happy galentine''s day

George Harrison as a baby, from I Me Mine. Photo © Harrison Family.

“…to try to imagine the soul entering the womb of the woman living in 12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree, Liverpool 15: there were all the barrage balloons, and the Germans bombing Liverpool. All that was going on. I sat outside, in the car with Olivia, a couple of years ago, imagining 1943, nipping through from the spiritual world, the astral level, getting back into a body in that house. That really is strange when you consider the whole planet, and all the planets there may be on the physical level… how do I come to that family in that house at that time and who am I anyway?” - George Harrison, I Me Mine

Happy Klancemas everybody!~

Day 2 - Tradition / Nostalgia

It SHOULD be a tradition to have your boyfriend’s face on your butt!

But oh my god guys! Thank you for your notes and tags! It makes me really happy!


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