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Little Moments | Sam Holland

Summary: A collage of little moments Sam Holland and the reader share together that greatly affect their love for each other…

Warning: fluff

Pairing: Sam Holland x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: anonymously


The early morning sun was beginning to peek out over the horizon, and the spring grass shone like it had its own gentle glow from within. The air was frozen, that same coolness combined with the early morning hour. Though it was late enough for bright light, it was early enough for the streets to be completely deserted. It was early Sunday morning.

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It’s a new year, and with is the new resolution to be a healthier me! My birthday is also in a few days so thats exciting too~

I treated myself to some sparkling grape juice and then completely ignored the festivities in favor of sleeping so i mean GREAT START RIGHT??? I’m going to spend today with more juice and maybe some cleaning to get rid of all that old year stuff. (i still havent taken down my christmas tree lol)

But yeah do you all have any new years resolutions? i always forget mine but hopefully this year i wont haha~ What i really want to do is improve my art; looking back at my stuff from last year i already see a big improvement so this coming year will be good for that too i think. 

Fragrance IV : Leather

Originally posted by magiccastles

Title : Fragrances

Genre : Fluff, Angst, Romance

Pairing : Jaebum x Reader

Summary : You are a perfume composer, he is a lyricist, and while you’re left with too many possibilities, he is out of inspiration. Your only bond is an unknown fragrance.

- Teaser - Vetiver - Chypre - Fougère

Fragrance IV : Leather

A strong, smoky scent that stems from ingredients used to tan leathers—it’s usually used in fragrance with the help of synthetic chemicals.

Choi Youngjae’s smile is lunar. It’s illuminating his shy face in a way that makes you grin like an idiot. He is looking at Jaebum like he is a star and you finally understand how loved this guy is.

“I’m working on an album and I would love for us to work together on it.”  Jaebum doesn’t seem to like what he is hearing, and you and Bambam don’t know how to react so you look at each other before slowly moving away from the two. You don’t go that far though because Jaebum grabs your arm to keep you next to him. You see his pleading gaze and Bambam understands right away, moving away without you and you see your tiny glint of hope fade away from the awkward situation.

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Albus Dumbledore had got to his feet. He was beaming at the students, his arms opened wide, as if nothing could have pleased him more than to see them all there.
‘Welcome!’ he said. 'Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts!’

Caring Side

Title: Caring Side

Athlete: Tom Wilson

Word Count: 2,054

Requested?: Yes

Your name: submit What is this?

Request: Can you do a Tom Wilson one. I’m sick and Tom takes care of me. Um a lot of cuddling in his big house we share, maybe take a bath together.

Author’s Note:  Is this cuddly?  I hope this is cuddly.  Next time I’m sick I’m calling Tom in to take care of me.

If there was one thing you loved about the house it was the huge bay windows leading out to the backyard.  Especially when it was a sunny day and you could sprawl out on the carpeted floor and sleep in the warmth shining in.

You had pulled your pillow from the bed and grabbed Tom’s Capitals throw off the couch as you passed it and made yourself a little spot in the early afternoon.  You’d been placed on bedrest by a certain adorable Canadian and had grown tired of the walls in the bedroom.

You’d been able to sleep for a few hours on and off in between fighting the coughing attacks you had every few minutes.  You weren’t sure where you picked up the cold you were fighting but the sooner it was out of your system the better.  Tom wasn’t impressed last night when you had informed him you were sleeping in the spare bedroom in order to keep the germs away from him and insisted he slept there instead.

He’d checked on you before he left for morning skate telling you to stay put for the day and stating he would check if you needed anything on his way home.  You’d barely had the energy to acknowledge him let alone respond so with a soft rub to your shoulder he’d left you to fall back asleep.  Now here you were enjoying the sunshine in the quietness of the house.

“You look like a cat.” Startled at the voice in the room you jumped slightly.

“What?” You winced at the scratchy sound coming from your throat.

“Cats are always sprawled out the sun.” Tom had wandered closer to you now so you could see his still damp hair from his shower.


“How are you feeling?  Didn’t respond to my texts or call.” You’d forgotten to grab your phone off the bed when you left the room.

“Sorry, I feel better.”

“Doesn’t sound like it.” He was situating himself on the floor beside you leaning back onto his hands.

“My headache is the worst, aside from being cold.”  You rolled onto your side to get a better look at him.  “How was practice?”

“Good, Andre says feel better soon.” You couldn’t suppress your smile after that.  

“Tell him thanks tomorrow.”  Tom’s soft nod of his head confirmed he would.

With a soft yawn you stretched out a little.  “You should take another nap, you want to stay here or go back to the bedroom?”

“I like it here; will you lay with me for a little while?”  

“Didn’t want to pass the germs last night but today it’s okay?” He was pulling his hoodie off as he spoke so you knew you’d won.

“Didn’t want you to miss a game because of me, I’m over that now though; miss you.” You grabbed his hoodie as he tossed it onto the floor and sat up slowly to put it on.

“Are you seriously that cold?  It’s really warm here in the sun.”  Proving to him you were in fact freezing you pressed your hand against his arm. “Stop, I get it.” His higher pitched answer was worth the effort you’d had to put forth.

He leaned forward to press a hand against your forehead as he scooted closer to you.  “You’re still burning up.”  The slight crease in his brow made your shoulders shrug.

“Doesn’t feel like it.”  

Tom wrapped you up in his blanket before pulling your back against his chest and tucking your head under his chin.  Hearing the soft breaths escaping from him lulled you into a peaceful sleep you were in desperate need for.

“Y/N.” The soft caress to your cheek woke you up sometime later. Opening your eyes slowly you saw Tom leaning over you.

“What time is it?” You noticed the distinct darkness starting to surround the room.

“Little after seven figured you were sound asleep so I just left you.”  

“Thanks, you’re a great sleep aid.” His smile made your heart expand.

“You’re not such a bad help either.  Can you get up?  I made you some food.”  He still reached out to pull you up slowly and kept his hand on the small of your back as the two of you made your way to the kitchen.

Sliding onto your normal seat at the table you watched him head over to the counter.  Your happiness faltered as you watched him approach with a glass of orange juice.


“Y/N.” He gave you an authoritative tone.

“No.” You knew the only orange juice in the house was the pulpy stuff he always chose at the store.

“It’s not mine; I picked up some of the stuff you like on my way home.” He set the cup down in front of you and watched you lean forward to inspect it.  “It’s not an option anyways, drink it up.”  He headed back towards the counter as you slowly took a sip of the juice.

“Nice to know you trust me.”  Turning your head you watched him stare you down from afar.

“I do, just not when it comes to this.”

“I’ve seen your face when you drink the wrong kind; trust me I’m not going to do that to you when you’re sick, any other day maybe, but not today.” He walked towards you balancing a bowl of soup as he spoke.

“Thank you.” You started eating slowly as he prepared himself a bowl and joined you sitting in the seat beside you instead of his normal one across from you.

“Feel any better after your newest nap?” Nodding as you swallowed your mouthful you waited to answer.

“Yes, think it’s finally starting to pass.  I’m still so tired though.”  Reaching out he rubbed the back of your neck softly.

“Glad to hear you’re starting to improve.”

“Me too.”  The two of you finished the rest of your meal in relative silence, each only speaking about minor topics mainly what the next day’s game against the Penguins would consist of.

You attempted to help him clean the table but he just kept pushing you back into your chair when you would pick anything up.  Deciding to stop trying you just pulled the hood up and over your head on his sweatshirt and leaned down onto the table.  You heard his soft laughter when he finally noticed you but chose to ignore it.

A few minutes later you felt him rubbing slow circles across you back as he leaned into you slightly.  “How about a bath?”  Taking a moment to contemplate the idea you finally agreed.

“Sounds good.”  He pulled your chair from the table and helped you up.  The two of you slowly made your way up the stairs and towards your master bedroom.  Tom led you across the room and opened the door to your attached bathroom.  Settling you on top of the toilet he moved around the room pulling out towels and finding the bath bombs you kept in a lower drawer.

“What do I even do with this?” He held the aforementioned item in his hand as he looked at you puzzled.

“Just drop it in the water.”  He looked skeptical but followed the instructions, he stayed put to watch it dissolve and color the water.  “Interesting thing that is.” You laughed this time as he looked perplexed as to what he had just done.  The soft fizz coming from the tub had him stepping back as the soft pink color overcame the circumference of the tub.

You leaned forward onto the vanity as he finished filling the tub and turned to look at you.  “Should I be worried about you falling asleep in the bath and drowning?” Looking up at him you gave a small smile.

“No, I’ll be fine.”  You lifted your hands up and he took the hint to come help you take the hoodie off. Once he peeled you out of his clothing he stepped back and pulled his shirt over his head.

“I’m not leaving you alone in here so I might as well join you.” You liked his idea more than you decided to let on.

“If you’ve got something to do I’ll be fine on my own, you don’t have to worry.” You finished stepping out of your clothes as he continued with his while you pulled your hair into a sloppy bun on top of your head.

“My day consisted of making sure you got healthy again so I guess this is just the next step.”  He climbed into the tub first before motioning for you to step in too.  It took a few moments before you were situated in between his legs and leaning against his back.

“I’m going to smell like a girl now.” You could feel the laughter as it vibrated through his chest.

“You’re going to smell really good, don’t know how I’ll keep my hands off of you tonight.” The steam in the room was doing its job as you gave a powerful cough as you spoke.

“With that cough I’ll make sure you do.” You gave his leg a soft pinch under the water in retaliation to his statement.  “Kidding, you know I love you.”

“Better be.” The two of you relaxed in the warm water for a few moments before he soaked a wash cloth and began to softly run it across your back and arms.  The motion making you relax even more as your head fell back against his shoulder with your eyes closed.

“See, I was correct in my worry about you falling asleep in here.”

“It’s because of you.  I was okay until you were all sweet and caring.” He maneuvered around you slowly to drop a kiss across your temple as he continued caressing your body with the washcloth.  Once he was completely satisfied you were clean he gave you a soft tap on the thigh.

“I think it’s time to get out before we both fall asleep.”  You really didn’t want to put forth the effort but agreed taking his offered hand as he wrapped his other around your hip to help lift you from the water.  You barely had time to step from the water before he was behind you and grabbing a towel to wrap around his waist.  He picked up the second one wrapping it around your shoulders and rubbing softly attempting to dry you off before the cool air got to you.

The two of you moved into the bedroom once you were dry enough. You grabbed your favorite shirt of Tom’s from one of his drawers and pulled it on before he stepped away from the closet to notice you.  Your Capitals pajama bottoms soon followed.  Tom emerged from the closet wearing a pair of black sweatpants.

“Seriously, you’re going for my clothes still?”

“I’m sick and they make me feel better.” You stuck your bottom lip out for emphasis and he could only shake his head.

“Nice guilt trip.  Get in bed.” You took your time climbing into your side of the bed as he disappeared from the room only to return a few moments later carrying your pillow.

“Thank you.” You accepted it from his outstretched hand as he climbed in beside you.

“No problem.”  Grabbing his wrist you pulled his attention to you.

“Not just for getting my pillow but for taking care of me today. You didn’t have to do everything you did but just know I appreciated everything.”  You made sure he understood how wonderful he really had been throughout the entire day.

“It’s my job as a boyfriend to take care of you, and it probably doesn’t hurt I love you so much either.” He pulled your hand from his arm and placed a soft kiss on the underside of your wrist as he finished speaking.

“I love you too.”

The two of you got situated with a little distance between one another as much as you wanted to sleep against Tom you couldn’t risk the chance of getting him sick as well.  You had been laying there for a few minutes attempting to drift off before he softly put his hand in yours.

“Feel better Y/N.”  You smiled to yourself; with him there beside you nothing could make you feel better quicker.

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Yves : 🎁 = Does your muse become flattered to receive gifts?

One time Vlad got Yves-Marie a glass of apple juice and he was so happy that he cried a little.

(he was also completely delirious at the time due to the massive radiation damage that was actively killing him before he started turning into a ghoul)

Yves-Marie Poinsette fucking loves presents.

night out (on memory lane) || sehun

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it’s the middle of summer when sehun suddenly appears at your door with a plan to take you down memory lane on the way to a date.

1457 words; high school!au; sehun/reader scenario; romance

Oh Sehun was a spontaneous person when it came to dates, you soon discovered after a few dates with the boy. They weren’t strange like your brother Jongdae’s (thank god) but they were spontaneous enough.

So about two years into your relationship, you weren’t surprised when Sehun suddenly popped up at your door at 8 in the evening, holding nothing but a blanket and a plastic bag of snacks.

“What’s happening?” you asked when he greeted you with a peck on the forehead. He stepped inside, but didn’t take his shoes off like he usually did.

“I’m taking you out. So get ready.”

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in which emma and henry make sure killian's birthday doesn't pass unnoticed

Henry corners her in the booth at Granny’s one morning, sliding in opposite her all business-like and serious and she just knows there’s plan forming in that head on his that he wants her in on. Emma sups at her hot chocolate and waits.

“Mom, we have to do something for Killian’s birthday!” Henry insists. Ah, there it is.

Emma is still half asleep so it takes her a little while to process what he’s saying. Killian hadn’t mentioned to her he had a birthday coming up. “Killian’s birthday? When is it?”

“That’s the thing!” Henry exclaims. “He doesn’t even remember when it is, even Smee doesn’t know–isn’t that the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? Not remembering your own birthday?”

Emma smiles, shrugging. “It is understandable, kid. He is over three hundred years old. I’d struggle to remember my birthday if I’d lived that long." 

"No, you wouldn’t because people who care about you would be there to remind you and celebrate it with you!” Henry says passionately. Heart of the truest believer indeed, Emma thinks, not for the first time admiring his inherent goodness. “Killian forgot because he never celebrated it– he didn’t have anyone to celebrate it with, but now he does. He has us. We have to celebrate it with him.”

At first, Emma had thought Henry’s upset about Killian not remembering his birthday was his abject refusal to consider someone not having a day a year devoted to them where they get cake and presents but she sees his point. Emma thinks about Killian after his brother and Milah died, alone and isolated on his ship on his birthday every year for over three hundred of them -no one left who cared enough to mark the date-until it became a just another day. It’s achingly sad when she thinks about it like that.

“Okay, kid, I’m in.” Emma leans in conspiratorially. Henry grins at her. “So, how exactly do we celebrate a birthday that no one knows the date of?”

Henry looks like he’s got this all figured and Emma has no doubt that he does. “Isn’t it obvious? We give him a new one!”

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This is a snippet from the Stonehenge Apocalypse crossover/fake husbands fic I’m writing for guusana. It takes place in a haunted motel on Route 66. 

“There’s the happy couple,” Sam announces over a glass of orange juice. Flecks of pulp stick to the sides, and it’s a rich, vibrant color—the hand-squeezed kind. Do they have pie for breakfast? He’ll get to hunting in a minute, but first he needs something in his stomach.

Cas settles in across from Sam. “Would you bring me coffee?” he asks Dean.

“The machine’s right there,” Dean answers.

“You said you’d be a model husband,” Cas reminds him.

“Yeah, when Jacob is around.”

“Dean,” Cas says. “If you expect me to play along, I expect you to uphold your half of the agreement.”


“When we’re in public, you’ll act like we are in a committed relationship,” Cas says, folding his hands together. “In exchange, I won’t tell Jacob that you fabricated a relationship with me because you are uncomfortable with his flirtations.”

“That sounds fair,” Sam says.

“Nobody asked you,” Dean snaps.

“Cas needs coffee,” Sam reminds him. “And I’ll take a refill,” he adds, handing Dean his mug in a bid for silence.

“Fine,” Dean agrees and stomps off.

He’s square in front of the coffee pot and can’t remember what Cas takes in his—doesn’t he usually drink it black?—so he throws a handful of creamer pods and sugar packets on the tray, fills the three cups to the brim, and marches back.

“Your coffee, dear,” he ribs.

“Thank you,” Cas says, drinking before it’s cool. He looks enraged but takes another sip. Sam fusses with his coffee until it looks like a barista had his way with it.

Dean leaves them in favor of the buffet. He loads up on bacon, French toast and sausage, half a plate of potatoes. There’s a whole platter of danishes, bagels, cinnamon rolls and muffins. He helps himself to a couple for now, pockets a bagel for later, snags one of those single-serving cream cheese packets and an extra knife.

“Don’t know about you two, but I’m digging this place so far,” he declares, settling in across from Cas and Sam. They give twin grunts. He ignores them, plants both elbows on the table, and goes to town on his plate.

“Is that all for you?” Cas asks when Dean’s got his cheeks puffed full of grease and starch.

“By all means,” he says. Cas peruses the selection with a serious look and plucks a danish from the middle.

“It’s sticky,” he decides, pondering his first bite.

“It’s delicious,” Dean corrects and winks as Cas takes another.

“Good morning,” someone says behind him. Dean has to double check that Cas’s mouth is full, and that he can’t possibly be the one speaking. That’ll take some getting used to.

“Hey,” he says without turning around. He stuffs more potatoes in his cheek. Sam brightens and points to the empty chair next to Dean.

“I don’t want to intrude,” Jacob says with hesitance, coming into Dean’s peripheral vision, but Sam waves off his comment.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Sit down.”

Dean tries not to bristle as Jacob settles in beside him. He polishes off his potatoes, the rest of the sausage, and offers Cas the last strip of bacon. Cas eyes it, then parts his lips. That fucker. But Dean’s not gonna let Cas outplay him. He reaches across the table with the whole damn strip.

“It’s too long,” Cas tells him. Dean smiles through clenched teeth, snaps the bacon in half, then quarters, and presses a bite-sized piece to Cas’s lips.

“Sorry, baby,” he coos, which makes Cas blink in surprise. He tongues the bacon into his mouth.

“More?” Dean asks sweetly.

Cas nods, so they repeat the farce until the strip is gone, and his finger is in Cas’s mouth, thumb tracing his lower lip. Dean wants to die a little. His cheeks scald when Cas licks his fingertip.

“Maybe you need to go outside, Dean,” Sam urges. “You look a little flushed.”