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@namaikiii LOOK AT THEM :’D I’m having so much fun putting them together and it’s pure joy seeing my boy have the honor to be a part of this!!
T&T Duo in the making! ヾ( 〃ヮ〃)ッ ♡

Just an odd reminder that, despite the name, this is in fact not a blog giving “shout-outs”.  I mean if it was game related stuff then sure, but I’ve gotten asks to shout out blogs that pertain to things like “Odd shaped beets that I think are neat.” While interesting, it’s not quite what this whole thing is about.

Happy Anniversary to my broke ass that thought buying Mass Effect for 15 € was a cheap deal and now has invested over 200€ and 970 hours in that fucking game 👏💖

Also Happy Anniversary to my desperate ass who still thinks about getting rawed by Kaidan Alenko two years later, I’m proud of you for openly admitting that you weirdo

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Dan being so happy about the game and all the references it had I'm actually dying.. they were just too cute โค

dan is phil’s number 1 supporter for everything he’s ever done imagine a love like that….. can’t relate