happy glass of juice

It’s a new year, and with is the new resolution to be a healthier me! My birthday is also in a few days so thats exciting too~

I treated myself to some sparkling grape juice and then completely ignored the festivities in favor of sleeping so i mean GREAT START RIGHT??? I’m going to spend today with more juice and maybe some cleaning to get rid of all that old year stuff. (i still havent taken down my christmas tree lol)

But yeah do you all have any new years resolutions? i always forget mine but hopefully this year i wont haha~ What i really want to do is improve my art; looking back at my stuff from last year i already see a big improvement so this coming year will be good for that too i think. 

littlecrow-headcanons  asked:

If you still have a bit of room for a Valentine's Day request, can I ask for a lazy, fluffy Valentine's Day in with Takeda, Ukai and their s/o? (As in a poly thing? *hides*) Feel free to ignore this if you've already reached your quota! c:

UKAI stirred when he inhaled something that suspiciously smells like waffles in his sleep and he couldn’t help the large grin creeping on his face when he realizes that they are, in fact, waffles. Slowly opening his eyes, he finds you and TAKEDA holding plates of the pastry and glasses of orange juice, a small flag that says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ was stuck in the middle.

“Nice to see that you are finally awake,” you say while chuckling. You set the tray on the bedside and kiss Ukai’s temple in greeting. “You might want to stay in bed, we’ll be serving breakfast this time.”

Ukai relaxes as he returns the greeting, looking to his other partner expectantly, waiting for his kiss. Takeda could only laugh as he set his tray down next to yours and moving towards Ukai to peck him on the cheek. “You should have woken me up, I could have helped cook.”

“But you always cook,” Takeda points out, handing Ukai a plate. “Let us return the favor today.”

The blonde coach could only stare at you and Takeda in amazement before digging in, sighing a little with how good the waffles are. “Who made these?”

“Aunt Jemima did,” you joked, wiping some syrup off his chin. You sat next to Ukai as Takeda took the other side of the bed. “Hope they’re to your liking.”

“They’re delicious,” Ukai says, finishing one piece as he moves in to kiss both you and Takeda. “Thanks for the Valentine’s Day gift.”

“Oh, breakfast won’t be the only thing you’re eating,” Takeda winks, laughing at how red Ukai turns.

You twirled the small flag between your fingers as you watched your boyfriends laughing, relaxing on the pillows underneath you. After all those Valentines you spent throughout your life, this one is undeniably the best one yet.