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Fic Recs (July 2nd)

Hiya, lovelies! I know it’s been a little while since the last rec list and I apologize for that! I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time to reading fic as I used to. 

Bakers and Pie Makers” written by @drabbletastic. The reader opens a bakery near the Pie Hole. Adorable Ned makes an appearance. (Pushing Daisies)

Chupacabra” (completed??) written by @xx-multi-fandom-imagines. The Winchesters make fun of Ketch’s accent and the reader helps him feel better. (SPN, link to part 2 but other link is attached)

Potions Partners” written by @chelswriting. The Hufflepuff reader gets paired with Draco in Snape’s Potions class. She and Draco don’t get on so well. (HP, link is to the 2nd part where you can find a link to part 1)

Something Sweet, 2″ written by @the-new-fanfic-order. The reader gets a job as a pastry chef working under Obi-Wan Kenobi who has a very strict way of doing things. (Star Wars AU)

Total Cliche” written by @lotfanfics. The reader is getting scolded by Professor Stein. Leonard sticks up for her. (Legends of Tomorrow, angsty fluff)

Tea Party Playtime” written by @talesmaniac89. Crowley’s 5-year-old daughter, the reader, becomes suspiciously quiet. Crowley finds her and joins her little tea party. (SPN fluff. OH THE DAD!CROWLEY FLUFF)

I Love You” written by @the-flash-imagines14. Barry asks the reader on a date, but she’s confused since she always thought Barry liked Iris. (The Flash, fluff)

Greatcoat” written by @obiwan824. Hux can’t find his greatcoat. (Star Wars, fluff)

Crush” written by @randomtwistedlife. The reader likes Loki and Thor knows it. (Avengers, fluff)

Teach Me” written by @igotanaddixon. Bilbo’s twin sister wants Dwalin to teach her how to defend herself. (Tolkien, humor)

I Have Faith in You” written by @kittenwritesstuff. Sirius and the reader are arguing about Snape. Her feelings for the Potions Master are revealed. (HP, angsty fluff)

Dive” written by @bookthrills. The reader is a little bit of a flirt and Julian knows it. What he doesn’t know is that it’s part of her act. (The Flash, angsty-ish)

Hearings Your Soulmate’s Thoughts” written by @fandomheadrush. The reader didn’t expect an accident to be the reason she meets her soulmate. Bones can’t help but think she’s adorable. (Star Trek, Soulmate AU fluff)

New Book” written by @callie-swagg1. The reader finds a new book to read, in the form of one of Bucky’s journals. (Avengers, fluff)

Caretaker” written by @azurakenway. The reader tends to Hux while he’s imprisoned. (Star Wars, angsty, mentions of torture.) 

Then Ask Me” written by @princessxfangirl. Sebastian gets jealous when someone from New Directions flirts with the reader. When he sees she’s uncomfortable, he steps in. (Glee.)

Thor and Loki” written by @lucis-unicorn. The reader has two dogs and Ketch has a soft spot for them…and maybe for her too. (SPN, angst & fluff)

So This is Love” written by @srj1990. Mick realizes he’s in love with the reader. He wants to leave the BMoL for her. (SPN, angsty fluff. I literally just read this and needed to add it!)

There you go, lovelies! Lots to read this time, so have fun! Happy reading and lots of love!