happy gabe

Who’s the maaan?!

“Hey- Hey, Jack! Take us a picture.”

“What even-”

“Just take it!” Gabriel added firmly pushing his phone into the other’s hands. Jack shrugged then turned his attention to the group, waiting for them to pose.

“Come on, boys. I don’t know when I’ll get my hands on both of you at the same time!” He pulled the boys closer, throwing a hand over their shoulders, as they approached him, rather amused by the sudden urge for taking a picture.

Seasons greetings from your local donut monster and grump lord


Finally breaking out of my art block with a Monster!Gabe design I got commissioned to work on. I had a lot of artistic freedom with this so it was a pleasure, but caused some serious cramping on my ‘I NEED TO DO THIS RIGHT!!’ muscle. But I finally worked out my flaws, repainted, and loved the final result. The commissioner did too!

Plus, tis the season now, right?? Gotta love that Falltime Monster!Gabe.