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31 Days of Johnlock

Day 6 - Happy Hanukkah!

Sherlock couldn’t find the right costume in the last minute so he settled to be the holiday armadillo. Sound familiar? ;)

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christmas headcannons for yuri, yuuri, and viktor?? thank you!

happy holidays!

「 viktor 」

  • since Russia apparently celebrates Christmas on January 7th (? is that right? ), he’s surprised when you start talking about Christmas being on the same day as his birthday
  • but he’s a good boyfriend / fiance / husband / friend so he listens to what you’re taking about and is definitely willing to celebrate on his birthday with you
  • we all know he’s a sugar daddy and has the moneys he would buy the best presents 
  • let’s say you wanted this expensive tablet or a designer clothing item
  • it’s underneath the christmas tree! you can count on him!
  • he enjoys eggnog but drinks too much of it and ends up getting a lil’ tipsy
  • he plays christmas music way too loud and way too much like s to p you can only hear oh-so-much
  • Viktor loves receiving Christmas cards and insists on sending some out, and they’re very nice looking
  • To:_______
    From: Viktor Nikiforov
    “Dear _____,
    merry Christmas! Happy birthday to me! Celebrating with you has been fun so far, and I’m excited to open our presents and to see you open this! Thank you for spending the holiday with me.
  • he buys christmas collars from makkachin pls this man is precious
  • he puts up mistletoe for you twp tjat dork 

「 yuuri 」

  • Christmas is a romantic holiday in Japan, and he’s quite excited to spend it with you in a close and domestic setting
  • he finds out what you wants by observing as the time comes, and gets you many very nice gifts 
  • Christmas morning is very relaxed and generally lazy, you two wake up late and Yuuri brings you coffee / hot coco / tea and you guys relax and open presents
  • he’s very sweet naturally, but this seems to double on christmas, when he receives gifts he gives you gentle hugs and kisses on your temples, ugh, its wonderful 
  • he gets nervous about you not liking your gits that he gives you, but you reassure him that they are wonderful
  • he makes really nice food for christmas and for the general occasion!! cookies, small cakes, and nice savory foods too!
  • he, of course, at one point sneaks away to wish Viktor a happy birthday 
  • if his family is there too, it’s fun to spend time with them as well, since you all give each other gifts and talk about Christmas memories
  • “To:_____
    From: Yuuri
    Dear ______,
    merry Christmas! I’m happy to have been able to spend this holiday with you, together. I hope you like the gifts and the things I have arranged for this day. It’s been fun getting to spend time with you, and I hope you feel the same about me.
    With love,

「 yuri 」

  • when you first started talking to him about Christmas he was very intrigued and was immediately willing to celebrate with you
  • he does his best with the whole “gift-giving” thing, and tries to ask you about what you want without being too obvious
  • if this does not work, he seeks the advice of Otabek, Yuuri, and Viktor to help pick out nice presents for you
  • just give him a cat or some cheetah print / leopard print stuff and he’ll be pleased
  • basically, he tries his best with presents, and is really hopeful that you’ll like them
  • is really into the whole santa thing, and goes to the mall with you to see santa. he just takes a picture from afar because wow cool 
  • he’s very excited though and enjoys advent calendars and counting down the days until Christmas 
  • he’s very happy about the gifts and would be blushing while he did this, but he would hug you and give you a kiss on the cheek ain’t he cute
  • “To:____
    From: Yuri
    “______, spending Christmas has been fun. Thanks for the presents. I hope you like mine.
  • he loves you very much, even if he’s not the most expressive, he’s young and you can feel it through how hard he works to make sure everything is perfect 

I celebrated the first full moon of 2017 by preparing some fallen birch bark I had collected in the summer for ceremonial use and by setting my intentions before meditating ~
I also spent some time reflecting and releasing after researching the planetary influences of this full moon

I went out for a nice family dinner (I filled up on yummy biscuits and veggies) then went to my sister’s house for the night! I meant to do a tarot reading as well but I forgot my deck at home 🙈💞
I didn’t pack things for a ritual but I still improvised w my pocket stones, a couple bay leaves & a few candles. It was actually very lovely though as the energies have been and still are so uplifting and wonderful!! I’m now just snuggled w her puppy, the softest blanket, a hot tea and a good book while sending you all my best 🕯🌸 ✨

@WM_OHMYGIRL: #아린 #막둥이 의 #추석인사 #명절은즐거웡 #보고싶당 #미라클 ❤️ 우리 미라클~~ 즐거운 명절 보내궁 오랜만에 가족분들이랑 행복한 추석 보내요오~ 보고싶당 히히힣😙

#Arin #MaknaeCutie ’s #ChuseokGreeting #It’sAnEnjoyableTime #MissYou #Miracle ❤️ Our Miracle~~ I hope you have a fun Chuseok and have a happy time with your families~ miss you heheheh😙

Trans: roz @ fyohmygirl
Please take out with full credits to source and translator.

  • fiancé: let's look through your old photos with my parents! it'll be a happy family fun time activity!
  • me: so here's a picture from when my mom had custody and refused to let my dad see me
  • me: and here's one where I'm smiling through a shit ton of crowns and caps because my mom let my teeth rot
  • me: here's a picture of me being visibly anxious in public
  • me: and another
  • me: and another lol who let me leave the house?
  • me: here's one where my grandparents weren't screaming at me during a family vacation
  • me: here's a picture of six year old me crossing her arms over her stomach at the beach because she thought she was fat
  • me: ...FAMILY FUN TIME

So I don’t think I’m going to get to coloring this today but Happy Halloween! Some family fun times before everything went bad. Stan’s totally thinking of taking advantage of Mabel’s pumpkin carving skills. If any of y’all want to color it please feel free! Just please tag me if you do!


Sportopia is open! All are welcome in our adventurous, exhilarating and amazing place of sports! Will you be there? Because we will! 🙏
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Hi! Got any hcs for a half-american MC who wanted to celebrate their own little Thanksgiving type thing with the RFA?

Yay, its open!! Okay, so since I love thanksgiving, how about the RFA, V, and Saeran all getting together with MC to have a big thanksgiving meal/celebration?? I’m such a sucker for happy family fun times so


~Admin MP

“It’s a holiday where you eat a bunch of food to celebrate the fact that Europeans came over and killed the Native Americans,” said MC
There was an awkward silence as everyone took that news in, faces set in vague displays of horror
“Okay, I’m just kidding– I mean, not really. But it’s become a holiday to talk about what you’re thankful for.” 
MC gazed around at the large group of people in their dining room, a small smile curving their lips.
“I know exactly what to talk about.”

  • They all help make the food, though Zen sort of takes a leadership role
  • He can actually make a pretty mean turkey
  • Jumin insists on buying the most expensive and largest turkey, though, so they fight over who gets to cook it (Zen wins because Jumin has no idea what Zen is talking about when he says “gutting” and “basting”)
  • The idea for a personal chef is shot down (Jumin pouts a bit but finds that he has more fun making the stuffing with V)
  • “Here’s some bread. Tear it up.”
  • “…V you’re tearing that up a little aggressively–”
  • “Just tear your bread, Jumin.”
  • Yoosung is charged with the task of the mashed potatoes
  • He’s never made them from scratch, just packets
  • So he’s like “….I…peel them?”
  • “yes Yoosung you peel them”
  • After Seven almost set the rolls on fire, he’s charged with decorating and kicked out of the kitchen unceremoniously 
  • Saeran is making the pies and is having a great time
  • He loves the pumpkin pie the most, but needs a little help with the pecan pie
  • Jaehee helps Saeran with the pies a bit, but she mostly supervises and makes extra side dishes like green bean casserole or cranberry sauce
  • When the oven starts smoking, Zen is screaming, but it turned out it was just a bit of charred pizza on the bottom
  • Yoosung is so proud of himself for making the mashed potatoes that he keeps telling everyone about it
  • “good job, Yoosung, they look great.”
  • There are loud crashes from the dining room.
  • MC sends Jumin to go see what’s going on and there’s silence
  • Everyone is worried
  • But then Jumin calls out, “Everything is fine.” and they all relax
  • Little do they know that Jumin and Seven are having a silent wrestling fight over whether or not it’s acceptable to blow up a bunch of balloons for the decorations
  • When the mashed potatoes are done, Yoosung plays on his DS and Saeran watches over his shoulder 
  • Jaehee sees them slacking off and makes them go set the table
  • While whining, they agree, hurrying out when Jaehee shoots them a little glare
  • V has become the official taste tester.
  • He’s just standing near the oven, leaning against the counter as MC and Zen hurriedly run up to him and go “open!!” and make him taste the food to see if it’s good
  • Finally, the food is all done, and then comes the task of carrying everything to the table
  • Seven tries to carry five things at one and Zen almost passes out, but he manages to set them all down nicely
  • Surprisingly, the decorations are rather tame, besides the giant poster of Elizabeth 3rd on the wall (the one decoration Jumin was okay with)
  • Speaking of Elizabeth 3rd, she of course has her own plate of food and is resting by Jumin’s ankles
  • Everyone settles down with all the food in place, drink glasses filled, table set
  • MC starts off by telling them what Thanksgiving is about and adds, “I know exactly what to talk about. All of you…I’m thankful for all of you. You’re the best friends I could ever have and I’m so glad I met you.”
  • Realizing this is going to be a legit emotional thing, everyone shifts awkwardly, with small, hesitant smiles. 
  • They all go down the line, everyone saying a little bit about what they’re thankful for.

“I”m thankful for these drop dead gorgeous looks. Ow!” Yoosung kicked Zen under the table. “And you guys. Duh.”
“I am thankful for the opportunity to grow and…become more,” says Jaehee, staring at her plate. “Thanks to all of you.” She looks up, a wide, rarely seen smile on her face.
“I’m thankful for video games and animals! Oh, and my mom and dad, and the mashed potatoes I made, and…” realizing that everyone is giving him a little Look, Yoosung finishes with a grin. “And everyone in this room.”
Saeran is one of the most awkward out of all of them. He fidgets with the sleeves of his sweater, nibbling his lip, before glancing up. “I’m thankful for the support I’ve gotten.”
Those words, though short, are sweet, and ilict warmth in everyone’s chests.
“I’m thankful for Honey Buddha Chips and Dr. Pepper. And the fact that I’m a Hacking God. And the RFA. Every single member.” Seven sticks his tongue out at Yoosung when Yoosung dramatically clasps his heart like he’s been struck emotional by Seven’s words.
“I, of course, am thankful for Elizabeth 3rd. And wine. It is always a nice treat.” Jumin says nothing else, electing to take a sip of his wine, then sighs when he sees everyone staring him down. “And all of you.” 
“Awww, Jumin!” coos Seven, reaching towards Jumin to give him a hug.
“Stop this,” Jumin grumbles, though he doesn’t push Seven away.
“I’m thankful for everybody here, too,” says V, his soft voice gathering everyone’s attention immediately. “I’m thankful that I was given a second chance and that I could spend this holiday with everyone I love. And I’m thankful for MC who made it all happen.”
MC’s cheeks flush as everyone chimes in, adding that they are also thankful for MC. Then everyone is ready to eat, and they do so, stuffing their faces, barely leaving room for dessert. 
After dinner, they all pile into the living room in front of the TV, putting on a movie and sipping hot chocolate while lazily eating pie. Half of them fall asleep and the other half watch the movie in a sleepy daze.
MC wouldn’t have it any other way.

I bet Stanley would have liked playing Dungeons, Dungeons and more Dungeons when he was little….

So imagine de-aged Stanley walking into the living room to see Dipper and Stanford playing on the floor. Stanford looks up at him, smiles and invites him to play. Dipper and Stanford helping Stanley whenever he’s stuck. Stanley making up ridiculous spells and having a fun time. JUST THE WHOLE FAMILY BEING HAPPY.