happy goldfish!

all these scenes from the trailer gave me a bittersweet feeling. it’s almost like you’re letting go of those painful memories in the past…. ready for a fresh start as a happy-sad emotion washes over you. it hurts when you look back, but those moments are what makes you who you are today. So you just stare at your goldfish and smile as you’re leaving the past behind, but at the same time you carry the sadness with you, falling into its embrace…

things just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t experience your Blue days. 


Bridge Podcast valentines for you and your special sea monster <3 

Created in collaboration with @pryce-and-carter​, who did the monstrously impressive backgrounds, text, and special effects!

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Sherlocks present for Mycrofts birthday was a Goldfish named Greg. Now he has two of them, but this is something Sherlock doesn't need to know now.

Well two Gregs are good. 

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The more the merrier ;)

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Mycroft looks damn happy 

PSA: Goldfish

Goldfish are literally the worst “starter pet.”

You wanna know why?

Media has tricked most people (including myself until recently) that goldfish are happy in a bowl. This is blatantly false. The rule of thumb for most fish, space-wise, is a gallon of water per inch of adult fish. Since goldfish are incredibly messy, most experts recommend at least 2 gallons per inch of fish. Goldfish at adult size reach 12-15 inches, meaning that you will need 25-30 gallons to keep your goldfish alive for its whole lifespan. An average bowl is ½-1 gallon. What happens is that the goldfish’s organs will keep growing, but its skeletal frame cannot, eventually suffocating it. How long is the average lifespan of a goldfish? If kept well, goldfish easily live 30 years in captivity. So when people tell me, “Oh well mine lived in a bowl just fine for a year,” it’s the equivalent of saying, “Well I kept my dog alive for 6 months, so I know what I’m doing.” Do goldfish a favor. Keep them in a pond if you’re set on having them (they can be quite beautiful fish), or if you want a fish that can live in a smaller tank, get a betta or a guppy. They are just as beautiful and you won’t be cutting their lifespan short by 29-30 years.


My male Goldfish have their own aquarium now! The females can rest :)

I’m so happy!

Jonathan Byers head canons

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These are my head canons for Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things , if you don’t agree with them thats okay everyone has there own! Just please don’t shout at me;;Also feel free to use these in fics or head canon posts too if you believe/ like them!! I have no problem with that these are just my thought! If you do use these could you tag me, not because I’m mean i just love to see what people create about Jonathan !

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Fishcourse (or Fish discourse)

I’m bored and it’s a weekend so let’s pick fishblr’s brain.

How do you feel about bubble eye/celestial eye and telescope eye/black moor goldfish?

Personally they’ve made me uncomfortable my whole life. I recall seeing them when young and thinking they were sick. I’m sure these kind of genetic traits affect the fish’s quality of life, why are they bred and how does the community feel about them?

I will also say I don’t know much about goldfish genetics or breeding, so please educate me if need be. I just have lots of feelings about ethical domestic breeding and also making fish happy