goldfish? If kept well, goldfish easily live 30 years in captivity. So when people tell me, “Oh well mine lived in a bowl just fine for a year,” it’s the equivalent of saying, “Well I kept my dog alive for 6 months, so I know what I’m doing.” Do goldfish a favor. Keep them in a pond if you’re set on having them (they can be quite beautiful fish), or if you want a fish that can live in a smaller tank, get a betta or a guppy. They are just as beautiful and you won’t be cutting their lifespan short by 29-30 years.

Jonathan Byers head canons

These are my head canons for Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things , if you don’t agree with them thats okay everyone has there own! Just please don’t shout at me;;Also feel free to use these in fics or head canon posts too if you believe/ like them!! I have no problem with that these are just my thought! If you do use these could you tag me, not because I’m mean i just love to see what people create about Jonathan !

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Hi everyone! Here’s a little something that I put together in around an hour for my dad for father’s day. I used my Pentel watercolor set, round brushes that I got from Curry’s, and a 0.38 black Muji pen for the typography (as usual). Hope you guys have a happy father’s day!

You can also see my painting on my instagram: https://instagram.com/flotus.x/

xoxo Lori